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  1. I've only ever bought panasonic TV's. Oh well, have been thinking for a while to get a projector next time anyway. My current screen is 65" which for 4K isn't big enough for my viewing distance, need at least 100", hence projector. I don't think panasonic make 4k HDR projectors?
  2. If we had a FTTP NBN, then the broadcasters and Foxtel could've had their own light beam on the network and we'd be enjoying 4K today. With fibre, not only can you get insanely fast speeds on the one light beam, you can have multiple light beams on the one fibre cable just like we get multiple signals over the same antenna cable. So FTA and Foxtel could've had a 1Tbps or greater beam of light and had enough space to run everything in 4K or even 8K and with minimal compression. We'd get both choice and quality.
  3. https://tvtonight.com.au/2020/01/7mate-now-in-hd.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+com%2FYTJp+(TV+Tonight) Still only available in SD via Prime7.
  4. Haven't posted since the days of AVForum, but anyway, has anyone else watched Disney Pixar Cars on Disney+ and noticed it to be slower than normal and lots of empty quiet gaps that don't appear in the theatrical version? I note my blu-ray copy says the movie lasts 111 minutes, but on disney+ it states 1hr 57 minutes. Even more confusing is that my 3D copy of Cars is 106 minutes. Edit: Checked runtime on 3D copy and normal BD copy by putting them in my player and on screen the runtime is basically the same as for Disney+, the difference in playback speed was obvious, will double check rumtime on Disney+, may have to watch it at some point and time it from start to finish.
  5. Another option is that someone wanting to post a classified has to have been a member for so many months (e.g. 6) before they can post classifieds.
  6. No strikethrough on firefox for android (whether in mobile or desktop) testing strikethrough code using (s) and (/s) but with square brackets. No strikethrough button on edit either, but above coding works.
  7. New server seems much more responsive. Well worth that down time.
  8. It would probably be beneficial for TEN if they stopped trying to promote shows by means of a permanent water mark and made their water marks almost invisible. Water marks are only beneficial to the network in the digital age for copyright reasons, unlike the analogue days, a water mark is no longer needed to inform people which channel they're watching, as such they can get away with a water mark that is virtually invisible. I know these are a big reason I don't watch channel TEN or its other channels.
  9. Wonder what this means for WIN who now rebroadcasts channel TEN and its other channels into regional areas?
  10. I came home (in Port Macquarie) to a 'new channels found' message on my tv and did a rescan expecting new channel/s from middle brother as that's where my antenna points, but low and behold, I picked channels from Coffs Harbour and I don't even have an antenna pointing north, my antennas face south-west to middle brother. Must be some tropospheric ducting going on I guess, but I thought this only happened in summer?
  11. My setting is greyed out as well, but set to on.
  12. I've now had 2 of my posts liked and on both occasions an email has appeared in my inbox which informs me that a person has liked a post and who it was.
  13. I just had someone like one of my posts and I received an email which informed me who liked the post.
  14. Will be great to be using a more reliable server. I'm sure it'll be well worth the downtime. I suspect the many unplanned outages this forum has had drove many people away, so a better server may help to get it building again.
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