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  1. Oled

    WEll, I've had the C7 for a month now. Great picture, good operating system, sound is good enough for me. I'm not one of those who turns the sound up to billy-o just so I can complain about the bloke in the 14th row of the Opera House stifling a cough. Got the LG UHD BR player for about $325 at Costco...pretty much half RRP. Was marked at $425 but there was a $100 discount in store that I only found out about at the counter. Didn't complain. I watched Dunkirk UHD to check out the sound and wasn't overwhelmed by the various loud sounds. Perfectly satisfactory to me.
  2. Oled

    I was wondering if I was going silly. I thought image retention was only an issue when the image was static, which doesn’t happen too often unless you leave it on pause too long...more an issue for computer monitors. chap at Good Guys says there’s a process on the LG OLED’s where you can reset every pixel...I haven’t been home yet to check. I just bought a UHD BR disc of Dunkirk to get an appreciation for what I need to do with the sound and have to do that today.
  3. Oled

    Ta for that, but bit late now. I'd struggle to believe they'd give 20% off sale items. I remember when a mate of mine worked at Myer, he could get discounts on furniture, homewares etc of 15-20% but only 5% on TV and associated stuff. I think I'd heard Myer had sold out too, as have GG down here. Both stores here said the B7 and C7's had been flying off the shelves. HN only had a couple left. Delivery is tomorrow too. I'm going up to Melbourne for the day Sunday. Might check out Costco for soundbars.
  4. Oled

    Unfortunately, there's no Myer for at least 200km, and delivery costs for 300km from Melbourne can be prohibitive. They're really only competing with the Good Guys.
  5. Oled

    Ta...which soundbar did you get?
  6. Oled

    I have Foxtel HD and Apple TV. I often stream to the Apple TV, and when there’s 4K stuff available, I may upgrade the Apple TV. But I’ll keep the BR/DVD option, preferably in the single multi-region unit.
  7. Oled

    I've just accumulated so many DVD's though. I went through the 800+ with a fine tooth comb and selected about 30 to offload. Most of them were where you wanted 2 disks but the third was free. On the other hand, it would free up some space in the living room. Who am I kidding? It just ain't happening.
  8. Oled

    I'm a little restricted by geography, and only have HN and GG available. Ended up getting the 65C7 at HN in Warrnambool for $3,888. Price goes back up tomorrow, or so they say. Resisted the 4-year enhanced service, the power board, the surge suppressors, the monster cables, the $1,200 LG soundbar, the $2K Yamaha soundbar that causes an environmental hazard, and the 4K LG Blu-Ray player. I have my eye on the same player but adapted for multi-region on both BR and DVD. I have too many foreign DVD's.
  9. Oled

    I'd do it in two stages then. Most films I watch aren't audio-oriented. I do watch the odd war film though. I suspect Dunkirk might cause some issues without outside help.
  10. Oled

    Thanks for that. How good is the C7 sound unassisted though? I don't watch ballet or operas where the audiophiles complain that they can't hear a fly farting in the 15th row. They want the full resonance, plus fancy sub-woofer. And I don't watch many whizz-bang special effects movies. I've had a soundbar before for my 2012 Samsung Series 6 and ended up offloading it.
  11. Oled

    Ta...so not really compelling.
  12. Oled

    Are there any real benefits to going for the LG E7 or G7 over the C7? I was in HN in Warrnambool today and they had the G7 on for a shade under $6K (C7 $4K). The shade is about $5...without any haggling. The guy was saying the big difference between the C7 and G7 was the sound. Is the C7's sound ordinary, or does it need a soundbar? It was a bit of a struggle differentiating between them on LG's site. The only real difference in the comparisons was an extra remote.
  13. Shopping for a TV at Costco

    As I said, I was only looking for OLED, so didn't take note.
  14. Shopping for a TV at Costco

    I was in Costco at Moorabbin the other day and the only huge screens I remember were the LG and Sony. I don't think they had any OLEDs though, which would have been the only ones to make me take note of the prices.
  15. I want to use the MLB.tv package (I'll need to pay for it of course), but previously the quality has been very patchy. I have a PC desktop (that I'm considering dumping for an iMac), a MacBookPro (with iTunes on it), an Apple TV 2 and considering the new Apple TV for its HD and a Netgear wi-fi router. I generally copy downloaded files across and convert to iTunes-compatible format via Handbrake, but I've recently started using AirVideo straight off the PC to the iPad 2 and then mirror to the main TV screen. Quite impressed with the picture but it does lose quality mirroring an AVI. I'm hoping that the quality picks up enough for me to watch the MLB.tv. Anyone had any experience?