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  1. And of what utter crap relevance is that? As he will be buying from RETAIL and they obviously wont sell at a loss, what use is it to know the manufacturers make money... I mean, knowing a Golf GTI costs VW less than $8,000 to manufacture doesnt mean the dealship will knock $35k off of the price does it! HN and DSE cost is $3100-3200 on these units, so the chance of one, at $3k inc 5 years, is IMPOSSIBLE today. In 8 weeks, possibly as a run out to make way for the 9th gen (if its here by then, i doubt it though) From nearly all official/unofficial reports a US/Europe launch is set for May'ish due to world cup which likely means, August'ish for us in Oz. Also, apparently there won't be a 9th Gen SD plasma from Panasonic. HD only... not 100% though, but it would make sense.
  2. Personally i'd go the Pana SC17. I have one, all speakers have good stands (makes it easier with rears) great sound for a HTIB. Came tops of nearly all HTIB face offs i'd read/seen. Best thing about it, it also does component switching (not usualy found on a reciever under $600) and has all the opticals you needed. Can be had for around $750 most places, or about $800 for the model the same, but with built in dvd player. I didnt bother with that though. You simply won't get a better HTIB setup than the pana currently, other than a specialist setup like Denon's or Missions. The advice here is right, in that a component setup would offer a longer life span, but if like me, you wanted something that sounded great (for a HTIB) was loud, great bass and heaps of features (component video switching, optical, 4xstands) then its the best you'll get. Also looks great with plasma's too. As i got mine for similar reasons to you, and needed what you did, it was great i could also connect the STB and Xbox via component into it and use one remote to do everything (in case you dont have an all in one) an have the reciever amp switch the plasma on/off. That way, select one input on the plasma, and never mess with it again. couldnt be easier.
  3. Plenty of places will let you take your own DVD player to test screens, just tell them you want to buy one. Maybe give that a go? look as my mate said, it could also be a HDCP/DVI-I/DVI-D issue as well, where the signal from an NTSC disc isnt being decoded properly with HDCP and the DVI-D port. It "should" all be fine, but then again, so "ahould" a HDMI-DVI-D converter but it isnt. It seems the set is VERY picky about HDCP and how/what/where it comes from.
  4. Hey, was waiting for the update for you. Just got off the phone to my mate at Teac (Vic sales manager) he 100% (after phyiscally checking and also speaking with tech guys too) agrees the panel is 100% NTSC compatable over ANY of its sources. He's shocked someone told you otherwise, i don't suppose you have that guys name? also was it the vic branch you called or another state one? He's confident that its the player at fault. As i said, i used NTSC discs on my own, however i can't remeber which connection i was using before mine went back. What he said was, basically that the connections won't affect what the panel can dislpay other than it not working. So, if you put a pal disc into the DVD player and it plays on DVI, and i assume you get the menu screen without any disc in there, theres no reason you wouldnt get a NTSC disc playing. Especially if you upscale the NTSC to say 720p, because then both the PAL and NTSC discs will be outputting exactly the same image, inc Hz as well, which then would negate it being the panel at fault, and resting on the players shoulders. Obviously having a look through the Teac thread, and some posts elsewhere on here, the Sammy upscaler does seem somewhat, tempermental. Maybe buy another one from DSE powerhouse (they have a 14 day money back on anything, for any reason) and try that one. I know the LG one works (also a good thread on these forums about it, unlocking it etc etc) or i had an Oppo and Pana that all worked fine on it. Sorry for bad news about the DVD player, but its better than bad news about the $2k plasma IMO.
  5. For a start, the DVI port is 100% HDCP compatable. However, for a very select source though, as was shown throughout the large Teac thread i'd started. The player needs to have a DVI-D port with HDCP. Anything outside that (DVI-I and HDMI-DVI conversions) seems not to work. As for NTSC, i can't see how that is as i had played NTSC discs on it through DVI.... At least i do recal doing so... I'll try to look into it more for you with Teac HO. Will let you know.
  6. Not really!!! You dont buy ( i realise your being somewhat sarcastic) a top end 1080p plasma then call 720p from the X360 HD BRD and PS3 will make it shine though.
  7. The lateness of my reply went somewhat to not being as thorough as i'd want... Basically, all summed up, the OP is disucssing things he has "now". Yes, understand with technology, and time that digital will prevail and become the only real connection source. I too hope that some digital connection, offering all it can will be the standard, seen on any TV replacing a composite connection thats common now. Also, i'd worry about your future for the PC and thinking they'll have HDMI, they won't. They've already set, and agreed upon SDI as the new connection type, and its unsure (althought the beleive it will) be compatable with HDMI. Time will tell.
  8. So your argument that its better is that, in extreme, very paticular circumstances, HDMI shows that its clearly better... How can you seriously argue that out. Take REAL world, currently, in peoples homes thats COMMON as thats real world and what people here will see, not "when using a top end PC, playing top quality, rare 1080p native highest BS resolution material, and playing it over DVI (which is technically inferior to HDMI, Oh my gosh you may spot a difference!!!) to a HDMI connection, is better than the VERY new HDTV via component support offered by high end new vid cards.. thats not exactly a fair or even just comparison, nor something that anyone actually gives two craps about) Now, think outside your closed experiment, to the real world. Dave the DVD buyer, goes and buys a spanking new LG/Samsung/Sony/Oppo/Maya dvd player with HDMI. His TV accepts HDMI. Now, he connects both HDMI and Component. Based on which DVD player he picked, and which screen he has, one will show a better image than the other, and its as random as the twitching on an epileptic. I mean, yes, in a perfect pure HD source fed digital connection, it will be better, currently you don't have that, nor will you for 12+ months either. (im talking readily available not some very niche thing) so why use it as a reason of why HDMI shows a better connection when its not even relevant.
  9. For $2500 he'll get at a sensable price, the best SD plasma available, being the Panasonic 50a (link in sig). He'd get into an LG or a Samsung, but both don't hold a matchstick to the pana in terms of PQ, you'll see a massive following of them here and on AVS. With hard barganing you'll get it for $2500. A lot fo places still have it ticketed at $3000. Cost at most retailers is actually $2220 now (give or take a little) so $2500 should be easy to get now.
  10. I agree with you, whole heartedly. All this HDMI is best crap annoys me, as i said above, techniclally yes, but thats not the case when its practically applied
  11. Yeah, more clarification on the viewing distance... Personally, your two choices, for best BFB would be either: Panasonic 42" SD Plasma AWA 37" HD LCD. The pana will crap all over the LCD in terms of PQ, colours, refresh, black levels and contrast/brightness. The LCD will give you HD, which past 3m's is impossible to see at all, no matter who you are, especially at 37". It does have its other advantages (far far kess chance of burn in, better/clearer text for PC)
  12. Nice roundup Good point though, its like those that argue $400 HDMI cables are better than $50 ones, when you consider that internally theres probably 0.5mm wire connecting things, plus everything you've listed above :s
  13. Yes, but even digital is passed through and processed, not to the extent of anologue though. It is a prefernce thing, but more than anything its far more a component/TV choice. Some plasma's look far better, noticable by most over component, and vice versa with digital.
  14. You forget a lot though, most recordings are done anologue as well... So then converted to digital, then again etc etc. Also, just because its digital means nothing. If the internal DACS are better at handling anologue over digital then it will look better.
  15. Yeah, also the commonwealth games as well... as well as F1 and all the footie this season too... Pretty much 7 and 9 NEVER get watched on mine. Any TV series are on the xbox its only sport thats an issue, but i'l avoid them if they don't sort out the logos. Not that i've ever had an issue, its just more principle than anything else.
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