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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply, I haven't bothered to try for any analog reception, so here are the exact "Morts Estate" frequencies received on vertical polarisation: ABN56 725.625 CBN59 746.625 CTC62 767.5 WIN65 788.5 SBS67 802.5 While i can see the Hassans Walls transmitter the aligment of the antennas brings in reception from the Morts Estate transmitter which is beyond a ridge...reception is a weird beast...have tried to attach 2 pics of the wisi and fracarro antennas vertically mounted...
  2. By pure chance had the ACMA (cat dector van) visit my home in Mount Victoria in October 2010 as this area is a digital cliff blackspot. Admittedly closer to and higher than the Megalong Valley, but they indicated that the only transmitter that could be detected up here was the analog East Lithgow channels. I TRIED to explain to ACMA that their published "horizontal" band orientation was WRONG and that ALL the East Lithgow channels ARE receivable on a VERTICAL orientation, they were disinterested and appeared to think I was an idiot, even though I showed them the vertical orientation of several nearby antennas....that's the Government for you! Anyway I really STRONGLY suggest that anyone trying to receive digital (including HD) in this general area try for the East Lithgow transmitter using VERTICAL orientation! Let's know if you have any success.
  3. Off the topic of recording Austar (which you can do via the usual outputs from the decoder into your pvr....BUT expect the PQ (Pic Qual) to be denuded...personally from experience the best decoder non-mystar you can get from austar is the flinders as it has coax sound output...though the only channels which had 5.1 were showtime and i see elsewhere that even that is not being broadcast by austar anymore...so unless you have a relative with foxtel satellite in the city who can get another iq which you can then hook up and use in the country, i'd give up and live with the realisation that Aust Gov policy forces country people to subscribe to a totally inferior product for exactly the same cost of subscribing to a quality service "officially" available only to metro subscribers!) now to your FTA options... As you can't get FTA TV why not look into Aurora? It's broadcast on Optus C1 (same satellite as Foxtel/Austar) and recently delivers a very good PQ for ABC and SBS broadcasts from across the country and Imparja 9 from Darwin and SC7 from Rockhampton/Mt Isa and you also get Aljazeera English FTA (though aspect ratio for all is 4.3 WS)...you would need a 3rd party decoder (more below)...if you really want to get going install another dish (same size as Austar dish) and tune in Optus D1 which does broadcast FTA ABC and SBS with 16.9 and HD channels for each time zone across Australia...an excellent an under used FTA satellite broadcast service... Have been using a Vantage HD PVR for a few months and suits my needs well it's available via ebay (currently listed as Item number: 250429368928) there is also a rebadged Mediastar version of the same technology but I haven't tried it out, though was very happy with their SD upscaled to HDMI PVR...apparently Strong also make an HD pvr but my experience with the SD 4658x left me unlikely to ever buy another Strong... Hope this helps PM (Priv Msg) me if you want to know any more...
  4. aren't the Austar remotes the same "shoe shape" used by foxtel on their pre-iq decoders? if so then the maker is possibly the same...maybe a one off?
  5. Sorry Don, just saw you question, don't have Austar any more so can't help you access this, maybe if you use the decoder's setup options it may list it, otherwise you could post a new thread with that question as the topic! Hope you end up with the best PQ possible, coz it does make a difference during heavy rain and reduces white out...
  6. Exactly!!! BTW have you got the setup working yet? There will be no need for you to connect the phone cable to the IQ2 as you will not be accessing the pay per view options. But on demand should work perfectly. Small drawback to achieve a massive quality boost. Remember though, that if the LNB was single you will need to replace it with a dual (plenty of Sharp duals on ebay) and run a second cable. Let us know once you have everything up and running.
  7. Sky Business Channel ann News is now 16.9 A-pac is not
  8. Likeminded here! Done all my own cabling and tinkering post paytv installation to tweak the strongest and best possible signal and PQ. From experience Austar and PQ are an oxymoron and that's what got me started with sats. Anyway, would get the paytv provider to install a second outlet (wait till they offer it free) they will probably install a Sharp quad 10700 LNB and run the additional cables to where you want the outlet. Depending on the size of the dish mount I'd look at installing a larger/better dish. I experimented with a universal Invacom LNB 10600 on a cheap 85cm dish got S 90% and PQ 95% for World Movies before Austar excluded 3rd party decoders and I had to return to the Sharp 10700. So I don't think you can really improve much on the Sharp 10700 LNBs that are currently the preferred option for the principal paytv providers. By a process of elimination (unnecessary as maybe, but some of us need to tinker to be satisfied) Sharp LNBs seem to be it for the Optus sats. Similarly the Hills 65cm dishes (slightly oval shaped) installed by providers gave me an 86% sig and a 93% PQ on Aljazeera on a 3rd party receiver that I use as more understandable benchmark for me than the differently reported S and PQ on provider decoders. The same dish with an IQ2 reported the worst numbers for any tuner as strength 78 and quality 13.2. Have now replaced the Hills with a Fracarro Penta 68 and the worst tuner result for the IQ2 is now a stable 82 and 15 (all tuners strength blue and quality 2 x green). Itching to try the Penta 85 to see if blue for both can be achieved. You will use the Mystar signal test for your results. If you couldn't be bothered with all of that then make sure you tweak the dish and LNB to get that bit extra. From experience I wouldn't accept that the dish and LNB skew as installed have been tweaked to get the best results. Hope this helps! Some multiswitches use receiver power and some (including some spaun installed by providers) are powered.
  9. Assume you are referring to Optus D1 re abc and sbs PQ....my main drift as per title of feed is the improvement across the aurora line up which as u would know also includes wlk, sc7 and imparja....on on the aurora platform the PQ of all channels including abc and sbs was until fairly recently only ok but is now much improved.
  10. DrP, just came across your comments above, not sure what negative impact on Foxtel there would be for them owning Austar, they would simply take over current subscriber base and roll out iqs as they apparnetly intend doing for their current base....it would only require techs changing over the single LNBs to dual and adding the extra rg6 input for anyone not mystarred....
  11. The Aurora PQ was pretty bad 4.3 but in the not too distant past most channels seem to have moved to "16.9" scaled to fit within 4.3 (or whatever that type of scaling is officially called!) Imparja PQ is better too but still mostly 4.3.....have also noticed that the range of ABC and SBS on Optus D1 have excellent PQ and offer HD as well....
  12. It would be a great blow to the watch what u want when u want concept of paytv to drop any more +2 channels, also it would be extremely unlikely to happen given the time diff between our east n west coasts...i was ropable when history + 2 was dropped in favour of w2 a few years ago as i never watch w anyway...."Not forgetting Austar subscribers as well." DrP is clearly joking as he well knows austar forgot its subscribers years ago if it ever cared about them at all....on the Foxtel platform (forget the idea of quality and austar its a total misnomer!) i don't see any SD quality issues on a plasma using 1q2...
  13. I have two of the dw8022, one i got from distrib (power prob was fixed on the spot at distrubutors) and one from tvbox (no probs so far)....apart from the minor slight irritations i noted above the machine is far superior to other popular devices like the strong srt 4658x which in my case has a power problem that neither the distrib nor strong themselves can be bothered replying to my emails as to where it can be repaired as its under warranty...so go figure...each to their own experience i guess...in the case of mediastar no probs over 18 mths in with strong it packed in after 9 mths...
  14. just had another look on the mediastar website and cant find a mention of their long awaited hd sat + terrestrial hdmi pvr (bring ya own hdd).....spoke to the distrib some weeks ago and was told the unit should have been out round Christmas and would, sell from, i thought, about the $300+ mark, must have been wrong though, anyway, hope i can get one soon all we need now is mediastar to add blueray to the unit and it would be puuuurrrrrfection. cant see mention of it on tvbox site either...anyway would like to know your rating of this new product compared to say the dw8022...the latter i find is flaky as to date time resets and pvr record and watch another channel is extremely limited, so does/can the new one have twin + tuners (well the iq2 does!)? anything else of interest? in the meantime, many thanks for the heads-up!!
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