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  1. Fantastic amp and price! I should know it was mine originally! The new version of this amp is almost identical in spec to this except $4,700.
  2. Sorry but the 3rd photo looks like you took your pants off to take the photo! You must be excited about these speakers! Seriously though these are fantastic value for money, I know a sound engineer who uses these in a studio for specific monitoring situations, totally swears by them. GLWTS
  3. Hi all, I purchased this unit in 2018 and I have just bought a brand new one for $350.
  4. You can use this device as a 'one stop shop' front end running Plex and streaming 4K HDR Video and Hi Res Audio files from a NAS server or USB HDD to your Home Theatre rig. Best Android OS with fast navigation and menu selection and will load any app you can throw at it Netflix, Prime, Stan, Plex, Google Play, ABC, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Foxtel, Les Mills on demand etc Even If you don't use Plex, this will play all of your 4k apps such as Netflix, and also upscale HD and SD content with much better picture quality than your in built TV apps can do. Feature
  5. This is a Chinese clone of the Musical Fidelity X-10D tube buffer. You put it in between your CD player and pre-amp, or you can use it in front of your sub(s) for a nice warm low end. Nice and easy way to add some "tubeness" or “warmth” to your system whilst remaining impressively quiet and neutral. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this works. It can also take the bite or harshness out of bad sounding CDs. If you have a sound you find too solid state in the classic sense and a little digital this will give you a much bigger soundstage with lots of bloom and warmth
  6. I don't have the original box for this unfortunately so may have to sell locally.
  7. Thank you, yes this is the reason I hung on to it for so long after DVD's became irrelevant.
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