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  1. Thanks Ian, it will be at your Mum and Dad's house tomorrow (Thursday). I hope you enjoy fixing it up and getting it to work. I assume you know there is heaps of info about the fault on this Forum and the Toppy Forum. cheers
  2. I have a Topfield 5000 that has suffered, I believe, the fault where one or two components on the PCB have overheated and failed and rendered the tuners inoperative. There is plenty of info on the Forum about this issue and, it appears, is relatively easy to fix if you are good with PCB soldering. I'm OK with big soldering but I couldn't be bothered with this and have already replaced it with the Toppy 5010. The dud 5000 is available to anyone who wants to pick it up. Apart from the problem above, it is in otherwise perfect condition, includes the remote and instruction book. I live in Mandurah in WA. If you want it send me a Personal Message through my Profile page and we will discuss how you can pick it up.
  3. Amongst the never ending parade of appalling reality shows on Channel 10 they introduced a half decent series a month or so ago. It is the US version of the Pommy show Life on Mars. I found it pretty good. Harvey Keitel etc. So what does 10 do? Shifts it to 10:30 on a Friday night. They have consigned it to the graveyard. Stupid idiots.
  4. I have a 5000MP and have the same problem UncleWhimsey had. My tuners appear to have failed. I've looked at the Topfield Forum and it seems to be the Q14 thingy. Now I can see that it's a cheap fix but I'm not good at PCB soldering. I can solder wire but this will be a bit finicky for me. The other point is that a new Topfield SD with HDD PVR is only $299 at Dickies. Do I just chuck it away? Has anyone had this repair done commercially? If so what did it cost? Is there an authorised repairer in Perth? Very annoying that something that cost me about a grand (or more, forgotten) is destined for the bin over such a miserable component. Is it time to move to another brand? Something that is more mainstream and has more backup? If so, any suggestions? Does the 5010 have the same component failure issues?
  5. Just what we need, something else suction-cupped to the windscreen to encourage some little pr**k to break in and pinch it.
  6. It's pathetic here in Perth. We have channel 10, One SD and One HD ALL showing the footy at the same time. Surely if that's the deal quoted above then TEN (the real one) could have shown it live and the other two could cater for the workers who couldn't get home on time. THREE channels all showing the same delayed event. Pathetic.
  7. ABC Classic FM in Perth (97.7) seems to have been off air all day Xmas Day. There aren't any contact numbers that are manned. It's still streaming on the net, presumably from somewhere in the east. Does anyone know what has happened?
  8. Into the Wild Very interesting true story. Bit of a waste of an intelligent young man's short life. Screenplay and Directed by Sean Penn. The fact that it was a real story brought home with the photo at the end of the film found in his camera. I though Hal Holbrook was very good in it too.
  9. A friend asked me to accompany him on a shopping expedition for a new plasma and stb. We ended up at HN in Mandurah WA and looked at the entire range and came to the conclusion that , since this was only for a second tellie in a casual loungeroom in his house we should try to spend as little as possible and work upwards if need be. We saw a Panasonic TH-42PA60 42 inch SD only plasma panel. We had a discussion about how little difference there is these days between SD and HD and decided to do battle over this unit. Just before we started I said that he would need an SD stb and preferably should find an SD PVR with twin tuner. To my knowledge Dick Smith are the only people who retail one of these nowadays. It is their G2083 twin SD tuner with 160GB HDD. I know for a fact that when I saw one of these unwrapped for the first time the inner plastic wrapping had "Topfield" written on it. So I'm assuming that they come out of the Topfield factory in Korea. DSE in Mandurah had one. We got the Panasonic 42" plasma for $1600 and the DSE STB for $369. A total outlay of less than $2000 for a 42" plasma and a twin tuner PVR. Got to be happy with that.
  10. I've had a pair of Bose 251s outside for a couple of years now. Very happy with them.
  11. I have a couple of DVDs (Midnight Cowboy and Oklahoma) which are both widescreen. I bought them several years ago before the current widescreen panels were commonly available and everything was 4:3 ratio. On my now departed 4:3 rear projection these movies played very well with black stripes top and bottom as expected. Now I have a 16:9 plasma and when I put these discs on, no matter how much I play with the settings, the only way I can get the picture looking correct, ie, no stretched bodies etc, results in black stripes on all four sides of the picture. Would I be correct in assuming that some of the DVDs produced in the early days are widescreen for a 4:3 format because that was all that was available? And I'm stuck with that? (I've actually ordered new copies of these two so it will be interesting to compare).
  12. Just for info gents, (I assume gents). I have a 50" Philips plasma, the aforementioned 50PF9966, and the PQ is just outstanding. I was originally looking at a Panasonic but saw both together and the Philips was streets ahead. The ambilight is good too, though not essential. I use an LG HD STB.
  13. Hey Tru... if you've got your STB plugged into Line In on your VCR you actually have to tell your VCR to record from the Line In, not its tuner (which is the default setting). Telling the VCR to record from Line In is sometimes a function of the remote, sometimes a button on the VCR itself (pull down flap maybe?). It's a long time since I played with a VCR. Hope this helps.
  14. It's likely you have your STBs set to NTSC.
  15. Whew. A hard one. Let me think....... Could it be that you should plug the STB into the AV "in" on the Combo and record the channel that the STB has selected; and that the combo's tuner is only ever going to pick up analogue because it's an analogue tuner?
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