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  1. There were HDMI which were not Falcon 65nm shrink, they wouldn't let me open the box to check the power brick wattage which should be 175 for Falcon. I did check the mfg date and it was early 2008, I think anything made in 2008 is fine.
  2. Well I bought it didn't buy the Elite just the premium with Assassins Creed. Pretty happy with it, when I connected my TV with HDMI it detected the native resolution and runs it at 1360x768 with 1:1 so games look pretty damn good. Having some issues signing into Xbox LIVE though, servers must be down or something. Can't play DIVX on it yet even though I did manage to d/l the update, seems I need to sign into LIVE to get the codec. But being able to play WMV which my DVD player can not is a bonus. Can finally play my Xbox copy of Shenmue II that I bought ages ago (I am a huge Dreamcast nut). Gah, I can't believe this won't play MPG files either.... goddamn ridiculous.
  3. I don't have one yet, was thinking of Elite because the HD space might come in handy, plus it comes with an HDMI cable, and it would go better with my black Bravia and DVD player.
  4. Sorry, this forum logs me out every few days and also forgets my setting so defaulted to last 30 days.
  5. I was flicking through the EPG of the STB/DVD combo I gave to my sister, and noticed that it's now listing a FULL programme guide for each channel, not just now and next! Now I'm home and both my $3000 Sony HD TV and older STB still only show now and next. So now that networks are broadcasting a full(er) EPG, we need to hope for some kind of firmware update to utilise it? Is this old news?
  6. Planet Terror was much more entertaining than Death Proof - Death Proof didn't really have a point, and the ending was crap plus the female characters were annoying. That stupid Kiwi chick and her black lesbian friend irritated the **** out of me, I wanted to see Kurt Russell kill them.
  7. I got it from Bing Lee for $130 (not their retail price) it is region free - the player itself is probably from the UK, with a modified power plug. The Divx playback is a bit stupid, as it will play back 4:3 content in 4:3 but play back widescreen content in 4:3 letterboxed... lucky for Zoom on the TV itself.
  8. Can we basically take it for granted these new packages will have Falcon MBs?
  9. I have the original R4 DVD version, I remember there being large blocks of colour on walls and so forth, very poor gradiation of colours. But I haven't watched it for a while - more interested in the plot than anything else, but it's true that the transfer/encode was botched.
  10. Just bought this player from Bing Lee, got it for $130. A strange thing I noticed when I opened the package is that the power plug has been replaced by some DIY clear plug - also waranty information inside refers to the UK. So it looks like I got a UK version with the power plug changed. The box has a tape seal saying "Opened by Sony QA Australia" or something along those lines and the region sticker has been stuck over with a 4 (although it plays any region). Is this a normal thing or something to worry about? Also got a grey controller even though I got the black version of the player, I wanted a black controller... if grey comes with either then that's ok. Does what I want, upscaling to 1080p looks good. Divx playback is next to perfect - but unfortunately it won't play burned MPG files Also I was confused with that Bravia "theatre sync" stuff - doesn't play stuff back at 24p - which is stupid, since it has a function on it to play 0.9, 0.8 speed with sound etc. but not 0.96 speed. Sony, hello. Would have just kept my old combo box but got tired of it pausing/skipping because of the cheap weak laser and wanted to get something to look as good as possible but not ready to splash out on the current generation of BD.
  11. Better to leave it 16:9 and set automatic pan and scan when you author the content (ie. with IFOEdit).
  12. Better to leave it 16:9 and set automatic pan and scan when you author the content (ie. with IFOEdit).
  13. Hrm. My deal from DSE starting to look like I was conned. Least I didn't pay retail.
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