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  1. I have a TV in a room where an external antenna connection isnt possible. Can you recommend a cheap indoor antenna which works ok in a medium signal area? VHF primarily.
  2. My AD181x has been working fine for over a year. But now the remote has died. Is there any way to access the menu without the remote? Are there other remotes available that will work with this box?
  3. The Samsung DVD-C350 looks good. But it doesnt have a USB slot and its not clear whether it plays h.264. Oh well off to Good Guys with a test disk.
  4. Can you recommend an inexpensive DVD player that, in addition to playing DVD and copied DVD-R titles, will reliably play other formats burned to DVD-R? Eg divx, xvid, and low bitrate x264 packaged as mkv or mp4? A USB slot for thumbdrive and HDD media is a bonus.
  5. At $450 pickup its very tempting. I will give it some thought.
  6. The HC3800 (1080p) is getting some good reviews. It sells in the US for $1350 or so. I could probably get one sent here for $A1550 all up. Being half the price of a Pana AE4000 this is attractive. Does anyone here have one that they can comment on?
  7. Does this Emotiva have a volume control (and/or remote)? I know that pure power amps seldom do. But i'd like to be able to balance out my channel volumes.
  8. I have an hc1100. Its been good. But i didnt know it had a dust filter. Where would i look for it? Its bound to be dirty by now.
  9. There are good things being said about AMD 780G based boards in HTPC systems. Has anyone here tried one?
  10. The vendor selling the 120" snowhite screen tells me he can also supply a 100" version.
  11. I tried white melamine board from Bunnings first. The colour reproduction was OK but hotspotting was terrible. I tried rolling on a coat of clear matt topcoat. But it came out uneven and with some yellowish areas. Next i tried 3mm thick PVC sign material. This was closer to being matt. But it still had some sheen which caused hotspotting. I looked at using a sheet of Wilsonart Designer White. But my local supplier wanted over $300 for a sheet!! Last i tried curtain blockout material stretched over a pine frame. This worked best for me, but it was very fiddly and time consuming to make.
  12. I saw this fixed 120" screen on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=220163856953 Sounds pretty good, but sold for a very low price. Is anyone familiar with this particular product? Would the screen material be as poor as i fear?
  13. I read over in the AVS forums of people using black adhesive tape, the kind they wrap hockey stick handles in, as the border for a DIY projector screen. I havent been able to find "Hockey tape" in my local sports stores. Do you have suggestions as to an alternative?
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