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  1. G'day, I can now update on this situation. The transmitter for ABC Central Victoria on 91.1 is back in Stereo. Not sure how long this has been the case, but certainly wasn't about a month or so ago. Maybe Stereo is making a comeback? Unfortunately, Ballarat's 107.9 is still mono Meanwhile, the Yarra Ranges relay of ABC Melbourne on 96.1 have decided to be in Mono, despite being a Digital Radio relay of the station (no sport is ever heard)
  2. G'day, I've seen a press release saying Hobart has officially launched this week, it seems only the ABC and SBS stations are on though
  3. G'day hidefdave, From this angle, it looks like Streams 1 - 7 are Channel 7's own Olympic feeds for their App. Stream 8 is the Olympic News Channel Streams 9 - 15 are the same feeds as 1 - 7 but without Channel 7's graphics, so they are totally 100% raw feeds Streams 17 and 18 seem to be HD feeds, much like for the Tennis
  4. G'day, Looks like streams 1 to 6 are testing out Channel 7's event cards to use during the Winter Games. Stream 7 is playing the 7HD loop still (with Olympic watermark) while 8 to 16 are now also playing the 7HD loop with a 7Tennis watermark (which is still confusing) So I assume 7 streams are being used for the Winter Games
  5. G'day hidefdave, I spotted that too. Saturday was the Womens cycling race, which wasn't aired on Seven live. They only had highlights on Sunday before the Mens race live. This leads me to think that these streams are in fact used for any occasion The Spider Cam stream was interesting, it was promoted on the 7Tennis app as well, but I didn't see the press conference streams promoted, which was also fascinating when a player turned up (E.g. Roger Federer at 1:30am Monday Morning)
  6. G'day hidefdave, Good spotting, it seems like their 2004 production of the HD loop, which was used back when they just launched 7HD but only had programming at certain times It also looks like they have 19 streams set up, but only 8 are putting the HD Loop on (I suspect the one with the 7Tennis watermark is either a mistake or intentional for this weekends Davis Cup then Fed Cup the following week) while 17 and 18 (which were used as HD versions of Seven and 7mate during the Tennis) are streaming nothing but a black screen However on Sunday night, I was surprised to find 18 had a direct relay from ABC America playing "Good Morning America" - What's that all about?
  7. G'day, I'm led to believe all is good now? Channel 60 in MPEG-4 (like other networks)
  8. G'day, I've basically answered my own question while doing some more "searching" lately There are 15 streams 7Tennis have up and running as we speak, here's a sample URL: https://csm-e.tls1.yospace.com/csm/extlive/sevenprd01,MISC4.m3u8 Replace the MISC4 with anything from MISC1 to MISC15 and you're sorted
  9. G'day, Putting the other comments aside, as an Admin can put this into the radio section Northern Tasmania's 91.7 is Fully Stereo, has been since it went from 711 AM Wasn't hard to answer!!
  10. G'day, I can't believe this thread has been left for well over a year and a half before a credible answer was achieved The transmitter for 91.1 used to be Stereo many years ago, but has been in Mono when the ABC massively turned off a lot of the Stereo function in their transmitters, including Ballarat 107.9, Shepparton 97.7 and Mansfield 103.7 (I believe Albury 106.5 and Alexandra 102.9 were already in Mono before that) I'm now also led to believe that even Mildura 104.3 has gone Mono, leaving only Gippsland 100.7 in Stereo I've found that the Hazeldene/Flowerdale repeater on 97.3 as well as the Yarra Ranges relay on 96.1 are full Stereo. Quite possibly the only ones in Victoria So, with this information, and knowing the "new digital desks" have been installed, I challenge the ABC to produce a Stereo program feed regionally. As it stands, the digital radio feed in Melbourne is fully Stereo and even programming from Sydney is!
  11. G'day El Saif, Interesting, I wonder why they'd put something like that up with a name like that? Last time something weird like that happened in Melbourne, it was a station named "Black Forest" which played "A Walk in the Black forest" on repeat. the station became Greek dance station (originally from 1656 AM) Rythmos While I'm at it, I've just read that Canberra DAB radios receiving ABC and SBS stations will need a rescan after 8pm on Monday, otherwise it'll be silent (I gather no reception, maybe they're moving things around)
  12. G'day El Saif, What does Taco play? Not Mexican music by any chance? And who owns it?
  13. Yep, was watching the Hopman Cup Test streams on Friday and live coverage without ads yesterday. They also have the Brisbane International covered starting today, and Sydney International in a weeks time www.7tennis.com.au or on their app, and the additional links pop up
  14. G'day JSmith, They look like the usual Channel Seven links. Not the Tennis links (which have a 7Tennis watermark top right corner of screen, even when there's no play)
  15. G'day Mike13, Not quite, I don't think you can download web streams that are live. For an example of what I'm after, this document made by some contributors (some of which could very well be in this forum, I've got no idea) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-1NFj-xO1s6zeiZVCwfrChnu8ANjcfAVMLOU2JmZMY/edit#gid=0 So every broadcaster has a live stream up and running. In Seven's case, they had additional streams for the tennis (I think around 10 last year) for each court. I can easily source those old streams, however from what I've seen, they've moved to another server which I'm unable to find despite my best efforts at looking at codes etc (so those old links no longer work)
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