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  1. Time for my 2 cents worth. Danny, after much reading and driving the other half and a particular friend stupid with questions, I took the plunge about a week ago. Bought the Pana TH-42PA50A with Topfield PVR 120gb, Pioneer progressive scan DVD. Apart from not seeing the Crows in the GF on Sat, cant fault the set up. Am using the inbuilt speakers and to my uneducated ear, think they are pretty good, especially on DVD. Love the PVR - very easy to use and gets rid of those video tapes! Based on the forum, have backed off some of the settings for the first 100 hours for burn in, but not really sure it if it necessary. PQ hasn't been impacted too much. I was keen on staying in the $3k bracket and looked at everything from Soniq, LG, Samsung, NEC, Pana, Hitachi and Fuji. For the price I thought the Pana was clearly the best picture although it was about $500 more than most others. I saw its big brother HD model running the same HD signal and I honestly couldn't see $1200 difference. I think the picture would be better with a HD STB but of course that limits your options re PVRs. So in the end, I decided the Topfiled SD PVR was the pick of them until a HD unit is released at an affordable price. Paid $3100 with a 5 year warranty and $800 for the PVR. Think I did ok!! Trick is to push them really hard. I was lucky in that regard and had a good friend to help me out. Thanks TF! Hope this helps.
  2. I have been looking at the $3k range for a while and are yet to buy. To me, D5SX pq is on par with the pana PA50A and is at least $500 cheaper - also comes with a 2 year warranty compared with 1 year for most others in this price range. Overall, appears to be best value for money in the SD range, just not sure on longer term performance quality? How has the after sales service been like? Did Boxall (or was it Foxtail?) have their panel replaced? Have the problems of previous models been ironed out? I have at least 4 mates with Fujitsius so will be a hard time for me to convince them of the Samsung!
  3. I'm looking to buy a plasma and found the Hitachi 42PMA300A with speakers and swivel stand for around $3100. I know it is discontinued and probably a display model. Appears comparable to the current model 42PMA330A. Any thoughts on how that compares to other brands for around that $3000 price?
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