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  1. Item: Pro-Ject Head Box II Headphone amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $40 Item Condition: Excellent as new Reason for Selling: Buying a new headphone amplifier Payment Method: Cash & COD pickup or PayPal and can be posted at Aus Post rates to anywhere in the country Excellent little headphone amp includes manual and 16 volt power supply, but no box as I never keep them. If posting I will pack securely. Reliable device that has never missed a beat since I bought it and in as new condition because that is how I treat everything I own.
  2. The list would be endless Mendes, I wouldn't really know where to stop or start. I was only able to put a few numbers down because of keyse1 reminiscing around in the Classic 60's output! 😁
  3. I think I could listen to the following songs forever, Love Minus Zero/No Limit She Belongs To Me Queen Jane Approximately Ballad Of A Thin Man Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues I Want You 4th Time Around Memphis Blues Again The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest and plenty of others whilst just covering one era. Cheers
  4. Hi Third Drawer Down, As you and I have discussed previously, although I am a Beatle person I am also a Bob Dylan person as well with all of his studio albums, in various guises, and also all of the standard Bootleg series except for Blood, for which I have the six CD set. Whilst it is one of my favourite albums of Dylan, (Blood On The Tracks), I find it heavy going for 6 CD's. That may be heresy, but I echo your friends comment in that there is some gold there, but much is repetitive and just ordinary or perfunctory performances or snippets. Cheers
  5. Not Yet Keyse1, waiting for my best mate to come over, whack it up on the projector and open a nice bottle of red. Cheers
  6. Hi All, Relisting of CD Sets with price reductions Item: Perception Box 6 CD & 6 DVD Hi Def Audio Discs 2006 - The Doors Original tracks plus Outakes, Alternate versions, a couple of live videos, live tracks plus 5.1 Surround versions of all 6 albums Price: $100 Now $80 Item Condition: V Good (outside case normal wear see photos) ---------------------------------- Item: The Complete Studio Albums 1970 - 1990 10 CD Set 2013 – ZZ Top Remastered back to original tapes. Price: $40 Now $30 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Just culling the herd a little more Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Location: Vermont, Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne Extra Info: I can post anywhere in Australia at Australia Post Rates
  7. As a long(ish) user of various Music Servers and currently enjoying a Bluesound Vault for the last 4 years I would like to make the following observations which may, or may not, be helpful. · Storage – I would always endeavour to go for the highest non compressed codec to store music on as Storage is cheap and I don’t have to reburn everything if I decide to upgrade. My standard minimum is Flac or ALAC, depending on where I am burning it to. · Backup at all costs – The Vault is one backup, the external drive is the second and for everything other than high def files my physical CD’s are the most robust third form of backup, however this form is not as comprehensive as I have burnt a number of albums I currently do not own as a hard copy. · Inbuilt Drive – I understand the reticence to go the integral CD drive music server because of a lack of redundancy, however I transfer a lot of music (high def files from HD tracks, the occasional CD that the server wont read and the occasional file given to me on a USB stick) directly from my Laptop over my home network. · Meta Data – I am very fussy over album covers, correct labelling and general tidiness, spelling etc. nomenclature i.e. Disc 1 instead of CD1 etc. ad nauseum! However the Bluesound universe, whilst being excellent lacks an inbuilt ability to modify data other than allowing the user to delete files. Therefore I purchased a copy of a program called MP3Tag to enable me to do this to my satisfaction. Still not as intuitive or as simple as Itunes etc. but very robust and it can rename any type of file currently available for music. As a final point I love the concept of music servers generally and appreciate the so far faultless operation of the Vault. Nothing wrong with any of the other options currently being discussed of course. Cheers Mark
  8. Yes the old "judge a person by the books on their shelf" doesn't work as well anymore given the preponderance of streaming these days. For me it will still work partially as I have a couple of bookcases in the family room where amongst the books are a number of CD boxsets, however most of my music is hidden away in the spare bedroom as I listen through a music server. I know I have discussed previously in another thread (Dylan) that we are close to the same age so you would expect some similarities to crop up. Cheers Mark
  9. Thanks Keyse1, I think it would be a very boring world if we all liked the same things! I am guessing the closest I got was with Lucinda Williams? Cheers
  10. Hi Luc, I didn't elaborate my point properly. I have had experience (a number of times) where the same recording and software can sound sensational one day and on another day ordinary and uninvolving through the same system! I take your point however that the best recordings drag you into the music in way that poor recordings just cannot do. My experience with Japanese pressings is mixed (from my last vinyl times in the 80's basically) with superlative results from a number of pressings, but sometimes, just occasionally, they came across as sterile and lifeless sounding (still without cracks and pops however!) However please continue to bung on the next record, raise a glass of something good and drift off into Nirvana. Cheers Mark
  11. To come up with a list of only 10 meant a lot of soul searching. I mean there is no Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Cream, James Taylor, Dion, Rod Stewart, Jesse Winchester or any music I discovered before I was much over 30. So my list is of course influenced by my age. I haven’t listed them in order of importance merely alphabetically. 1) All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix: A great song that just doesn’t age, but then I guess that is the criteria for all 10 songs. They will always hold a place in the record collection because although I can remember the first time I heard them they are timeless. Great song , great guitar, great production. That guitar break from left to right in the middle was a young mans stereo dream. When I heard the Bob Dylan original a little later I was disappointed, although in the intervening years I have come to appreciate it for its simplicity (and I am a huge Dylan fan), but still it is a shadow of the mastery and majesty that Hendrix conjures. 2) Band On The Run – Wings: Combining 3 songs into one great moment. The lyrics are meaningless, but then most of the songs I like best have more emphasis on melody than on words. Like all the great ones I can remember where I was at the time, 2 years into an apprenticeship with my Douglas HiFi (defunct Aussie HIFi store) stereo belting it out in a converted garage/bedroom in suburban Melbourne Australia. 3) Help! - The Beatles: John Lennon’s original primal scream. Back in 1965 Mum and Dad took us all to see the Beatles second movie and I fell in love with the songs, but especially the title track. It was of course very hard to pick out only one Beatles track from so many, so I went for the first single I ever owned. By the way the flip side on the old black Parlophone single was a great Macca screamer entitled “I’m Down”. The closest I can come to recreating that original valve Stereogram filled moment is to crank up the Help cut from the 2009 Mono Box, but even that pales compared to the experience I remember way back when. 4) It’s Over - Roy Orbison: The king of love gone wrong songs. I really do love melancholy songs that wrench at the heartstrings. I didn’t hear this number until I bought a local pressing of a greatest hits album around 1974 so I could hear “Crying” and “Only The Lonely” again, but this song just knocked me out. I love huge voices and Roy had the biggest in pop music history. 5) My Girl - The Temptations: The song really makes me feel “summery”. It just has that feel about it. It is of course everything that a Motown single should be from the sixties, great bass line, huge melody and hooks galore. It has been covered by just about everybody with plenty of credible versions to choose from however for me the original is still the best. 6) Passionate Kisses – Lucinda Williams: A great song from the eighties that is in fact the most up to date tune in this list. Well covered a little later on by Mary Chapin Carpenter, but the original in most cases is the best and this is no exception. As close as it gets to a country song that makes the top 10, and I like plenty of country. 7) Positively Fourth Street - Bob Dylan: My hero and I had to pick just one song! This was a really difficult task that required a great deal of soul searching and restraint (10 Dylan songs?). The memory is back in high school listening to the first Greatest Hits album on headphones in the lounge on the stereo. Side 2 had 3 winners in a row with I Want You, P4S and Just Like a Women rounding out the disc. 😎 Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding: Otis died in 1967 and this was a posthumous hit for him. My valve bedside radio was tuned to Melbourne’s AM 3XY station and they would play this every night in ’67 while I drifted off to sleep. I expect my Dad switched the radio off after I fell asleep because it was always off in the morning. I bought a Stax greatest hits in the 80’s because this was on it. The recording still sounds great and larger than life for this classic. 9) Samba Pa Ti – Santana Carlos: Santana was mainly remembered in 1970 for covering the Fleetwood Mac song Black Magic Woman almost note for note and having chart success with it. He had the hit in Australia that they (FM) didn’t. However this instrumental cover track off the album Abraxas was the song I liked the most and contains what I believe is his most lyrical, rounded and emotional solo on record. I still play Abraxas regularly and I still crank up Samba Pa Ti. 10) Something In The Air - Thunderclap Newman: last, but certainly not least, is one of my paper round songs. So called because they were the tunes I would hear as I was completing my early morning paper round with a transistor radio tied onto the handlebars. The chorus, the bridge in the middle, the guitars - it was all pop heaven to me then and still is. A one hit wonder, but an enormous one at that. I suppose there are those that will say I take this sort of thing too seriously. So what? I enjoy it. Given that there are seven songs from the 60’s, two from the 70,s and one from the 80’s, did the 10 tunes change in following decades? Yes certainly, or music or myself hadn’t progressed very much since that time.Who else has a list to share, with or without words of course, Cheers Mark
  12. As Soundfan says in the first post, long live the music! I like to read intelligent thoughts about this thing we call hifi and more especially music and mostly I think it all comes back to an enduring love and appreciation of music that for me is lifelong (and when you are old like me that is some time indeed!) This particular thread has a high percentage of, in my opinion, intelligent thoughtful posts. As someone who started with vinyl, dabbled in cassette, went to CD and now uses a music server with occasional bouts of streaming, I can say it is always the music that keeps me enthralled. Sometimes my system sounds sensational, sometimes just okay, but always the music content shines through. I do not post very often, but I appreciate the threads on this forum about music that have something to say and then say it convincingly. Cheers Mark
  13. An all in an album that runs less than 30 minutes! Chris I like that you learnt the songs, well done. That record does really take me back, I think I have owned 6 different versions including the Mastersound LP and the SACD. It actually is an excellent sounding record. Regards Mark
  14. Hi Chris, Great to hear from you as we are the same age! I remember when I had a paper round that Lay Lady Lay was a single I regularly heard from my little transistor radio on the handlebars. Great singing and great album, faves are LLL plus I Threw It All Away, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You and Tell Me That It Isn't True. Cheers Mark
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