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  1. Cheers mwhouston, I think I first met John in the middle to late 80's becuase we did some commercial work together, great bloke!
  2. Thanks Dave, you are the expert on this model. Actually I did know that it was a horn, mainly becuase you have told me so previously! Cheers Mark
  3. Hi All, Loving this thread, so here is my current story. My full range speaker journey began about August 2017 when I started studying and reading threads on DYIAudio.com. After thinking through a number of possibilities, including tall line arrays, I elected to make a pair of Frugel-Horn Mk3’s, a small form transmission line loudspeaker system that most typically uses a 4” full range driver. I knew that the they would fit into the little nib walls that separate the living room from the family room. The absence of crossovers, and therefore avoiding the attendant issues they bring, was an acceptable compromise over the lack of ultimate power handling and the level of cone breakup that a small 4” cone inevitably brings to the audio table. To power the boxes I organised with Dave, (after several emails back and forth with pestering queries!), from Planet 10 in Canada to freight me a pair of matched, Enabled Marks Audio Alpair 7Pen 4” drivers. He also supplied me with helpful advice as well so it is especially welcome to see him contributing to Stereonet and this thread. I downloaded the plans from Dave’s website for the 18mm material versions and then sent the info to my friend John at Aranmar Acoustics and asked him to supply me with the raw bits so I could put them together and finish them properly. He sourced some Finnish sourced Russian low void ply for the cut. I say raw, but John CNC’d the parts required and the sanded them and I picked them up taped together. This was April 2018 and I put them together over the next few weeks experimenting with loading the front chamber and lagging the internal sides and also hand rasping a chamfer away from the edge of the back face of the baffle board to let the throat “breathe”. I used them for a few months in their raw state until I reluctantly took them apart, sanded them properly and put a 2mm chamfer on all edges. My son then sprayed them satin white plus top coat lacquer (about 15 coats all up, I lost count) and I put them back together. I initially tried some Cat cable (5, 6 & 7) as speaker cable, but although I liked some aspects of the sound the 10 metre lengths would appear to be a little lossy and thin sounding so I settled for some 20AWG twin insulated Belden speaker cable, although I will experiment further down the track. The sound? Well they got better every few months until now about a year and a half in I think they have settled down and been run in. I would estimate, in the particular part of the lounge they are in and where I listen from , I would not get anything useable under around 60 to 70hz, but I never expected to. One of the remarkable aspects of these speakers, apart from the sound stage and stereo imaging, is that they sound great at low levels, in fact I have taken to listening to them at lower levels than I have in the past with other speakers as they exhibit a level of detail and blend throughout a large part of the frequency spectrum that I find particularly involving. Many speakers, in my experience, require you to move a reasonable amount of air to become involving. The next step is to take them apart again to give them a final cut and polish, but I am not sure when I want to stop listening long enough to do that even if it is only a couple of hours work! All in all I am very happy with the build and subsequent sound quality and find it is always more satisfying when your enjoyment of your hobby is not just governed by your hip pocket. Given that in the past I have often owned big, multi driver speakers (Polks, Magneplanars, Klipsch etc…) I have rearranged my thinking and find if I do want to play music more loudly I will choose use my headphones. However I do play them at a surprising good volume from time to time. To be continued….
  4. I vote for: 1 Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles 2 Eighteen With A Bullet - Pete Wingfield The Pinot Noir - Fickle Mistress (Marlborough NZ)
  5. Vale Ginger, Very much larger than life, Cream was a huge early musical influence that continues to this day. Blind Faith followed and the Airforce then I guess I didn't keep up with the rich tapestry of Gingers influences, (and influencing), in popular and not so popular music forms. It does make me feel vulnerable when so many of my early musical heroes are no longer with us. Cheers
  6. I have the 3CD set arriving today from the Amazon US. A good friend of mine purchased the HD Tracks version and says it sounds great. However he thought that it was not as different (improved?) from the 2009 mixes as either the Giles Sgt Pepper or White Album.
  7. Item: Pro-Ject Head Box II Headphone amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $40 Item Condition: Excellent as new Reason for Selling: Buying a new headphone amplifier Payment Method: Cash & COD pickup or PayPal and can be posted at Aus Post rates to anywhere in the country Excellent little headphone amp includes manual and 16 volt power supply, but no box as I never keep them. If posting I will pack securely. Reliable device that has never missed a beat since I bought it and in as new condition because that is how I treat everything I own.
  8. The list would be endless Mendes, I wouldn't really know where to stop or start. I was only able to put a few numbers down because of keyse1 reminiscing around in the Classic 60's output! 😁
  9. I think I could listen to the following songs forever, Love Minus Zero/No Limit She Belongs To Me Queen Jane Approximately Ballad Of A Thin Man Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues I Want You 4th Time Around Memphis Blues Again The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest and plenty of others whilst just covering one era. Cheers
  10. Hi Third Drawer Down, As you and I have discussed previously, although I am a Beatle person I am also a Bob Dylan person as well with all of his studio albums, in various guises, and also all of the standard Bootleg series except for Blood, for which I have the six CD set. Whilst it is one of my favourite albums of Dylan, (Blood On The Tracks), I find it heavy going for 6 CD's. That may be heresy, but I echo your friends comment in that there is some gold there, but much is repetitive and just ordinary or perfunctory performances or snippets. Cheers
  11. Not Yet Keyse1, waiting for my best mate to come over, whack it up on the projector and open a nice bottle of red. Cheers
  12. Hi All, Relisting of CD Sets with price reductions Item: Perception Box 6 CD & 6 DVD Hi Def Audio Discs 2006 - The Doors Original tracks plus Outakes, Alternate versions, a couple of live videos, live tracks plus 5.1 Surround versions of all 6 albums Price: $100 Now $80 Item Condition: V Good (outside case normal wear see photos) ---------------------------------- Item: The Complete Studio Albums 1970 - 1990 10 CD Set 2013 – ZZ Top Remastered back to original tapes. Price: $40 Now $30 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Just culling the herd a little more Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Location: Vermont, Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne Extra Info: I can post anywhere in Australia at Australia Post Rates
  13. As a long(ish) user of various Music Servers and currently enjoying a Bluesound Vault for the last 4 years I would like to make the following observations which may, or may not, be helpful. · Storage – I would always endeavour to go for the highest non compressed codec to store music on as Storage is cheap and I don’t have to reburn everything if I decide to upgrade. My standard minimum is Flac or ALAC, depending on where I am burning it to. · Backup at all costs – The Vault is one backup, the external drive is the second and for everything other than high def files my physical CD’s are the most robust third form of backup, however this form is not as comprehensive as I have burnt a number of albums I currently do not own as a hard copy. · Inbuilt Drive – I understand the reticence to go the integral CD drive music server because of a lack of redundancy, however I transfer a lot of music (high def files from HD tracks, the occasional CD that the server wont read and the occasional file given to me on a USB stick) directly from my Laptop over my home network. · Meta Data – I am very fussy over album covers, correct labelling and general tidiness, spelling etc. nomenclature i.e. Disc 1 instead of CD1 etc. ad nauseum! However the Bluesound universe, whilst being excellent lacks an inbuilt ability to modify data other than allowing the user to delete files. Therefore I purchased a copy of a program called MP3Tag to enable me to do this to my satisfaction. Still not as intuitive or as simple as Itunes etc. but very robust and it can rename any type of file currently available for music. As a final point I love the concept of music servers generally and appreciate the so far faultless operation of the Vault. Nothing wrong with any of the other options currently being discussed of course. Cheers Mark
  14. Yes the old "judge a person by the books on their shelf" doesn't work as well anymore given the preponderance of streaming these days. For me it will still work partially as I have a couple of bookcases in the family room where amongst the books are a number of CD boxsets, however most of my music is hidden away in the spare bedroom as I listen through a music server. I know I have discussed previously in another thread (Dylan) that we are close to the same age so you would expect some similarities to crop up. Cheers Mark
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