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  1. Was anyone actually able to answer the original question from Luke? If he had HD where has it gone now? I have just bought a LG DVR Set Top Box all in one and I can get everything but 10. When I first installed it and searched for channels I could also get NBN but now no longer. Any ideas?
  2. The other thing I should have added, that the only thing raning down is rays of sunshine!
  3. Hi, Just got a phone call from Austar saying they cant install cause of forecast rain in the area and winds of up to 12km/h. That's right 12km/h!!! They now wish to re-schedule for next Wednesday. I asked the operator (I am not comfortable with calling them customer service) whether Austar have any credit available for the fact that I am taking the day off work today to get it installed and now I need to take another day off next Wednesday and pray that it doesn't rain. It is also apparent that if the severe cyclone warning of 12km/h re-appears then they wont be able to install either. Does anyone know if I can call them back and say "Hey, the suns out. Get the tech to come out and install the internal outlets and lay cables and when the roof dries out, you can finish with the fixing the satellite into place."? Any Austar tech's out there who want to help me out? I'm going in for a knee reco tomorrow and was looking forward to Austar to get me through the monotony of couch life! Does anyone have any experience in expediating the install or advising them that it isnt raining and as such I would be really appreciative if they come out and install as we agreed?
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