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  1. Can I swing by the store to see what they look like in person?
  2. Hi, I had a look and although the specs are what I need, I would prefer something a bit newer. Thanks for offering!
  3. Item: 8 channel power amp Price Range: any Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I have a NAD CI580 that I need to pair with a 8 channel power amp. Looking at something similar to a NAD CI 8-120 - need to be around 100W per channel. Thanks Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. I know there are a lot of false claims on certification so if this is really certified, then it shouldn't be in quotation marks.
  5. Mate, I was answering @rantan post that all Primares are analog so I wanted to clarify that the Primare actually has a module you can install that adds digital inputs. Yes, the model is still called "i15 Analog Integrated Amplifier" but that does not mean there isn't an option to add digital inputs. So I wasn't even questioning the OP's title. So get with the program before you start being sarcastic to me.
  6. I think he meant this does not have the Prisma module installed - which adds digital inputs.
  7. Just be careful not all BluOS devices work well with Roon. My NAD CI580 is absolutely trash with Roon - it is well documented on a lot of forums, to the point where NAD info has removed all mentions of Roon for this model. In saying that, BluOS works well with Tidal anyways.
  8. Is it just me or can you feel the vibration from the picture alone?
  9. Thanks mate, I showed my wife this and now I am walking around with a clamp on my balls!
  10. @marinemania2002 Buy this so I can come over and listen!
  11. I had the chance to spend almost an hour listening to this amp @marinemania2002 house and it was an experience that spawned many text messages months later. He takes special care of his equipment so I would say its a no brainer to buy this.
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