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  1. 👍Great service from Richard at OZ Theatre. Purchased X7900 last month, ordered late on Friday delivered Tues morning to Shellharbour direct from JVC.
  2. I'd be interested! I use to use FFDshow/Zoomplayer for SD but have not with HD (I have 720p proj,HTPC and Oppo bluray). I would also be interested in any comments you may have about the new MadVR /LAV renderer-filters.
  3. As a movie jukebox on my Popcorn I've been using MovieFlow http://www.indocomp.com/pch-code/movie-flo...movie-flow.html and I use Metabrowser http://themetabrowser.com/features/ on my PC to retrieve metadata for Movies and TV shows. My movies are stored on an unRaid media server and MovieFlow is a great way to display the movie covers and then play the movies on the Popcorn. The Networked Media Tank site is worth a look.
  4. Agree. It is really sad to see some of the senior members behaving in such a fashion. Provoke then laugh at the responses. All over a cheap entry into Blu-ray.
  5. Purchased 4 Bluray from their special the other day which took to 11 items that I have purchased from them over the last few months. Have just received email from CD WOW with a voucher for $15.30. From: CD WOW Congratulations, you have purchased 10 items from CD WOW! You are one of our most loyal customers and through Club WOW, you have earned this Gift Voucher. The amount of the voucher is the average spend of your 10 purchases. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy your voucher! Buying from CDWOW does have its rewards.
  6. Am I right in saying that in this example the Lens method gives you VPS 1.338mm x 1.006mm and the Zoom method gives you VPS 1.342mm x 1.342mm?
  7. Still waiting Ordered Sat 25th says shipped Fri 31st delivery?????
  8. Thanks I'll remember that if I ever order again. Courier should not make any difference since when I ordered they had stock and 24hrs shipping or do they reserve them for more expensive shipping methods?
  9. Same here still waiting! Emailed them on Wed and they replied Due to a very unexpected high demand(I wonder if due to forum mention?) for Red Cliff discs, we had a shortage of stocks for your order. But no worries, all pending orders including yours will be shipped on our before July 31. More stocks are coming in from our supplier within this week. Our sincere apologies for the delay. We do hope for your kind understanding. Best regards, Just noticed they have extended their special GOOD NEWS! Due to public demand, we are now extending the promotion period until August 31. This is your final chance to grab this opportunity of owning these epic movies for a cheaper price. Our stocks have just arrived and ready to be shipped anytime. Act now and save money! NOTE: All pending orders will be shipped on or before July 31. Hope this is correct because I'm starting to get irate having been the first to order days before I the posted original link and yet others who ordered later have had their orders delivered.
  10. I would like to see Kurosawa's Dersu Uzala on Bluray. First saw it in 1976 and was great on the big screen. Unfortunately the PQ on DVD is poor. I'm hoping that Criterion might release it one day.
  11. I've been running an unRAID server http://www.lime-technology.com/joomla/ without problems for 18 mths 24/7. Was easy to setup on an old computer Athlon 64 ,GA-K8N motherboard 8 sata onboard ,1GB DDR400 ram.The unRAID Server OS runs of a USB flash thumb drive. Am up to 5TB and can go up to 16 drives on the pro version that I have. The basic version allows 3 drives and is free. Their forum and wiki is very good for info and help.
  12. If this was with Renchi did you email sales or use the inquire button on order history page? I ordered on 25th (I posted the original link to Renchi) but have not received any delivery info. I tried the inquire button a couple of hours ago but no reply.
  13. On Saturday I ordered Red Cliff 1 + Red Cliff 2 (Two Blu-ray Disc Set) US$62.45 delivered from http://www.renchi.com/renchi/Movies_TV_Blu...ay_Disc_Set.htm On special until 31st July. Have not used them before, hopefully things will go OK.
  14. Mark, it was nice to meet you at lunchtime today. I was very impressed with your MK III lens and Projector Station. It produced a great image with the JVC 350 (the curtains were closed when I saw it). I will definately be looking at this combination when I upgrade my MK I lens and Pan AE 700. Well done Dan
  15. Since you are familiar with Linux have you considered a server running Unraid? http://www.lime-technology.com I've built a 4tb (6 data 1 parity discs max of 20 supported) server for all my media including Bluray. It streams everything without issue.
  16. Couple of weeks ago Fishpond had Bluray Planet Earth Complete Series for $7.25. Too good to refuse. After 3 days received email "We have found a pricing error for Planet Earth Complete Series in this order. We have cancelled this title from your order. Despite our best efforts, occasionally pricing errors do occur and we have no choice but to cancel the product from your order We apologise for the inconvenience. Kind Regards Karen Fishpond Customer Services Team"
  17. I've used this guide on using DxVA with MPC-HC http://ranpha.wordpress.com/page-1/ It works well on my lower spec HTPC Athlon 64 3700+ & ATI 2600xt & Vista.
  18. My titles that were shipped from thehut on 4/6/08 arrived today.
  19. I've been using one for about 3 weeks without any problems.
  20. 13/02/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY RECEIVED. Online Claim has been successfully submitted. 26/02/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY APPROVED. Redemption claim has been validated and approved. 03/03/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY FULFILMENT IN PROCESS. Money orders/Redemption item(s) being ordered. Finally have just received 300 American Werewolf In London Ant Bully Batman Begins Fast and The Furious - Tokyo Drift Miami Vice Polar Express The Holiday The Hulk V For Vendetta
  21. Thanks. Just bought it for $149. Domayne Warrawong had the EP10 last week for $330 and an ex demo EX1 for $539. I bought new EX1 from them in Feb for $530. They were not going to sell them for any less since they could return then to Toshiba for their cost price.
  22. DVD Profiler http://www.invelos.com/dvdpro/Info.aspx It has many different layouts you can choose.
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