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  1. Gotta say, volume direct is the best thing ever! No more grabbing the receiver remote to change the volume/ mute!
  2. I just picked up a 919 at JB for $850, no haggling. The only difference between it and the 1019 is 1 less HDMI input, 1 less digital coax input, and the lack of upscaling. If you already own a decent display, you're probably not going to get any benefit from the upscaling anyway. I can highly recommend the 919, it's a great receiver with plenty of power and does a great job with 2ch for music as well as being awesome for 5.1 (haven't got a 7.1 setup so can't comment on that) Also, check out this forum for TONS of info : http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1149686 It's for the 1019 model, but 99% of it is relevant to the 919.
  3. If you don't mind buying from ebay, there's this one : http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Pioneer-High-end-re...id=p3286.c0.m14
  4. OMFG!! PN50B650 for $1799.00 RRP!! That's unbelievable. Edit : Thought it was too good to be true. Owen, you just gave me a heart attack!!
  5. The only other real difference is that the 1019 will upscale to 1080p, the 919 will not.
  6. Yeah, this is definitley an ICE thing, I remember seeing it a few years ago when I first signed up for ICE. Had a good chuckle at the time too.
  7. This would be what you're after : http://www.hillsantenna.com.au/arbitrage/p...nent(email).pdf
  8. Just spotted the 350 at Big W in Werribee Plaza going for $394. They had about 4 or 5 by the looks.
  9. Check out the Beyonwiz DP-H1 while you're at it : http://www.tvbox.com.au/product.asp?ID=BWIZH1 Has the bonus of being a media player as well.
  10. So, has anyone seen one of the NEC's in the flesh? I'm super interested in one for the bedroom, and would love to hear opinions on the PQ. Viewing from around 3.5 metres away, I'd say this panel would be perfect for my needs. Strayan, checkout Betta Electrical's catalogue online at lasoo.com.au for a pic of the NEC.
  11. I was unfortunate enough to have caught this on SC10 analogue as I was away at the time. Can't believe they showed a widescreen version with the picture cut off at the sides. It was ridiculous! Half the time character's who were speaking had half their faces cut off, or were offscreen completely. Even my friends who have no interest in DTV or the likes commented on how bad it was! Is this normal for analogue transmissions these days?
  12. I happen to have a Toshi 32JW9UA taking up space in the bedroom. Perfect condition, near perfect geometry. Even have the original box. Great TV. Willing to sell it for sure. I'm in Melbourne too. PM if you're interested!
  13. What would concern me most is even if Strathfield offers a 12 month warranty, where would faulty units have to go to be repaired? Not to Topfield Australia obviously. Back to Korea maybe? That would make the turnaround for getting repairs done unbearable. With a Topfield backed unit, you can send it away for repair from wherever you are in Oz and expect to have it back within a week in most cases.
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