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  1. almost 6 months without any problems, now my toshiba j35 is dead at least.... few times a day!!!! Does any one in Perth know the best place to upgrade firmware? TELEFIX in Great Easter hwy? or BLUE TECH in Osborne Park? Thanks in advance
  2. I have the combination between Panasonic TH42PV500A and TOSHIBA J35, in this forum I am the lucky one with the J35, I have no problem at all!!!! and love every minute of it.....
  3. Here is the link: http://www.cnet.com.au/hometheatre/tvs/0,3...40036500,00.htm
  4. Paid $5500 for TH42PV500A , TOSHIBA J35 and HDMI-HDMI cable as well. The J35 is so far so good, no problem at all!!!!! (it has no blue dot or red dot on the box!!) but I found out it has V69 firmware. I have a web link here, it may help to solve some J35 problems: http://www.hdtvprimer.com/ANTENNAS/glossaryA.html#fringe
  5. I just bought my J35 last Saturday. they said that it is new stock and it hasn't any blue or red dot on the box!!!! is it correct? I just picked it up this morning and still in my car at the moment, the TH-42PV500A plasma will be delivered this afternoon, can't wait.... Thank you all for your advices
  6. Does anyone know where I can buy a J35 in Perth? I asked some HN and Good guys stores but the answer is "NO, WE DONT HAVE IT"!!!! I know there are still some problems with the J35 but I dont know why I still love it!!!! should I buy it? Please advise, thanks
  7. I am going to buy a new 42' or 50' Panasonic plasma, but I dont know how much it should be? If I pay cash at Good guys store, should I get 10~15% off??
  8. Harvey Norman said it should be in store early or mid August. Check these prices from Dick Smith http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefro...duct/View/G5037
  9. The prices at Dick Smith are cheaper!! check this out http://dseau.resultspage.com/search.php?se...I1.x=12&I1.y=12
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