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  1. Sony UK have a 40inch version of the HX850 series which isn't available in Australia.Would this TV be compatible with our voltage and digital tv reception? http://www.sony.co.uk/product/tv-102-40-lcd/kdl-40hx853 Thanks.
  2. Sent you an email, but someone contacted me before you did.If he changes his mind, I will sell it to you if you're interested.
  3. This for the seniors card package, you have a choice of the standard stb or the IQ one.Thanks for all your help.
  4. Hi guys, I am looking to sell my Topfield Masterpiece HD TRF 2400. I bought it late last year from the good guys, it's still under warranty. It's in excellent condition and it has probably put 10-15hrs into it.I rarely use it anymore which is why I am selling it.Thinking of $300 for it. If anyone is interested, just reply or contact me via email, flippnow@gmail.com I am in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Thanks.
  5. Just wondering what type of connections does the non iq stb have as I am getting it installed soon. Will it feature modern connections such as HDMI, component or even s-video and is it digital box? thanks
  6. Hi guys, When you pause a show, do you have to wait 10seconds to resume it where it left off on the Topfield masterpiece?.
  7. For some reason I can't encode any videos from channel 10.I use handbrake, tried it both on mac and windows but it still will not encode.Is there a reason for this, and is there any other software I should use? Thanks.
  8. OK.What level sharpness do you have your set on? Mine is currently on 3.
  9. I also have an old topfield 7000ht, bought it for $500 in 2006, I think I was expecting a bigger upgrade in the OSD department:).I'm fine with it now. I think I may have fixed up the interlace problems with my TV.I changed the picture mode to a different setting( sony 32x500) and it seems to fix the issue.You mentioned you have yours on auto mode.When I put mine on auto and go from 1080i channel to say a SD channel, the screen goes black ( because it's changing the input) then the picture comes.This takes roughly 3 seconds or so, which is very annoying.Does this happen to you? The set of yours is awesome.Plasmas are generally very good ( from my experience) with upscalling, much like the old tube tellys.So I doubt you will have any issues. Thanks for all you help. Oh, one more thing.Don't forget to upgrade to the latest firmware if you haven't already.Adds a lot of great things. Just head over to the itopfield.com.au website.
  10. Ah, I know what you mean.The volume is fine with my in-built tuner.How are you liking the picture quality, any issues with it? I'm generally pleased but SD content has some scanlines, HD is fine.I think it's something to do with the PVR's deinterlacing abilities.I have it set to 1080i for all channels.720p fixes this issues, everything is all smoothed out.So I find some days using 1080i then back to 720p when I'm fed up with it I found the OSD kind of ancient when I first turned it on.I was expecting something a bit more modern.Oh well.Anyway, hope you enjoy it!
  11. The volume for me is still a bit low even when I have the PVR set to full.
  12. I went the itopfield website, the forum section.I downloaded the file then went to check how to install.Damn, you have to do a lot of things.I think I'll skip it.I thought it would be as easy as installing the firmware. Another thing.I'm having trouble playing back shows of GEM on my macbook.I got tons of fuzzy lines when there's movement and for some reason it wont encode using handbrake so I can't convert it from mpg to h.264. Have you guys had similar problems playing back from GEM? Other stations appear to be fine to play and encode.I tried setting my PVR from 1080i to 720p but it made no difference. thanks.
  13. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the PVR a bit like a VHS.What I mean by that, when pressing the instant record button is it there a way to stop the recording process when an ad comes up and resume it when the show starts so you don't record any ads?
  14. Apparently you can connect up a VCR to the PVR and copy a VHS tape to the HDD.What format does it record to?
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