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  1. I know this forum has been very quite for a while, however my old man has been a cable subscriber for close to 20 years now. Last year NBN came along and the network has become very congested. Frequent drop outs and no signals. Obviously it's happening in a lot of places with Cable. Spoke to the rep on the phone last night who informed me that Foxtel has enacted a 6 year plan to migrate ALL CABLE customers over to satellite, of which they will then surrender their portion of the cable network back to NBN. They have offered a free satellite installation and IQ3 upgrade. There's no avoiding satellite now...
  2. No its stubborn and wont allow an analogue input if the video source is HDMI When I move house next month and re-arrange the HT, I might look at going DVI/VGA straight into the projector - its a better idea! Thanks JS!
  3. I know, this is an OLD amp! However, I am trying to connect an older PC to this amp. I've had to use a DVI to HDMI converter, however genius me didnt get an adaptor with an audio input in it. So I have connected audio to the amp into the TV/SAT input (and the video with the HDMI3 input) but it doesnt look like it will let me assign an analogue audio input to this digital channel - the manual I found online seems to mention that it can be done Failing that, what about HDMI passthrough and then turn the amp onto the appropriate analog setting? Google search gives me nothing Am i wasting my time?
  4. While this competition is cute and all - its worth noting ESSENDON plays Collingwood this Thursday!!!
  5. Far be it from me to defend News Corp, but actually Fox footy's promotion has said "Every Finals Live in September" - which is technically correct due to the GF being in October Anyway, I don't like the GWSvDogs final at 4pm....
  6. wondering what the live telecast of the women's match will do to crowd numbers, especially considering the predicted cold weather Also, any chance we can get the VFL times? Its exciting now its finals
  7. Ah thank god! My TV is my PC monitor - however I assume its still blur-o-vision?
  8. Heads up - using the name Allan on this forum is not a good idea
  9. Thank god this disaster of a season is over
  10. Hi All Is anyone a CABLE technician in Melbourne, or know someone who is a cable technician who wants a bit of cash in hand work? I need some help isolating an issue with pixilation/signal interference and potentially a new outlet Don't want to go through Fox Cheers
  11. Thanks for the reply guys - looks like I'll just have to put up with what I have
  12. Do they exist? I just set up the projector in a new room and I am disappointed that the screen size is smaller than I expected... lots of wasted wall space. I was wondering if there was some kind of zoom lens cap that will fit over the projector that will optically enlarge the picture Or am I stuck with the size that's being output now? I have an old Mitsubishi DLP projector (the model that was popular about 5 years ago - cant think of its model number off the top of my head)
  13. Please god no Dwayne Russell, please god no Danny Frawley, please god no Gerard Healy, please god no David King Well, that doesn't leave much of the Fox Footy crew left then C'mon Huddo! Please....
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