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  1. HOPE - someone is able to record the last few minutes of Newcastles switch off.
  2. I have the DG-DABPVR1TB. Picture is fine, as good as my wifes native tuner 160CM Full HD Plasma. Upscales those SD channels too via HDMI. At Lake Macquarie NSW, so no DAB+ reception here. (We are on UHF and only have a twin dipole for RX of old analogue VHF NBN 03/ABC 5A and its facing north to Newcastle, not Sydney as needed for DAB+). You have pretty much full control over stored channels; delete, skip etc. Tuning of TV and DAB+ is easy enough. You can edit name on recordings etc. There is a separate Ant-In for DAB+ and also provided is a small coax length - so you can loop through from the TV aerial input. (TV Out). EPG needs a bit of a tidy-up, as a network can lose all EPG data, I'd expect a firmware update down the track will fix this. In the meantime, - you switch off power and switch back on again - to reload missing EPG data!. Further, turning the box off (remote RED off button) can lose future recording made via the EPG a la Foxtel method, meaning the PVR should be left 'on'??!!! You can copy recordings to USB for portability too. Kinda sluggish with certain remote control functions too; sometimes say a split second, just enough to annoy, sometimes requiring a press or three for a particular feature to close, say EPG off. Again a firmware fix needed. A good PVR though overall though, those of you in DAB+ areas would appreciate this unit, and again, its ability to have a dedicated DAB+ aerial is a plus. HDMI and Toslink and usual suspect connectability provided. You are provided with TWO loop through coax bits, one for the DAB+ aerial in, the other for the second TV tuner, so each of the TV tuners and DAB+ radio can be used off one Aerial Input!
  3. NBN TV Newcastle - GEM starts Sunday 6am. Rescan shows no name change, nor change in main channel EPG data - this delightful Friday 24/09 @ 1pm.
  4. LOL, I have discarded at the tip probably 20 or so 65cm Fox and Austar dishes, LNB's, cables from various folks homes. Buy a dish for about $44, meh - they want to make a fuss they can. If you don't want it on your home, get rid of it without concern. Fair nuff! You could realign the dish to either the Optus C1 satellite for reception of "AlJazeera International", the english language FTA news channel, or to Optus D2 for reception of of say; Press TV of Iran, Russia Today (RT), and NHK World Japan; these are respective government english language news and documentary channels. You'd use your existing decoder, so no waste of product and no subscription card needed. A clever soul could add say a 2-way LNB holder and two LNB's for reception of Optus C1 and Optus D2 for reception of those channels off the one dish.
  5. High-speed internet connection required, this is Australia. For most of us in OZ, this delivery method is years away. Besides, nothing beats "live TV" delivery such as news. Reality is Select couldn't compete, that is attract enough customers to be viable against Foxtel/Cropstar, and that has bugger to do with FetchTV. Those not changing to Fox et al, can use their decoder for FTA satellite channels on IS8, or in particular on C1 (Foxtels sat) for reception of AlJazeera International in english, a top news and documentary outfit. Adding a multi-LNB holder to the dish, can mean additional FTA news and doco coverage from NHK World, RT (Russia Today), Press TV of Iran - each in english and on Optus D2. Don't discard your SelecTV decoder, just use it for other services.
  6. Well buy an HD tuner/set top box, hardly mind blowingly costly. Always said people should avoid buying SD tuners when HD units were available; to future-proof.
  7. Do love that DVB-S2 efficiency over MPEG2 HD.
  8. Wifie bought one of these today, asked the sales guy if it was really worth it; "Yeah, its not too bad" he said. She bought it. Hope its a good as Chad says. Find out Monday 19 July 10.
  9. What brand & model decoder?? Is is SelecTV branded btw?
  10. Yes, not too bad for the price. Its not FULL HD resolution, but 1366 x 768. The DVD system does not fully eject DVD's in a cradle design, but ejects them to a point so your fingers do the rest, its normal operation. Tunes in MPEG2 HD channels, duh, but of late 'sometimes' and only on PRIME HD:- comes up with "invalid service" message and shows a black screen. Other times its fine. Probably needs a firmware update. Sometimes - a cure is simply to change channel up or down then back again. I'd still buy one as a spare room/kids or bedroom telly, its not bad, remotes good and the EPG function is faster for all channel data gathering than my newish Samsung 6 Series. Screen sits still, not adjustable up or down, left or right. 4.8 Stars = 156kWh per year.
  11. Available to existing 'Premium' subscribers only.
  12. Notice the same thing on Foxtel too re that channel and the Movie One/Extra lot too.
  13. I was once an Austar customer and went to SelecTV's english stuff, then I added TV Chile, to view their Prussian trained army.
  14. HDX 9100 Owner Manual (approx 5.2mb in Pdf):- http://crazystu.com.au/files/HDX9100%20OPS-Manual.pdf
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