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  1. Nice score. I noticed a few days ago most were not included in the 2 for 1, would have done the same.
  2. Maybe sub was set too high to begin with for it to set -12. Believe most setups has sub lower than what the majority like.
  3. Not looking to have a second box, just update mini to mighty which will mean cancelling current account through isp. I'll call them later today.
  4. I'm interested but wondering whether unit can be purchased 2nd hand and be registered. Currently have a mini through isp. Might contact isp tomorrow as well.
  5. Yeah, the stream needs to be 4K, not all shows and movies are.
  6. Have a fetch as well, but only the mini which I know is not 4k. Might have to upgrade it. Hmm, anither upgrade, this is endlesd, also thinking of goung to 2 subs.
  7. Well I've been enjoying my newly acquired 4K image, in 4K. I only started buying 4K discs for the Atmos. I recently picked up the Harry Potter set in 4K to replace my DVD copies, only the last movie was Bluray. Really impressed with the work done on the sound, some great Atmos moments, though image was good, it wasn't up with movies filmed in 4K. My son loved it as well.
  8. .4 for heights is amazing, never had .2. 5.x.4 before 7.x.2 However if your thinking the 2 rear surrounds mounted a bit higher for .4 with 2 in ceiling, stick to 7.x.2 .4 they should all be in ceiling as laid out by Dolby, or as close as you can get. I've been toying with the idea of 7.x.4 I only have to run cable.
  9. Recently had similar issues with no video. It was the HDMI cable. Went and purchased new ones which were 24GB plus and it has been rock solid since. I think the old ones were 14GB. Reading the manuals 18GB is minimum for 4K.
  10. Before speakers weren't really even coupled to the floor. They could be moved easily without lifting, perhaps even a little rocky due to floor not being perfectly flat. Now they are very stable which I think is a good thing. I was quite happy with sound even when pushing volume up. Once I have carpet I'll probably revert back to spikes.
  11. You don't have to by an amp. However running many channels of an AVR does decrease how much it can drive each speaker. Whilst they may claim 130watts per channel that is only driving 2 channels, add more channels have less per channel. I run 9 channels, I estimated I was getting 50 watts per channel from my Marantz SR6014. It also wasn't very clear sound, clarity. Ended up purchasing a 7 channel NAD M25 at 160 watts per channel, I use it to run the 5 floor level speakers and the AVR handles the 4 heights. It's second hand of course. It's class AB, didn't wan
  12. My floorstanding mains used to sit on spikes, carpet, chipboard floor, all was well. Moved to Ballarat now have solid floor, as in vinyl timber planks, so no spikes. Read this thread, knew I had some Bunnings 50x50 pad on hand somewhere. Well I found them all. They now sit under my mains, very pleased with sound now, not that I had any complaints from before. Trouble is now I need more. Heavy 7ch amp sits on floor Turntable and the rack it sits on CD player, Nad AVR I guess as well as that runs my heights. Though getting them under
  13. Might be a left field idea but what about going diagonal? Place tv in corner left of window, angle couch at tv then there are 2 walls for the surrounds.
  14. In Ballarat, regional Vic. Pretty free to go wherever we want except metro. I'll see if anywhere does some nice wood slabs, must be one here.
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