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  1. Bad news today guys IceTV has gone into Voluntary Administration Real all about it on Whirlpool and the IceTV forums 2nd Batch of Skippa Pre-Orders are now in limbo Grab whatever info you need off the IceTV website and forum while you still can.
  2. Some extra fw has been added to the google drive share for the following models, upgrade at your own risk. •TF-T6000 (Date of fw file 2014.03.28) unknown fixes •TBF-7300 (Date of fw file 2014.03.25) unknown fixes https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1LH8uqp5yCyYUlmOEN2MG9xUDA&usp=sharing&tid=0B1LH8uqp5yCyS29vSWRJYmh4Y0U#list
  3. Yeah it was meant to be the 2470 model guys, sorry bout the confusion with my typo (that has now been corrected) On a side note I also pulled down some firmware files for the TF-T6000 model and noticed today that the firmware has been taken off the Australian site. For now I've left it off the google drive but I suspect it's been pulled due to using some obscure compression files system that customers would no doubt have called them about. The two files are dated 11th April 2014 and had .alz & .a00 extensions. It's probably just another weather api update like the 2470 , although I believe IceTV and Topfield are working on trying to get IceTV implemented on either the TF-T6000 or TRF-7260 models or maybe both. I think an IceTV fw implementation this early might be a bit of an ask IMHO.
  4. Some extra fw has been added to the google drive share for the following model, upgrade at your own risk. •TRF-2470 (Date of fw file 2014.03.25) unknown fixes https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1LH8uqp5yCyYUlmOEN2MG9xUDA&usp=sharing&tid=0B1LH8uqp5yCyS29vSWRJYmh4Y0U#list
  5. Your best bet at getting an answer is using the bush forum http://forum.bushaustralia.com.au/
  6. Also I posted the following in October over on the whirlpool forums but doesn't look like i posted it here. I finally found a copy of the elusive Jan 2013 fw for the TRF-2460 that is now on the google drive for those chasing it, thx to treedy on IceTV forums who managed to get emailed a link from Topfield Australia. Some extra fw's have also been added for the following models that were not there before TBF100-HD (2013.08.23) 1 day different to previous release, unknown fixes TF-5000T (2013.07.23) first firmware version that I've seen available, topfield australia had it under TPR-5000 hopefully this doesn't confuse the Toppro owners. unknown fixes
  7. Some extra fw's have also been added to the google drive share for the following models •TRF-7170(2013.11.19) •TRF-7260(2013.11.18) All above firmwares stated Weather API was fixed. Also added was a User Manual for the TF-6000 model that doesn't seem to be available anywhere, another beta tester passed it on to me from someone who managed to get a copy from Topfield directly, I fail to understand why it's not available on any of the topfield websites. To access google drive share follow the link in my signature below or Click Here Also if anyone has any firmwares or user manuals not on the google drive that they are willing to share please send me a private message Note: 7100HDPVRt plus firmwares have been pulled from the site due to a reported corruption in the fw upgrade that requires a special procedure to rectify and ressurrect the pvr.
  8. I would also check the firmware that is installed on the box. If IceTV is important to you moreso than youtube and web features then 20 Feb 2012 fw is very stable with IceTV. See the link in my signature for all official TRF-2400 firmware releases (past and present)
  9. In my past experience the phone & tablet apps were ok viewing the guide but trying to setup timers it created problems and I'm unsure if IceTV ever resolved those issues.
  10. In all my time using IceTV i've rarely ever needed to look at the guide. I just set my IceTV recordings and forget about it. If i need to check the guide i just use the IceTV guide on the website.
  11. I don't use TAPS but from what I've read I think pretty much all the EPG taps only work well with the Free To Air EPG and not IceTV. IMHO TAPS seem to be more trouble than their worth, My 2460 has been rock solid on Feb 2012 firmware with IceTV for over a year now. A couple of hiccups occurred when IceTV changed something but they resolved that quite quickly.
  12. It's one or the other not both or a combination of the two. If any duplicate channels exist should be removed from the box otherwise IceTV will have problems. IceTV relies on the box being connected to the web so if that's down the EPG is down. I find if the box is left on for extended periods of time the epg goes blank and it needs to be rebooted to get the EPG back.
  13. First thing I would try is removing the hdd (after you have unplugged the pvr from the power socket) and see how it runs after that. I've had a 7000 without a hard drive installed and it was working perfectly fine as a STB without pvr features. If it still acts weirdly then I think something else like the mainboard or psu has failed. Your only options if the pvr still acts strangely with no hdd is to call toppro and politely explain your situation or simply just call it quits with the 7000 and replace it with something like the Topfield 7160 (if you don't need IceTV) or Topfield 2400 Masterpiece (If you need IceTV, and some other Smart PVR features) TRF-7160 Features http://www.itopfield.com.au/product-detail.asp?idx=251 TRF-2400 Features http://www.itopfield.com.au/product-detail.asp?idx=242 Both models suggested here are TAP capable models. There is a newer TRF-7170 model but I've not had much experience with it and I believe it's just an upgraded 7160 http://www.itopfield.com.au/product-detail.asp?idx=257 Also if you do call toppro if I was you I'd mention just how much trouble you have had with the 7000, you never know what they may offer you
  14. Still IMHO it's better to email some examples than sit on our hands and do nothing, regardless of the outcome or what they plan to do. The itunes store is another good example when compared to the US pricing, especially for movie rentals and purchases. We actually use AutoCAD 2012 here at work but we don't need to pay ~$6000 each year. We just pay for each copy we need then pay an annual subscription to keep getting future versions for each licence for as long as you like so it's around $1100 a year per licence.
  15. It seems a Labour MP is spearheading a campaign to try to reduce what Australians pay for Technology & Software He is asking members of the public to send emails to retail@pc.gov.au with examples of how much we pay for items vs how much our overseas counter parts pay. I know I'll be emailing lots of examples and I hope some of you do the same. Here is a link to the article which is worth a read http://www.watoday.com.au/digital-life/dig...0922-1km3r.html
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