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  1. That last line is the truth and if subscribers would cut off foxtel citing the cost, it would drop quick smart. Everyone cut off your foxtel! :-)
  2. Ok people stop arguing or im turning this car around and going home and there will be no ice cream for anyone! :-) Seriously though, there is an issue with the new movie channels. The age had a poll here in melbourne on whether you were happy about the change. Of the 13000 who voted, some 11500 said no, thats many more than agree with my OP on this thread. Their facebook and twitter accounts got hammered and Foxtel got so many calls that they have now had to address the issue via the media. Clearly there is a problem. No amount of denying it on here will change that. Ill use this analogy again. If Coke has a problem with its suppliers and it meant that for a few months all 2lt bottles of coke would be sold half full, and over the next few months the bottles would slowly be filled to the top again, but continued to charge full price for the product in the mean time, would you still buy it??? OF COURSE NOT! Only a moron would. This is the same thing. Only for some reason there are people who are happy about it or cant see it as an issue. This happens all the time in the grocery world, its a price rise by stealth. Product A is sold for $3 and weighs 400gm. They cant raise the price because they know most people would not pay more than $3 for it. So they simply reduce the weight to 350gm. This saves them the same money they would have made by a price rise, but YOU end up with less and still have to pay $3 for it!!! This is exactly what foxtel has done.
  3. I think you will find he was talking about the premiere channel. And a 9 year old movie on premiere is just woefull
  4. And by the way timy, the reason foxtel have shifted to Genre based movie channels is to force full uptake of the movie package. Most customers had either Showtime or Movie network but not both. But even with having just one of those you got movies that covered all those genres. Now you have no choice but to get the full package to get the same choice as before, and yet its still not the same choice as before because there are less movies on at any one time, less content and you pay the same for it. If you or others are happy with that (seriously how could you be?) then you are just dumb.
  5. Well im glad that despite timy's consistent denial, there is clearly a real issue here and im certainly not the only one who is angry about it. By the way timy, i did disconnect my service over this, but your right most wont. Because there just is no other pay tv option. Seriously mate your the only one with an issue over this thread so perhaps you should stop reading it. Although the one thing i had not considered yet it you work for Foxtel!
  6. A forum will reflect on the topic of the day and its current standing. If people are complaining about foxtel a lot on this forum, then there are clearly issues at foxtel. Its no different on any other forum with any topic.
  7. What a horrible person you are minty. This is a forum. A forum for discussion of anything that falls into the category for which it was set up. I never understand why people like you come on to forums and tell other members what they can and can not discuss and when they should stop discussing a topic. If you don't agree with my thread by all means say so, but don't tell me or others what we can and can not say and don't you dare tell me its time to move on just because you have had enough of this thread. If you don't want to read this thread any more then don't! Piss off and leave the rest of us alone. This is a forum! Definition of forum noun (plural forums) 1a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged:
  8. No. "Foxtel confirmed that it is continuing negotiations with other major suppliers of movies and premium drama and looks forward to making further announcements early in 2013." Its confirmation from foxtel that they are giving you less of a product at full price from Jan 1! So they have reached agreements with a couple of the former MNC studios. There is no word on when that content will flow back on to the movie channels. It could be months. And the above statement also confirms that for at least the first 6 months of 2013, subscribers will be paying the same for less than what they have now. If your happy with that, good on you. I wish i had a half assed product to sell you at full price.
  9. I am looking through the january movie guide and ive noticed that movies are on more than one channel! Small soldiers is on family and action/adventure on the same day, just different times The look whos talking moves are on comedy and family across the month yes i can see these movie channels are going to be just wonderful......not
  10. thank you for posting that link, another piece too prove that my OP was right. So until they are all on board, we are getting shafted paying full price for movies!
  11. Thats because paramount is one of the studios that are part of the showtime PMP agreement. Its not one of the studios i listed as not being there. Also, as far as L.A. Confidential goes, just because a movie was made by warner, does not mean the rights are sill only held by warner. its common for rights be sold or become part of take overs. it was also made in partnership with another house.
  12. thats only for the on demand movies for which foxtel have always had a direct agreement with the movie houses for that. The on demand agreement is separate to the broadcast agreement as they are internet delivered. But as stated above, if no one believes me look at the jan guide, there are no MNC movies there. And all disney movies are going back to the disney channel.
  13. I have just had a very heated discussion with foxtel and managed to get the hidden truth out of the rep. Yes showtime and movie network are being replaced on 1st Jan with the new foxtel channels. There will be 9 channels +2 time shift. What they are not making known is that the only movies that will be shown are those that are currently available to foxtel from the showtime channels studios. Foxtel have bought out PMP (showtime) and thus the content agreements with those movie houses continues. Foxtel no longer has any agreement with movie network or the studio houses that are on it. So from the 1st Jan there will be no movie from Warner bros, MGM, Lionsgate, Roadshow, Starz, Touchstone, Mirimax and a few others. Foxtel will be filing out the new channels with movies from the current showtime movie studio houses. What this means for you and me is we will still be paying $32 per month for the movie package but there will be 7 less channels and far far less movies to pick from. All movies currently shown on Movie Network will not be there. The exception to this is Disney who will recommence showing movies on the Disney Channel. I have arranged for disconnection as this is crap! I will not pay the same money for less, or what it really is, is paying double for showtime movies rebranded. read it carefully, its foxtel saving money and trying to make out like its a good thing for customers.
  14. <p> </p><p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Won&#39;t happen. While i agree its easy to use, internet radio is limited in many ways. First of all most people do not have a smartphone. Second, most who do don&#39;t want to use it as a radio device, myself included. Data plans are no where near what they would need to be to use streaming radio on a mobile device, you would need at least 10gb a month to cover most peoples radio listening habits if the mobile was the only access point. Which brings the other issue, no internet - no radio! Slow internet - no radio . Radio waves are more far reaching and cheaper to maintain than a vast mobile network. Another big issue is battery life. With everything you do on your smartphone now, using it as a radio device as well will kill the battery even faster. And who wants to pay &nbsp;upwards of $700 for a phone to listen to the radio? Radio is and should be free. To have to have a data plan to receive radio on your mobile effectively makes it a subscription to a free service?! Makes no sense to me. Like all those who refuse to pay for foxtel but will pay for an internet connection costing about the same as foxtel so they can download inferior quality illegal movies/tv shows. Never understood that myself.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Try going to the MCG to an afl game with your mobile and listen to the radio broadcast on it, i bet you can&#39;t even connect to the data network because only so many people can ever connect to one tower. Traditional radio signals don&#39;t have that issue.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Having said all that i must admit i don&#39;t listen to the radio that much, never have LOL. I can&#39;t stand listening to some moron radio jock try to be funny to entertain me when they could be playing music, the core reason i listen! And then the ads ads ads ads its worse than tv. Recently i listened to the fox in melbourne (austereo) and in a 30 min block they played 3 songs!!! The rest was either &nbsp;morons trying to be funny or ads! &nbsp;i digress LOL</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>So i think internet radio has a place but i think it is and will always be a niche product.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;">&nbsp;</div>
  15. Knowing foxtel the next big thing will be a price rise.
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