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  1. In my opinion if you want a dual tuner that works perfectly then you can't go past either the DNTV 7164 or Hauppauge HVR-2200. I would also include the DNTV TinyTwin but you don't want an external tuner. cheers
  2. It was on all of them, our TV with built-in HDTV tuner, our old analog TV with STB as well as my computer with 4 tuners. None could pick up any of the ONE/TEN digital channels but TEN analog was fine. The goods news is that all are fine this morning. Would love to know the cause tho in case it happens again.
  3. I'll be the odd one out and totally agree with you. apart from Media center which is much better in Win 7, I don't think Win 7 is a must have upgrade if you have a stable install of Vista. Win 7 is a little prettier but that's about it. In this household Vista is stable on 5 machines. No hurry to upgrade.
  4. I'm in Brisbane. I was watching the NFL this afternoon on ONE HD when I got the dreaded "No Signal!". All other digital channels are fine. TEN analog is also fine. Anyone else in Brisbane experiencing this problem? cheers
  5. No idea if this is what you might be after but it is designed specifically to steam over a network http://www.hdhomerun.com.au/
  6. Mr Bitey, With DNTV Scheduler Pro you can use either EIT EPG, a 3rd Party EPG program eg epgstream or you can use a combination of both (I do). Excellent program that handles both digital and analogue TV.
  7. Actually I quite like VMC but then I only use it to watch Live TV and it does that with the default MS Mpeg2 decoders (which I find are great). For watching any other video i use PowerDVD 8 (it does come free bundled with most ATI video cards) and DNTV Scheduler Pro 2.0.5 beta to do all my recording (digital & analog TV). For me it works fine tho it is disappointing that VMC doesn't support PIP. cheers
  8. Have you tried using the DigitalNow program DNTV Live!? It's usually sold with the card as part of the package tho you can opt to buy the card without it.
  9. Have you updated to the latest drivers? I think they have a fix for this problem. The latest official Australian certified drivers are available from http://www.newmagic.com.au/support/Hauppau...ta_Drivers.html A later version (which I prefer) is available from http://www.wintvcd.co.uk/drivers/HVR-22x0_..._27086_WHQL.zip but use at your own risk.
  10. Usually "expandable" means increasing within the same device.
  11. Is it possible to add additional tuners to it or are you stuck with 2?
  12. Probably because Vista SP2 is still beta and not officially released yet.
  13. This is great news. It is definately one of the best freeware scheduling programs around. Personally I hope they combine resources with DigitalNow because IMO, DNTV Scheduler Pro 2.0.4 is the BEST scheduling program around with support for just about everything, not just digital. cheers
  14. interesting read Rob but like some of the others i need something to get rid of the ads so its VideoRedo TVS for me then drag and drop the resulting MPEG onto Dr Divx converter and presto I have a nice avi file I can play through my old divx compatible DVD player to the family TV. I doubt it would support .mkv files but the avi files are good enough for me and I can fit an entire TV series on one re-writeable dvd disk. But as you say it's all about choice and it does seem a nice option for the people that it suits. cheers
  15. Fair enough. Well that all seems clear enough. Thanks for all the feedback. I won't worry about it any further. cheers
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