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  1. In logitechs defence, I would love to know how many devices they have in the DB (easily 10000+ i would imagine), and how hard it would be to maintain them. The actual software itself is painfull in many regards to use, but when it comes down to needing to customise your remote to do exactly what you want it to do, it is a very powerfull tool. And to do what I told you to do above should take no more than 2-3 mins.
  2. Inego, the file list button was not in the harmony database from the onset so you load up harmony software, plug in your remote, go to customise buttons, and go to bottom and create a name for the command (say call it file play custom), then learn the button by pointing your TF remote at bottom of harmony, and then assign the fileplay custom command to a button on your remote (for example you're list key). Cheers Greg
  3. Hey mate, I used the aerial narrow 10 & 12 pnt fonts. If you like I can also give you my .ini file for my EPG layout, I think it really rocks! Justepg is awesome.
  4. Swordfish, BW's first entry into the PVR market was not at smooth as you remember maybe? They released the s1 and p1 with missing functionality that was advertised as features of the device. My memory fails me on details, but I remember a few firware released were needed to bring it up to scratch. You will remember things like padding were inadequate initially (maybe even missing). There were other things as well, googling back to 2007 would bring up more info I would think.
  5. It is a very good TAP in the end, JPP you are a legend. Spent probably 5 hours setting it up though, to get it just how I like it. So thumbs up to JustEPG for giving me something that is very usable and I am very happy with it, but all in all thumbs down to topfield for having no clue it seems. I reckon to get this PVR set up how it should be from the box, I spent 10+ hours customizing it and working out how to get it right in the first place. Nevermind, I deserved all this for not just sticking with the beyonwiz in the end. I was stupid in placing importance on the fact the topfield can record 4 channels across 2 streams where the BW can't, so this is the reason I went with the TF over the BW. In hindsight, considering I have 2 PVR's, the second BW would have given me enough flexibility all in all, no real need to have ability to record 4 channels over the 2 muxs. Cheers
  6. Forget about the transferring of fonts, I see it can't be done through the UI and usb stick, I used FTP and works fine.
  7. I tried the JustEPG interface, but found it a bit on the ugly side, but liked the idea for sure. I tried to install fonts to sharpen it up a bit, but could not work out how to get the fonts on the toppy. I created a Fonts folder in settings folder, and renamed the fonts to 10.fnt and 12.fnt and tried to copy them over from usb stick, but the .fnt files do not show up when I view contents of USB, I can only see the tap file for JustEPG. Any ideas? How do I get the fonts onto the toppy for JustEPG to use them? Cheers
  8. Yes it is, as well as accessing it from guide- > reservations. But it should be a dedicated menu to access from a button on the remote IMO, or like on the BW through popup button, where you can conveniently modify/delete currently recording shows all in one place. I can't seem to find a similar way to modify currently recording shows on the toppy, is there a function to do this or is this another long winded way or doing things. Currently it looks like I have to change to the channel that is recording and then press the record button to shorten or extend the recording. Cheers Greg
  9. Have a BW DP-P1, excellent device which has never missed a beat. I use IceTV relgiously for setting my recordings and for the EPG. We have had problems with too many conflicts lately for shows we really don't want to miss, so I decided to get another PVR and chose a Topfield 2400 this time around for a bit of fun. Well that was the theory. It is lacking in some pretty basic functions to be honest. The BW might not be the nicest of interfaces, but at least the basics are down pat. Firstly I can't believe that there is no timer list on the Topfield! What the hell were they thinking? Problem solved with TMSTimer. Thanks to whoever wrote that TAP, thumbs up! Secondly, the default skip functions of the device are terrible. One option setting for skipping? No specific settings for time forward/back, and no ability to set secondary smaller skip intervals? Once again, where are topfield getting their devs from? Thanks to the dev of jdaSkip, problem solved by another 3rd party TAP. But the real problem with the topfield is to do with another very basic function of a PVR, the EPG. What a butchers job. The FTA EPG is ok I suppose, except the fact you can't set a recording by pressing rec on a show that is already commenced. Also, whenever you are looking forward in time (say the next day) and you hit a blank in the EPG for which there is no info filled in the stupid EPG drops back to current time/day. Why? This is a simple interface navigation bug, should have been fixed immediately, or even better never let through in the first place. Makes me angry every time it happens. But the FTA EPG is not relevant to me as I want to use IceTV....but When it comes to using IceTV, and this is the biggest downside for me personally, you can't select a channel to watch from the EPG at all! WTF!!! So I have to manually enter the channel in when dropped back to viewing, can't select channel to watch from the EPG. This is the primary way that we surf channels, go into EPG see what currently on, select channel and drop out to watch the show. Why have Topfield neglected such basic functions for a PVR? I know people will tell me I can see what is on NOW/NEXT and scroll through all the channels using the info bar at the bottom of the screen, but that is not acceptable, this is sloppy programming from TF's devs side, they should be ashamed with themselves. All in all, I am dissapointed with Topfield, and I feel like I am using something in early beta. Maybe Beyonwiz have spoiled me for too many years with their simple, almost ugly interface that just works, and works well. I hope I don't start to see any issues with dropped services, failed timers etc that others are seeing on their Topfields, fingers crossed on that one. Apparently a lot of the EPG issues I have listed above are being rectified in the next firmware, but when is this expected to be rolled out, considering the last FW release was May? Oh, and on a minor note (for some maybe not so minor), the included remote for the 2400 is so cheap and ugly!! The buttons have this harsh tacky click to them that makes the hairs stand up on my back, and whats with the white/silver/grey look? The remote for me is in the drawer never to be used again, I use a harmony universal thankfully. I remember the days when BW used us as beta testers, but this was years ago, and all was made good pretty quick. But years on and a company like Topfield are releasing junk UI's like this still????? I honestly can't see why Topfield is up there as 2nd or 3rd highest selling PVR on the market in Australia. Cheers
  10. sorry if they have been mentioned already, but Monitor Audio are very much worth a listen, and punch well for their price bracket. A very nice clean sounding speaker. Cheers
  11. dr rod, did you set up the Tannoy or the Monitor speakers? Would really appreciate any more feedback you have on them if you have time to play around a bit more with them. Where do you work btw> Thanks mate Cheers greg
  12. Hi, I am looking to buy some mains at a sort of budget level, and was looking at the Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom's as a possible buy. What are your guys opinions on them for something for me to start off with? I was also looking at the Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 speakers. Between the two, which model/brand would you all go with. I intend to go down this weekend and have a listen to them both so I can draw my own opinion from an audition, but just throwing it out there for opinions anyway. Regards
  13. thanks for that guys. Will check them out
  14. Hi there, I am over the east side of melbourne, in blackburn. Where would be the best hi fi joint to go and test out speakers? I would like a place that has a great selection of brands and configurations so that I can get a decent idea of what is available. Thanks for any suggestions. Greg
  15. Pretty impressive, ordered them yesterday at midday, received them today at midday. Good stuff Thanks
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