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  1. Any idea how much it will cost to post to Perth?
  2. I still have mine purchased more than 10 years ago. Fantastic AVR in its day.
  3. Hi What suburb are you located? Interested to grab off you if you are SOR?
  4. Guys, Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I have read all the posts. I like the look of this Embertech Smart Switch, might order one to play with At this stage, I am definitely leaning towards getting the Elektra Theatre 7 even though it is rather old at 16 years of age! I am uncertain about the Class D amp, mainly due to lack of experience. Also, didn't like the comment I read somewhere that the Rotel RMB-1575 may be a bit lacking or weaker in bass response? I don't particularly like bass heavy music, nor do I listen to such genre of music, but I figured I still want good bass response for all the action movies. If I do end up getting the Elektra, I will most likely still keep the Rotel RB-1080, and just sell the RB993. In fact, I still have a RB991 gathering dust somewhere in the house or shed!
  5. I did think of doing this but I haven't come across any suitable one? In fact, I even went as far as ordering one on the Jaycar website, only to get a cancellation email for it literally the next day. This was last year. I haven't tried since then
  6. Can I please ask if anyone knows the power output of a 2004 built Elektra Theatre 7??
  7. As I am not able to audition these two power amp in person, I like some opinions from some fellow HT enthusiasts here that has experience with either amp. My current setup consists of an Onkyo RZ-820 AVR with 5.1 pre-outs to the following 2 x Paradigm Studio 100 v5 Fronts (driven by a 2x200W Rotel RB-1080) 1 x Paradigm Studio CC690 v5 Centre (driven by a 3x200W Rotel RB-993) 2 x Equinox Apherion Rears (driven by a 3x200W Rotel RB-993) For completeness, the HT setup is actually a 5.1.2 with the two ATMOS speakers directly connected to the Onkyo AVR. I am mostly into movies, and I am literally a movie junkie as I watch all genres. What has annoyed me with my current setup is the older RB-993 does not have 12V trigger, so I am having to turn it on manually. So although I do like the sound of the two Rotel, I find myself looking out for an equivalent single 5x200W power amp (must have 12V trigger!) to replace them over the years. The two amps I have always wanted has been the Emotiva XPA5 and the Rotel RMB-1095 but unfortunately both power amps have eluded me either due to seller refusing to ship interstate to Perth, or they are expensive. My budget is about $1500 for a second hand unit. Last week, I started checking on the forum again, and found two sellers on the forum have the Elektra Theatre 7 and Rotel RMB-1575. Both sellers are willing to ship to Perth. Now I know the Rotel RMB-1575 is a Class D amp but I have no prior experience with this type of amp, nor do I know if it pairs well with my 3x Paradigm Front speakers. @betty boop: I have read your review of the Elektra Theatre 7 from more than 10 years ago, and will appreciate it if you can clarify whether it is a 7x150w, or a 7x185w power amp as many seems to suggest? Based on the serial number on the photo, the Elektra Theatre 7 being offered was made in 2004. For discussion purpose, let's assume both amp are priced the same. Can anyone offer insights to which amp they would choose and why, if they are in my position? Last but not least, not buying either amp, and continue to wait for either an used Emotiva XPA5 or a Rotel RMB-1095 to show up on the forum is also an option??? I have already waited many years after all.
  8. Hi there, interested in your amp but like to know if you would post to Perth. Sent you a PM to discuss further.
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