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  1. Heroes wasn't in 5.1 in Perth last night..
  2. And the audio is stuffed. No dialogue at all - like they're meant to be broadcasting 5.1, but its only being broadcast as 2/0 with the other channels completely missing instead of prologic encoded.. Bring back the old NIne Perth owners!
  3. Boston Legal last night (May 5th) was in 5.1 for first time? Channel 7 really is giving it to the others as far as audio is concerned....
  4. Watch it on the SD channel. Its upscaled anyway so no point watching on the HD channel.
  5. Hi All, Couldn't find a thread anywhere else on this, but 7's advertising for the Olympics has the voiceover "7's High Definition Coverage of the Olympics". .. going to be interesting to see what we get.
  6. Ultimate Access on 7HD is in 5.1 again (Niagra Falls). Edit: as is the next show, Break It Down.
  7. It's your TV that's adding the channels/lcn's you've removed not Channel 7, so the phrase "pulsing their portfolio onto my tuner" or "selecting their various Channels as favourites" is a furphy. Talk to your TV manufacturer.
  8. You getting anything in the rear channels anthony, or is it just a few of us hearing nothing?
  9. I'm not hearing anything much (if anything) in the rear channels either - certainly no crowd noises at all.
  10. Commentators mentioned today that it's going to be in 'Surround Sound'... so you would hope!
  11. Bit loose with the language at the end LOL. The guy with the censor button was a bit.. early haha.
  12. IceTV has just sent out an email pretty much saying that if you have a PVR that has a 30 second skip button or FF over 60x, you can't use the 'Free EPG'.... .. I'm sure their email is bordering on the illegal by making such claims without proof or substantiation..
  13. Just noticed this didn't show as HD in my IceTV EPG.. perhaps they were sceptical
  14. Watching it in Perth at the moment and its in 5.1, and sounds quite awesome..
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