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  1. Thos MCap supremes will be a very nice upgrade over the stock mundorfs..
  2. Kia'ora Bro! Choice site eh! Welcome.
  3. Awesome rig. The asking $ alone is the price of the speakers themselves. Think of it this way...you get a world class dac and pre for free Ps - benchpressing near the cx4s is pretty gutsy!
  4. Lov it Joe! New place...new room..new gear! Looking forward to see how your system has evolved!
  5. Looks good! Hope the listening room has been upgraded too
  6. Can highly recommend the sennheiser ambeo.. does all the above really well with the bonus of atmos. Goes low but if you partner it with a decent sub, its unreal.
  7. Agreed, i had to send back 2 of the same album years ago.. first one was way to warped,..and the second was quite noisy on certain parts of the track. The owner of the store was not a happy camper..said i damaged the second record etc..
  8. Sorry to hear @eman about your records. Good quality vintage pressings are nearly unobtainable as they go for crazy prices as a collectors item. These days i rarely have enough coin to get hold off good pressings, so my journey with vinyl is on hold for the moment. So what ever records that i have in my current collection (just over a 100) is stored well.
  9. A no holds barred response..lol but spot on. Yeah its not a cheap option to get in, cost of a decent tt, arm, cart, phonostage and then to start a collection.... some would call this a money pit, but there's something magical in those grooves and also taking the time to appreciate an album. Like metal beat said, take the time to research and buy quality vinyl, and also to have a decent setup to enjoy whats on offer. Like everything else, its a journey to be enjoyed the way through.
  10. Just back from my holiday. Probably just best that you do the time and listen to the preamp and let the caps burn in naturally through the hours put on the pre., The MP pre has 2 sets of outputs. Can use one set of outputs to a seperate headphone amp and listen through that. HNY to you too.
  11. And you would be right. I keep forgetting that this thread is about the preamp and not the MP dac that im playing around with atm. My bad
  12. @progladyte Many thanks Sir! this has been a wealth of info for me to start off. I have been watching Mr Peacocks youtube vids on solar, and that has been very informative. Yes, there's too many shysters around. Recently an electrician who was doing a light globe swap over to led's did as part of the vic govt green energy program, visited my place. He tried to sell me a solar system and bagged the next door neighbor's install. He couldnt change over all the globes as there were some of the outdoor lamp cover was a bit too tight for his screwdriver... so i asked just use your
  13. Mundorf caps apparently take ages to break in, but then again, most high quality caps do. Perhaps try running them in on repeat without the volume dialed in over night for a few days and see if you noticed a change.
  14. Great readup! I recently moved and the power bill over the last 2 months scared me, just pipping over $250. Neighbour just recently installed 25 panel 6.6kw system and this has given me some though about doing the same to. Its a new ballgame now since i last had solar in my old place - 3.5kw 14 panel system. I'm in melb so if anyone has any recommended installers, pls pm me .
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