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  1. I wonder if this was corrected on v2 of the preamp, I'll ask Garry the designer. I remember reading this elsewhere too but cant confirm. Yes the chassis is quite big, surprisingly big for a phonostage and seems well ventilated even with the lid on, but i was trying to diagnose the issue, the lid was mostly kept off. As i bought this second hand, the cap was probably on its way out, as it was fine for a few days and then started to hum. I thought it was the tubes at first, but couldnt pin point it until i got the replacement caps, which arrived today for me to confirm the issu
  2. Hey @Lars V - Welcome. I hope that the MK4 will have the ability to cap roll, im not a fan of those Obbligatos, but they do the job well.
  3. Wow..been away from the thread for a week and all these new content arrived.. @demoiree and @muon* So true, sometimes i wonder if the V1 and V2 sect's biased high to keep the compatibility greater to support different types of tubes? Hope someone with good tech knowledge can chime in. Also on another note for those cap rolling here. One of my right channel caps went bad (hum)on my MP-P2 phonostage, i couldnt resolve it until i got some new 1uf's in to test them out. Bye bye Mundorf SIO ...you loved me and left me dry..
  4. Better late then never! Just saved some coin on a new 4k tv.
  5. On all accounts the Topping E30 is highly regarded for not much...$210? I have one and its not a bad unit for what it is. Also, has a preamp function built in, so fix the output from the pc and manage the volume through the dac.
  6. End game system - RRP of those CX4's mk2s are worth alone the asking $$ here.
  7. Wow expensive ..but the good one's usually are .
  8. Not sure if you spoke to Clay from @Gieseler Audio yet?
  9. Entry level subs - Svs or Klipsch would be my pick, the former tend to come up fs more often. Ported/sealed should be a diff, but ported is more efficient to go lower and most subs these days have some sort of dsp in play to control the output/curve. As @hopefullguy mentioned above, play the waiting game and get one second hand off the classifieds.
  10. Agreed in that order, shielding, low capacitance for long runs, material (silver/copper), build quality and then last - look/bling factor. I find it very hard to personally justify the cost of cables over a couple of hundred dollars, but in this hobby, how deep is your wallet to chase that last 5% of performance.....
  11. Nice pick up..would have grabbed this if was in Melb.
  12. Nothing wrong with the stock obblis. Keep them and sort out the rectifier first, then look at caps. I think you get better mileage that way if i were to do it all again.
  13. Hey @Ram18 same here, like the sound to be dynamic, but the mids, highs need to be smooth, not etched. Not sure if you upgraded your caps yet, but if you still have the Obbligs, then i think you will get that type of sound signature since we have the same output tubes on the preamp. Mine's not Sylvanias, they're philips miniwatt.
  14. @DrMikeOz Yes i did, but it was subtle. I added it in stages, initially on the 0.33ufs, listened for a day or two, then over to the 1uf's. I've added them all around now, both in the preamp and phono. But if someone going down this route, i'd say dont worry unless you're chasing that last 5%. That being said, in a month's time, i'll roll back your original caps and see if there is a difference there.
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