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  1. @R-Y74 no, I plagiarized tntman's pic on how the bypass caps are installed. Will take pics of mine later today and post.
  2. I have ordered 8 bypass caps, will test out and report once i get them and run them in for a while.
  3. @R-Y74 just on the couplings. I havent put any on the power filter and after a discussion with Garry, he said the power filter caps are there to trap any residual offset DC that spill over from the filtering that existing array of power caps filter. Thats why you can use a range from 0.01uf to 10uf max and in any combi as well.
  4. 👌 indeed @tntman - Since i've been playing around with caps, tubes etc, i havent screwed the lid on since. Zero issues whatsoever. Also, thanks to @tntman i love my new set of Philips 5AS4's in the phono, They're cheap, and sounds better than most of the rectifier's i have in my stash, they sound right to me and my taste. Ooh..Cossor 53ku..need to seek out that one as ive heard good reports on them.
  5. @R-Y74 Was skeptical too at first but it was installed on my MP-P2 phonostage and after listening to them with and without the bypass, it was noticeable. But think of it as icing on the cake and its the absolute last thing to be done.
  6. @tntman and @DrMikeOz - Yep, that Cornell Dubilier 0.01uf bypass cap worked a treat!. It adds that last bit of MSG to the highs!
  7. Further information: Parks Audio Puffin phono pre amp bought mid June 2020. Very versatile unit, this one doesnt have the SPDIF mod, but apparently can be done easily. Spoke to Shannon and he said mine had the newer dsp board which can do 24/96khz spdif out with the mod. Lots of positive reviews and i can easily see why. The tilt, air, 2H tube harmonics were the best and most useful for me, certainly added some nice, rich harmonics (aka mimic that tube sound) to whatever device you connect it to. Can also be used as a line pre amp. Comes with everything, including the usb cable for firmware updates, as you would get when purchasing new including box. Plus i have thrown in an IFi Audio 12vdc low noise power supply as a bonus. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  8. Another useful video from @ferdzb - thanks for posting and sharing this. Very useful insight to others tube rolling on the preamp.
  9. Congrats @Gieseler Audio Clay! :) Another awesome product indeed by the looks of it. From memory when i had the Klein III usb + Kraftwerk psu, in my rig, it gave a very smooth, well balanced sound and the bass was punchy! The new Kompakt would be in another league altogether.
  10. Hey @Ram18. Do this. When the system is on, just turn up the volume on the preamp to you normal listening loudness. Without playing any music, sit at your listening position, listen out if you can hear any audible hiss from the speakers.
  11. Yep..no smaller than 75 at 4m distance away. As @Mpr_65 pointed out above, you cant go wrong with both..
  12. Haha.. welcome to the club of cap rolling. They're big but well worth it imo. Yes, swapping out the stock caps does yeild a lower noise floor, the tube noise is also lowered by quite a bit.
  13. At worst case, i'll probably end up getting a new PC-2000 pro and add one later on when funds permit.
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