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  1. To my annoyance 7 and 9 are running huge permanent advertising of their own shows next to their watermarks which is 5 times the size of the logo. What next? a continuous running text at the bottom of the screen. Those stupid pop up ads when the program resumes is annoying enough without this continuous blot on the screen as well.
  2. The movie Madagascar was another recent channel 7 victim of this. The stupid thing was that 7 in their wisdom promoted Madagascar 2 right over the end credits of Madagascar 1. It went on for ages. What an insult! I can read a programme guide, I can use an EPG, and I don't need or appreciate this kind of needless promotion. Channel 7, this kind of self promotion is the height of futility.
  3. Some TV channels think that promoting their own TV shows is so damn important that as soon as a movie ends they squash the movie credits to the bottom of the screen (totally unreadable) and blast you with loud promos for their own TV shows. I am completed p*ssed off at this point and stop watching. I like to enjoy the end credits as this is a time to reflect on the movie and enjoy the end sound track. Nothing worse than just watching a very moving movie with an emotional and delicate ending and then immediately get hit over the head with these stupid and needless program promotions which rob you of enjoying the end of the movie. It’s totally pointless and fricking annoying. At the movie theatre I always sit through the entire credits. Was doing this before “A Bugs Life” which I recall most of the people at the theatre had left and missed all the great pretend outtakes. There are many movies that have bits during the credits or at the end of the credits. So TV programmers, STOP spoiling the end of movies with your self-promotion crap.
  4. I'm with DM dave. I've also been using a twin tuner PVR since May 2005 and from then on have recorded to watch later 99.99% of my TV viewing. Even live sports like the Bathurst I will watch in chase play so that while a little behind live TV you have the convenience of jumping back to review footage or pause to get a drink or have a toilet break or stretch your legs and not miss any live action. Brilliant! I also like not being a slave to channel programing and being able to jump through endless ad breaks. I often wake in the middle of the night and watching a bit of TV helps me get back to sleep. Before PVRs I was stuck with idiots flogging the latest exercise gadet and a like. But since getting a PVR I record many SBS movies to watch when I wake at night. Reading subtitles helps tire you out and get sleepy again. I'm now on my third PVR which is the Topfield TF2400 which has been the best so far. Lately we have the PVR to record the evening news every night as we do not get to sit down to watch TV until the news has started or is over. This way we can choose to watch the news when we want to. Plus jump forward over them uselessly telling you what is coming up after the ad break. Who cares just get on with it!
  5. I noticed this thread had gone dead since I last looked when I was considering replacing my old Topfield. I've used a Toshiba J35 and Topfield TF7000HD PVRt and both had their annoying problems. Oct 2010 I purchased the TF2400 and so have used it now for a few months and though I’d report my views. So far it has worked perfectly and is a definite improvement on the TF7000 which was a bit flaky at times. The FTA EPG works pretty good and loads very fast compared to the TF7000 which was extremely slow to load and you needed to tune in to each transponder for several minutes for the EPG to fill. So I can say for recording TV to watch back later this PVR does the job very well. I loaded the jdkskip tap to enhance the jump forward/back function and this works a treat. I have 30s jump forward and a 10s jump back buttons set on the remote so that you can quickly jump through ads and if you jump too far use the 10s jump back. I use a Logitech 600 universal remote to control TV and Topfield and so don’t need to use the devices two remotes. Very convenient. I have the TF2400 connected to my home network via Ethernet and I’ve used the FTP feature to transfer files to and from the TF2400 and my computer and this works very well. I know a lot of Topfield users had their doubts about going Topfield again because some previous units had been a bit crappy, but I can say that the TF2400 seems to be doing quite well and that is why there is not much talk on the forums about this model.
  6. I think the high rating of this show could in no way possibly be sustained and believe the high ratings for the two shows were purely built on curiosity and fond feelings nostalgia. I recorded both shows to watch later purely to see how bad the show could be. I managed to survive the first show but I got about 10 minutes into the 2nd show and was sick of Darryl’s non-stop yapping on about nothing. BOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGG! For God sake Darryl just shut the f*#K up and let some of the others on the show actually be involved. I got fed up and FF through Darryl’s blah blah and only watched the bits when he was not talking. That cut the 3 hour show down to about 10 minutes. I am glad there was a huge fuss about the Jackson 5 skit because hopefully it will dash all possibilities of this show and Darryl Somers returning to TV. His sucking up to Harry was just plain sicking. If any of you think Hey Hey was entertaining then maybe you need to tune into repeats of The Sideshow on ABC to experience some real variety TV. 10 minutes of The Sideshow is way more entertaining than 3 hours of Darryl’s dribble. YES, ABC TV I am sure you may have heard of it. Press 2 on your remote and try it.
  7. I called the Panasonic help line and was served within a very reasonable time. I was told to change the HDMI setting from 16:9 to 4:3. He said that despite this being an odd setting to change it should ensure the problem is eliminated from all future recordings. As the problem was random it will take a while to see if it has fixed the problem.
  8. Yeah, I noticed that too. I like SBS movies so it made it dead easy to set the Panny to record them.
  9. That is good to hear. Obviously much better than the 7000 EPG which can leave some channels completely blank. I am begining to think the 2400 maybe worth trying.
  10. I've been playing with a Panasonic EX79 and found an issue I have been unable to resolve. When I play back some recordings from the HDD that are made from FTA TV some have a squeezed aspect. Not 4:3 To explain - the program being played back is 16:9 and Plasma is set for FULL (16:9) however the recording playback image is squeezed up so people look thin with black bands at the side like 4:3. I've gone through all the EX79 settings many times and everything is set to 16:9. If I press the DISPLAY button on the EX79 remote the image widens to 16:9 width and stays that way while the DISPLAY info is on screen but as soon as you exit that it reverts back to squeezed. In navigator I use the table listing (rather than thumbnail) for the recordings so it shows a preview to one side of the recording list and that shows the program as 16:9 OK. The only work around that I could find was to change the Plasma aspect from 16:9 to WIDE. HDMI between EX79 and Panasonic. Any clues?
  11. Yeah, the Panasonic EX79 has all channels populated for 7 days full days. I just checked it and with today being the 21st all channels filled up to and including 27th. It allowed me to go to the 28th and no further, and on that day some holes start to appear which we can assume is because the info has not been posted yet. I also noticed that the EX79 EPG comes up immediately filled, but each time I hit up the 7000 EPG it takes 10-15 to populate each time even if you had just looked at it and then gones stright back to it again. So interested to know if the 2400 EPG has a lag time.
  12. Thanks Dams I had a look at the EPG 2400 image on that forum and I see what you mean. Good to know that 2400 EPG can show just your favourite channels. In that image it looks like he is using IceTV not FTA EPG. So am I right in thinking you are using FTA EPG and that is working OK and populating a full 7 days on all channels?
  13. Hello David If you are a music lover and want a Music player that works brilliantly then the SONOS system is the one to get. I've had mine for a few years now and it is still a delight to use. It is effortless to use and JUST works with out any bother. One of the very best thought out gadgets I've ever seen. It was expensive but soooooo worth it. regards J
  14. That's a lot of timers to do manually. I used to do mine manually but then found the EPG was working better (with earlier FW) and if you press the red button it changes the EPG format to something more useable. But as I said with 1.00.10 FW the EPG has big holes in it so you can do some timers via the EPG and the rest manually. Using the EPG I press Record button twice and that brings up the timer settings so you can modify to allow for over runs etc.
  15. Thanks for the response but not sure if it answers the question. Let me clarify. I found on the Panasonic EX79 that whatever channels I have put in my favourites list are the ones that show up in the EPG and in the order that I set. This makes recording selection via the EPG very convenient because all the channels I usually record from are shown all on the one screen without scrolling In contrast the Topfield 7000 only shows 4 I tried to imbed images but no luck so use the links. You can see that the 7000 EPG is crap compared to the EX79 EPG compare 7000 vs. EX79
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