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  1. For that price you can get a sony hw40es, far better than epson8000 or panasonic is another option. I have seen tauris screens in BPP, they looks alright, for $150 i say dont think twice.

    Not sure you are comparing apples with apples, talking about the tw6600 and price is around $2,300 street price. Sony street price is around $3300.

    What is BPP, have never seen Tauris screen for that cheap...?

  2. Hi all

    Haven't been active here for a long time. Time for some upgrades on my HT and was looking at replacing my Pana projector with the Epson EH-TW6100.

    Was just browsing the Espon website and I have now seen what appears to be a new model - EH-TW6600, which seems higher spec and not that much extra dollars. Is this a new model and is there any info as I don't recall seeing them before. I can't find any other info anywhere. Might explain why some retailers have dropped their price for the 6100 to under $2,000.

    Also, does anyone have any experience or feedback on Tauris screens? I can get my hands on an unopened one that has been in storage for about 6 years for $150.


  3. pfft Griffin got embarased by silva.

    those wins by jardine must have been when he was a bit younger, he's looking very slow these days

  4. So can anyone beat Velasques in the heavy weights? He certainly looks very fit and fast.

    Also, when did Jardine ever win a fight? I've only seen him get knocked out.

  5. as far as I can tell UFC countdown is just a build up with inteviews, there's no fighting.

    The Penn v sanchez countdown is on now, is ONE HD going to actually show the fight?

    Was that 21st Nov fight on ONE HD? I record all of them and didn't see it unless it was on a different night than usual

  6. This is now regular viewing on Thursdays. Really getting back into this competition. It looks good. Could be better, but it's HD at least.

    That Penn is a legend.

    Anyone know what happened to the Ortiz v Griffin fight, I swear it hasn't been on but they were advertising it on the last UFC Countdown and I know they have fought already.

    Getting addicted to this.

    These guys have so much skill

  7. Did anyone notice some weird things going on with last night's episode?

    A few seconds after and before the ads the contrast was being sucked out of the whole broadcast.

    It was as if the contrast was being turned up so the blacks were all grey.

    So the ads would finish and about 5 seconds in, the whole picture changes to this ugly looking 'grey'

    Did anyone notice this?

  8. I reckon there's still a lot of old myths around for projector use.

    I've turned on and off my project within a few minutes many times.

    I've had powerblackouts and lamp didn't blow because it wasn't colled by the fan.

    I used to clean my filter every week. I haven't cleaned the filter for about 2 years now.

    I'm still on the original lamp at 2100 hours 4 years later.

  9. With movies dissappearing from Friday and Sunday evenings on free to air television, I am also someone that is hoping that 7's new SD channel will be a movie channel. There could even be different themes / genres for different evenings of the week like comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, retro etc. On the other hand, I think this is all too good to be true! Wishful thinking on my part.

    "Seven said there would be some branded content but would announce details in the coming month."

    Branded content? Hmmm.....doesn't sound much like movie content to me.

    I agree, movie channel is what's missing

    We have a sports, kids and entertainment channel with Go!

    Someone must bring out a movie channel

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