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  1. the narrow band laceys.tv antenna probably referred to by 'tazzie2heads' can be seen here frequency response traces for it and its cousin matched to the continuing aussie tv bands can be seen here this was an e-newsletter from them which can be subscribed to here and links to past ones are visible down the page laceys.tv ship nationally daily, but in cooma a laceys.tv reseller is apa
  2. dear viewer, you seek to simplify something that really is not: installers charge widely varying prices which can be related to their level of skill and experience, demand and supply often an installer will be experienced in one field with little in the other the mount required for a satellite dish must be significantly more robust than that for an antenna - if it moves even slighly the service is lost only 1 polarity is presently required for VAST but should 2 be required or any program from the opposite polarity, twin lnb switch and wiring is required which effectively doubles the bill of materials - 2 wires everywhere and a multiswitch, unless you can find a quad lnb and have no more than 4 points - plus they cost a bomb you could choose TV's with embedded VAST receivers which turns any cost comparison on its head the consumer wants to value everything down to the last dollar, but you are pricing a service in an unregulated industry here so it really is not so easy
  3. you are close to coffs, have you been to laceys.tv in orlando st? ian has a lot of local experience and antennas etc. that work where others don't. the digital signal is remarkably robust, you might be surprised what can be done with quality gear.
  4. you might like to have a look at http://online.laceys.tv/products/dat103, a new firmware version has added an echo function and improved mer ber precision.
  5. a couple of points: polarity: DAB+ is vertical whilst Band 3 TV is horizontal. take care when swinging an antenna to v that the masting is well clear of the antenna so it doesn't detune it. antenna: Fracarro ANT3030810 is a 1/2 band 3 antenna made with the Philips / French mechanics, that is a little better focused frequency wise on Australian DAB+ than the more common all band 3 antennas. it is easily installed vertically and has gotten some pretty interesting results for DAB+ in some terrible spots.
  6. billy777, sounds like you might need to talk to peter lacey.
  7. comparisons of various meters aside, extremely good mer ber with glitching and synchronized ru errors sounds a lot like impulse noise, which needs 1/ careful attention to antenna type (impedance match) cable quality and terminations and then 2/ tracking and suppression! tricky, maybe - easy no.
  8. please sweep a kingray edge amp - the filtering might be a help in blocking gsm right now but lte? some argue some filtering is better than none - disagree! for now most wouldn't know because lte isn't up yet. with only 9mhz between the top of the new tv band and the lte handset band, effective filters built into mast amplifiers appear a pipe dream at this stage.
  9. they've just released a new version with 12 or 24v power and a new name DAT103
  10. there are a lot of places and ways corrosion occurs, but are we talking about corrosion attributed to the passage of a small ac or dc current?
  11. perhaps the idea that that dc supplies cause corrosion is an issue that has hung around from the days of flat ribbon feeder. a bigger issue imho is that few mast amps seem to have any voltage regulation. there is no regulation in the power supplies mentioned either, so ac or dc mast amp reliability has relied on the stability of the mains voltage! practically hasn't been a problem, but any spikes etc. are passed to the amp. laceys.tv has had an interesting solution for the last year or so, tiny switchmode dc supplies. over a wide input voltage range they give no more or less than the required dc voltage and many spike incidents are smoothed. being smaller they look better, but they have some points of difference in their injectors too with even a couple of unique male to female f connector versions. these can be seen on pages 42 (43) of the flipping book catalogue at http://online.laceys.tv/pages/catalogue
  12. labgear dat102 seems an interesting meter for its price, think the source is http://online.laceys.tv/collections/handheld/products/dat102
  13. ok, canuck eh's content was edited - how about editing your vitriolic post alanh?
  14. what are you trying to say? narrow band antennas must do a better job of rejecting the dangerous lte 4g signal than all band antennas. fracarro has been successful in this sector in australia for a long time and some of those products will suit the new channel groups much better than what you propose. of course the overall technical requirements in australia differ from europe and most other countries - so the numbers don't always translate. regret that brings me to one of our old sticking points; until you put some of these products on a meter and do some comparative testing, you will not understand. this thread was about uhf antennas, now you change it to include band 3. fracarro has 5 different all band 3 antennas on the australian market with perhaps 20 other narrow band b3 models - see catalogue page 12: http://www.laceys.tv/files/files/catalogue/CAT105_FINAL_D1_lowres.pdf page 11 shows the very band 3 phased arrays you mention. don't bucket it because it doesn't mention the post switch off channel groupings - its last years book. last word?
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