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  1. Except that you won't be able to power it via USB. 2.5" drives are the only ones that draw a small enough amount of power such that you can run them from the power that a USB port provides.
  2. There aren't any, 1.5TB is the biggest 2.5" drive currently available.
  3. The facebook page is claiming the SD will still be available. So they would end up with 3SD + 1 HD and block-o-vision on all if that were the case. If you have a look here - http://imgur.com/rnHfm.png - you will see that the streams that 7, 70 & 71 point to are all the same.
  4. From what I gather 44 Adelaide are stuck using an S-Video connection as their final output for the time being, which would explain it.
  5. 7 is all you need. 70 is just a redirect to 7 so they will always be identical (I imagine the 70 LCN might be removed at some point down the track).
  6. Getting upscaled channel 9 instead of GEM in Adelaide at the moment. Something to do with the NRL later maybe?
  7. 480kbps here in Adelaide. GEM on the other hand has ~1.3-1.5Mbps.
  8. They don't have a choice, they are required to broadcast the main channel in SD.
  9. Any ideas why Nine is running ~1.3Mb/s of null packets?
  10. Has 7mate broadcast any native HD yet? Currently getting a very soft looking Death at a Funeral in Adelaide (was in HD last time it was broadcast from memory).
  11. I have a KWorld 399U running on Win 7 Pro x64. Can be had for ~$70 and I've never had any problems with it (using it with TV Scheduler Pro).
  12. Is this any different to standard Cat5e (other than the colour)? Or do they just up the price because they can?
  13. Latest American Dad and Scrubs are HD.
  14. KWorld DVB-T 399U - Cheap, works well (on Win 7 x64 at least, haven't tried any other OS). Can't comment on included software though as I've never used it.
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