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  1. I will no longer be discussing this pending the legal action now instigated against me. I made no acusation against yorac. I have stayed 100 miles from him since the falling out. If anyone believed my comments where directed at him, then I apologise for them feeling that way, that was not my intent. Given it is now clear I will not be allowed to post on this forum (again, this is not an accusation against yorac, let me make that 100% clear), this is my last post. I apologise for any heartache or damage to caused to Yorac and his reputation.
  2. No point other than to make an ugly situation uglier. I know some find forum arguments entertaining, but I do not. So let's move on, leave personal stuff behind, leave the past in the past and the off topic in the off topic forum. It's so much better when the blu-ray forum is about blu-ray and not ego's.
  3. Custom HT was recommended as a supplier to approach by members of this forum who wanted a gb for region free players. I appreciate the comments but no one needs to defend me. This "Sophie" is not a part of the Custom HT gb. Best to ignore this one. It's just looking to stir up trouble and feels posting under this new name will somehow grant it some credibility. The language used has already given it away. Let karma sort this one out.
  4. LPCM, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA should all sound the same but sometimes don't. Some setups seem to favor one over the other on some releases but not on others. I can only guess it has something to do with additional processing done on some mixes, but really it's just guess work. I have some releases where all the lossless tracks sound the same and others where there are clear differences. Go figure.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments guys. They are truly appreciated but not needed. I've gotten a lot out of the forum over the years (both good and bad). Trying to organise the two gb's was my way of trying to give a bit back. So no thanks neccessary. It is just unfortunate the way the overseas gb has turned out for so many involved.
  6. I have to admit I too slightly prefered the dts HD ma. It seemed to have just a tad more presence. But all three tracks are amongst the best on blu-ray.
  7. nothing you said mate, the whole situation with import gb.
  8. Hong Kong is region free, Taiwan is region free, Singapore is region free and I'm not sure on Japan but I don't think it has English subs.
  9. I feel so bad for you guys and responsible for the whole fiasco.
  10. I missed this one o the box and DVD but have heard great things about it. The complete series on 10 discs for under a $100US. Not bad. http://www.amazon.com/Rome-The-Complete-Se...6633&sr=8-1
  11. I stand by my comment. Who let you out of the kitchen/laundry to watch it anyway.
  12. You could always just hit the chapter skip each time someone is talking. Bingo, instant International Cut
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