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  1. I have to say that MTV Music seems to show most of what MTV LIve showed except not in HD and no "This weeks MTV Top 20" which showcased new videos not seen on other channels due to the show coming out of the UK and having a couple of clips in advance of other channels in Australia. MTV Dance is OK but I think both are at a worse bit rate than MTV Classic and MTV Hits or am I just imagining that? I also have Fetch TV and have noticed that even MTV Classic and MTV Hits that have continued on there are different, very lazy programming coming out of the UK and no shows that were previously on either channel. Interestingly though there are no ads anymore (except for ads for shows on MTV). and Steve W, In relation to ABC radio stations are you on a light service or cable service that may not get any of the free to air channels?
  2. Just a shame it isn't full screen in the Active section (I mean has anyone tried to read any of the captions that get displayed in the small window).
  3. Also as a slight sideline (and apologies for drifting away from NatGeo for a brief second) MTV announced a teaser (in May at the same time the MTV Classic launch was announced) that they were going to release another new channel later this year to compliment MTV and MTV Classic. No other details as yet. Some think it will be TMF - already available on Optus and Foxtel through Telstra 3G mobile. Some think they will rebrand TMF to something else in the same way VH1 was rebranded to MTV Classic and launch it pay TV platform wide. Or maybe it will be something different.
  4. 7, 9 and Ten have said they are releasing an extra third channel soon (potentially this year). I am guessing it will be Ten as I believe their announcement was earlier than 7 and 9's and they were quickest off the mark with Ten HD and then ONE. I am only speculating though so don't assume this info to be gospel.
  5. I have no idea why they wouldn't want us to watch Sky News UK apart from making the local channel the channel of choice and not detracting from it. I agree that the more choice the better. It was the only other reason I could think of for keeping the UK version in small screen should bandwidth not be an issue. Mind you looking at the quality of the transmission in small screen maybe bandwidth is. And Davmel if there is a spare transponder maybe they would either have to pay for it if they wanted to use it or maybe it's reserved for news feeds into the studio. Anyway maybe if enough of us contact Sky via the "your say" option on their website and voice our opinion about wanting Sky UK in full screen they may do something about it. I have contacted them a few times about it and am prepared to do it more.
  6. Agreed, or they don't want viewers watching the UK version all the time instead of the local version. I wrote to Foxtel and SKY News asking them if they had future plans to make it full screen and they said no
  7. Cheers ChrisCh. As I said I wasn't entirely sure I just remember when the new channels came at the back of last year the new channel numbers for some existing channels coincided with some of them moving around to different transponders.
  8. I have to say any new service added, whether it's something I would watch or not, or agree with their content or not, is welcomed by me. The more services the better (unless by adding a particular service denies another more popular service). I must say though Doodlefeatures your original comment made me laugh as when I read the title of this thread I opened thinking it had something to do with Closed Circuit TV - mind you I haven't had my coffee yet this morning
  9. I'm not 100% sure about this so perhaps someone could enlighten me but I *THINK* the channel numbers are related to where on the satellite they are placed (ie if a channel is on a certain transponder and a certain polarity then it can only have a certain channel number). This may mean that if the above is true then reorganision of the channels isn't as easy one would think due to agreements in place I assume. I do have to say though it always frustrates me that channel 9 is on 100 not 109 given 109 is unallocated, and that BBC World News was moved away from all the other news channels.
  10. I have just answered my own question and found out that Fox Kids ceased on 1st Feb 2004 but if anyone can answer the other questions that would be awesome
  11. OK in order to tax everyone's brains again here are a few more date questions I would love to know the answer to 1, Foxtel started out with the country music channel CMT - was this replaced by Music Country or did CMT stop and then some time later Music Country start? Does anyone know dates around this? 2, Also the Soundtrack Channel started on the same channel as Music Country (broadcasting in the evenings after Music Country I seem to remember) and then took over it solely before being dropped by Foxtel. Can anyone remember when this was? 3, When did Fox Kids cease to permanently become Fox Classics? Did Fox classics replace FXm? 4, When did Fox Talk/Soap/Travel cease to be and what were they replaced with? Thankyou in advance
  12. I would wish for the following to happen to improve my Foxtel experience I believe all are possible and I am not asking for too much. 1, Make more storage room on Foxtel IQ boxes. After recording a few movies, a Friday night Rage episode and couple of series link episodes and a special on MAX I am down to 25% space left. 2, Make Sky News UK full screen in the active channels 3, Bring Back Sky Sports News overnight on the Fox Sports News Channel. 4, Add TMF to the suite of music channels (it couldn't be hard as Foxtel on your mobile through Telstra has it as a channel) 5, Allow Foxtel through Telstra subscribers access to the full on-line "My Foxtel" features such as ordering a box office movie. and finally the most important of all *ahem* 6, Tell us what genre of channels they have reserved the 300 number range for That'll do for me
  13. Awesome thanks for the quick response and answers (also thanks to doodlefeatures and Chrisch for their responses too).
  14. Yes and they used to screen music videos late at night instead of recapping the days racing.
  15. Wow thanks for all the info Whilst we are on the history path can anyone shed light on the following Foxtel channel events 1, When did ABN stop being broadcast on Foxtel and what was it replaced with? 2, When did the Fox Footy Channel and Fox Footy Extra channels start and finish? (I know that the Fox Footy Extra came later) but can't remember when. How many AFL seasons were they on for was it one or two (I don't think it was more)? 3, When did TNT become TCM? 4, Finally when did the Disney Channel start on Foxtel?
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