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  1. Can I get the details for the GB as well
  2. Yeah Hot Toys have received a lot of feedback on the face sculpt of Indy which they appear to be addressing, I think its to do with the eyes as a new Parallel Eyeball Rolling System was used so in the pics looks a bit off but in the flesh could be wow. Should be a good outcome in the end, could push delivery back though. I think the highlight for us from the latest Comic Con was definitely the Batmobile 1989 version, which looked awesome!
  3. The Spiderman 3 - New Goblin 12" Figure is estimated to arrive in Sep/Oct we should have a pre-oder up on that one shortly. We're also receiving our shipment of Spiderman 12" figure next week! The big news well for me is that Indy is scheduled for Oct Edit: From the current pics Alice's head sculpt isn't prefect so will need to see what the final version looks like.
  4. Pre orders for hot toys are up at shopforme covering the releases for the rest of the year. Indiana Jones , Avatar, Jack Sparrow, Iron man2, Superman (original) and Spiderman, Alice, Captain America link http://bit.ly/pOxxY7 Edit: Left the captain out.
  5. Some of the Hot toys can be very difficult to track down once they stop production so it was great that it worked out. Some cool figures are on display at comic con.
  6. Thanks Mark, the Predator line is one of their best. Let me know what your after via PM or email and I'll get back to you with price and availability.
  7. Also have 1000 days interest free with repayments. 65inch is probably to big for my wall, guess I can build a bigger wall
  8. Well was at myer picking up the 50inch full hd panasonic for my inlaws and Myer had the older 65inch 3d for $3750. Was very tempted but one call home and it wasn't going to happen.
  9. Hi Guys, I'v been collecting movie memorabilia for about 5 years and I decided to turn this into a business and just went live with my new online store www.shopforme.com.au offering Hot Toys and Sideshow collectables. To see the collectables in action visit drakstoys, draks is one of my best customers and has a awesome display setup. Mods please move if there's a better fit with another category for collectables. Edit: Updated with links, thanks Chopsus!
  10. Just picked up a copy from JB for $25. Says on the cover 4 discs but when I opened it only had 3, looks like the dvd version and the digital version are on one disc? Hmm... a bit of misleading advertising.
  11. I would buy one just to watch Avatar in 3d again and again until Avatar 2 comes out that is.....
  12. Try Damro at the northland home maker center, its at the back. I got my four seater from there around 2 years ago for around 2k and its still great, also comes with cup holders.
  13. Looks great, that is one huge centre speaker I have dark choclate walls, was thinking of painting the ceiling the same or put up some black velvet panels to cover half the ceiling where the pic reflects the most.
  14. There was a couple of kilos difference between mine as well, could be the weight of the transformers in the older models as I noticed the majority of the weight was there.
  15. Just replaced my old yamaha receiver with the 1019, huge difference with HD sound, very crisp, loud and the sound stage seems wider. For the price looks like a real winner.
  16. Called around Melbourne most JB's only have the display stock but found one at the DFO. I even got it for 690, just need to tell the wife how great it is.
  17. Soon all TV's will have a 3d something so best to keep it in one place. Also if you could show more than 10 posts maybe like 20 or 30 on the first page unless your generating ad revenue from the clicks then its OK.
  18. Just did a search for the realease date in Aus, BlurayAus has WOTW as coming out 5th August? Can anyone confirm this, was about to order from amazon but might hold off.
  19. One of my all times favourite movies, I even bought the jacket ( a story in its own right). Any idea when it will be available locally?
  20. Panasonic had a big stand at Doncaster shopping centre (Vic) promoting their 3d TVs on the weekend. There where two demo discs, one had beach volley ball and the other had a fly through of a canyon and some white water rafting. Both looked awesome real depth, both picture and colour where great. RRP was 3200 for the 50inch. The glasses where a bit different than the samsung, the frame was normal but the glass was like flat in front of the frame. I did notice that when I left I was a bit uneasy on my feet but only lasted a min or so. Maybe needs some getting used to. Once the content comes it will be huge.
  21. I've seen the effect with the sony Z, you can see the different plates used so the CG and live action appear slightly different. This effect will be more obvious with the 3d live action.
  22. Went to Myer today and the 40 was working, put the glasses on, took about 3 - 5 seconds for the flickering to stop and then 3d MVA. Looked awesome, real depth in the picture, very bright and no headache although I only had them on for a couple of mins. I'll wait until there is more content and maybe by the end of the year get a 55 for around 3k
  23. Just back from Myer Melbourne and Samsung where putting up a tent in the store with a 3d tv inside to view, so is this the start of the free tent offer . It wasn't ready when I got there but they should spend some time teaching staff how to use it as when i went to HN they couldn't work out how to turn the glasses on.
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