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  1. The TW8200 has a lot more vertical and horizontal lens shift than the TW6600. The contrast ratio is a hell of a lot better on the 8200 as well, 600,000:1 vs 70,000:1 , not that those values mean much but i'd expect the 8200 to have much better blacks. I considered the 6600 a couple of weeks ago before I settled on the TW8200, mainly because I needed the amount of lens shift the 8200 offered and for the contrast ratio. If you register your Epson projector online you get an additional 6 months warranty .
  2. If you want to spend a bit more you can get the TW8200 for under $2700 delivered.
  3. Exactly, not to mention drinking a bear a night will probably kill you from hairballs before any released gas from a bulb will .
  4. I'm not sure what you're asking here exactly? It sounds like you think the sensor bar communicates with the Wii console,it doesn't. It just has a series of LEDs in it that the controller sees, to detect where you are pointing.You can see these with a digital camera. It's not really a sensor bar at all,it should be called a light bar if anything. The only reason it is even connected to the console is to provide the power to illuminate the LEDs. You can use 2 spaced candles instead of the sensor bar if you wanted to,but this would be a fire hazard and more expensive than batteries. So in short,the wireless sensor bar will work exactly the same as the wired one with the exception of having to replace batteries. As long as your AV cables are long enough (Component cables recommended) everything will work fine. I run about 10 metres of Component cables to my Wii with my projector setup and have no issues at all. If you are using a very large screen you may have to space the series of LEDS further apart than standard to get accurate tracking. Hope this helps.
  5. I picked up the Samsung UA32C6900 today,very impressed so far. I didn't opt for the extended warranty because in 12 months time these will probably only cost about $600 or less anyway. It's for inside a blanket box at the end of the bed,so if the standard speakers are not good enough I can just fit a set of Logitech X-530 5.1s or similar. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply,what are your thoughts on the Samsung UA32C6900 ?
  7. Can somebody please recommend a 32" high quality HDTV that can play Divx movies through the USB port? It must also have great built in speakers,and change channels quickly. All help and advice greatly appreciated.
  8. Live Gold cards no longer available, i'm putting them up on OCAU now.
  9. Guys,this is a game trade thread not a ****fight session. Take it to PM to save us having to read your dribble eh? Can a mod please clean this up?
  10. Still plenty left,last call before I put them all on Ebay. Will do all 4 games and 2 microphones for $70 including postage.Please note that these Wireless Microphones are also compatible with Rock Band And Guitar Hero games.These microphones sell for $49 each at BigW and EB Games Etc. I've still got 1 Month Live Gold Subscription cards left as well.These are for either becoming a new Live Gold member or to extend an existing Live Gold Membership for $8 including post,or I can PM or email the codes after payment.
  11. I have several of all games left. I can't PM you because your PMs are disabled,maybe because you are a new member with not enough posts??
  12. No worries,i'll PM my account details and as soon as the money hits my account i'll email it off to you. Please note,if you have Commonwealth Bank Netbank it will speed the process right up. Multiple sales are allowed and welcomed.
  13. Xbox Live 1 Month Gold Subscription Cards. $8 each including post,I have 13 of them for sale. I'm not sure,but I think I can just email you the codes after you've paid me to save on postage time.Can someone confirm this? Expire on 30/6/2011,so you have 12 months to use them .
  14. I've got several sets of these for sale,all brand new and sealed Australian PAL versions. Lips game with 2 wireless microphones - $32 Plus Postage. Halo 3 - $15 Including regular post. Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts - $15 Including regular post. Mass Effect - $15 Including regular post. Or take all 4 games and 2 wireless microphones for $75 including regular postage. If you don't want the Lips packaging,I can send the whole lot for $75 including Express Post.Microphones and games will be packaged safely in bubble wrap.
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