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  1. I can't Believe there is still some1 out there who remembers "Party Hard" (mainly for the way that they played current and old hits and remixed version of those hits) i loved that show, along with all the others you mentioned.What i would like to know is where i could possibly get recordings or archives of the show. I really think Loaded is pretty crap and has stuff that is less mainstream, i wish Party Hard was never replaced by Loaded. I think nowadays things have become really more about consumerism and commercialism. I really hate the way that Take 40 is now a complete waste of time to listen to as it is no longer affiliated with The Aria charts, hence the Official Aria Charts nationally syndicated on the Nova fm Network. (rival network from the producers of Take 40) . The Hot hits has stayed very much the same, from the days when Ugly Phil was on, but still, it is nowadays more of a replay of things that happen on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, meaning that they record parts of their morning breakfast program on 2dayfm and add it to The hot hits and pass it as part of the show, the only times that what your hearing is not a recording is when they introduce the show and present the programs. Its a real shame. I must also point out, that alot of the regional radio stations are better than their city counterparts as they play a wider variety, although 2Day Fm is starting to play alot of old 90's hits, which to me stay fresh in my memory to this day. In reflection, i would not regard anything post 1995 as ancient, caus we had the internet then and the internet is what keeps things alive. Any Hows. I've said what i have had to say, i hope to hear from anyone about my post. Kind Regards. Luc
  2. hi...how do you get media portal to interface with the card. when i choose it from the config and card menu, it says that it cant get graph for the digital tuner part of the card. but it has no problem with the analog part of the card.
  3. Ok. But does the Aspect Ratio Button on the newest version actually change it from full screen to wide screen (letterbox - full screen) rather than changing the tv format from 4:3, 16:9? I was also thinking, you could try upload the software off the STB to coputer, using the software program, but instead of pressting ch- and that might upload the software to computer, i am going to try it out myself, right now. tell u guys in a few mins if anything works. reguards la_buff
  4. Funny thing (how things just seem to happend at the same time), i was working on Sunday night and i found the new STB's advertised for this week...lol.....so weird. So any new features with the 2.5 version? Umm actually i just looked at the Dion Website, and i think you can update from STB to STB. THE DION 530STB website. "DT530T Freeview DIGITAL TERRESTRIAL RECEIVER MAIN FEATURES Easy menu installation Digital Tuner with Loop-through out MPEG-2 Main Profile at Main Level(MP@ML) RS232C Port for Updating Control Software(PC to STB and STB to STB)" Try That Out. Then Tell us here if it can be done. I would assume u would plug both of them in, keep one on (source STB) and the one u wish to update with the info from the source by doing the whole upgrade thing of holding ch+ while plugging it in to power. etc.....
  5. Hi all. I was scanning my Set Top Box. and it locked on to the channel 29. and then it also installed a few new channels,named channel 1 to 10, but i go to watch them there is nothing there. Do you think because it is using a different way to demodulate the signal my STB cant read it, but if it was a PCI STB wouldnt it work there? The Recieved Information includes the TX mode of 8kb and it is using, QPSK, G.I-1/8. Any one can fill me in?
  6. Well it hasnt been advertised here in NSW, so if any1 who is wishing to buy them, go down to Town Hall Woolworths, plenty there to choose from.
  7. Hi every one. I was in The city Today...(SYDNEY) and If you go To Woolworths Town Hall on Level 3, Thats the top Level you will go to the electronics Section of the Shop and you will find about 30 of the STB's. They are selling them all at the $79.00 price. Oddly enough there are more MULLER boxes than KROSS branded Product. All the same tho. So if any1 is looking for them and they live in sydney, the City is the only place which still has them.!
  8. Hi have you tried Using a different cable? It could possibly be a problem with the cable. i would also test it out on a different tv. Not your's but one u havent tried it on. You could even purchase an s-video cable and try that out. S-Video is just like having the Yellow Cable but splits the video singal into different parts, and produces better quality picture. Also for upgrade information you just have to go to this link > Kross Upgrade If you hav a particular remote you can use its code to copy onto an adaptable Remote to use on the STB for the Aspet Ratio. Just read up a few more messages from me and you will see what i am talking about.
  9. Hi there everyone...Just thought you all might be interested in something i just discovered. I have found the IR code for the STB to do the actual 16/9-4/3 switch. My DVD player remote which i just bought has a button which can do the switch. The Remote is from a "BASE" dvd Player . MODEL - DV-328 - Press the "PBC" button And the remote for a Nu-Tec Remote does the same thing - Model "NDV - 4340" Press the "Echo-" button Ive copied the code to my universal remote. the only thing is, this is not the button which switches between Full Screen and Letter Box, which means the update that they put on the net is probably useless, and is only for 16/9 4/3 and does not do the widescreen and letter box conversion. Its only for selecting the TV screen type. so if u press this button your only gonna get Strectched pictures on a standard Letterbox Television. Many Reguards la_buff la_buff@hotmal.com
  10. Hi all. I am not completely new to this but ive never discussed it with other people because most people find it boring and un-interesting well at least people who i know in person friends family etc....plus i do not know much about the power and frequency of radio stations. But i can tell you some stuff about Radio over the almost past 10 years. I remember one saturday afternoon back in 1996 i was listening to the radio, and then i come across this very faint station....at the 94mhz of the radio spectrum...it was Power FM, Used to listen to Bacon Boys and the hot 30 with mike carroll. Now in the past few years mabey 3 years, i have noticed that i am no longer able to receive Power FM as i used to. Have they reduced their broad casting power? 2ST i can hear. Basically all the Nowra/Wollgong station and Central Coast Stations come in great in SYDNEY. (Not to mention other Fm Station's but there are still a wide array of Regional AM Stations that people can still pick up) I also remember when i discovered Sea Fm 101.3 & 2GO 107.7 (2GO used to originaly call themselved 2GO FM 108 back in 1996) I found KISS 95.3 back in 1998 when they were doing test board casts for the new station at Lithgow, and as soon as they were online i was hooked not to mention at the time i was hooked with Power and Sea (each offered a better variety of the music and a broader variety than 2day had playing. (With the exception of Kiss, Sea and Power had the same Trademark, as 2Day Fm at the time of 1996, "Better Music and More of it 104.1 2day FM", Better Music And More Of It 94.9 Power Fm, Better Music And More of it The new Sea Fm 101.3" Not to just mention these stations, but in my short time, i could hear 99.3 B-rock, and that was not until that community station started broadcasting, I could also hear Eaglel FM, 93.5, I could also hear Real FM 93.1 from Mudgee. On hot Afternoons/Nights i could hear 106.9 NX Fm Newcastle (Sammy Powers Was Breakfast Announcer at the time and she reminded me of Wendy Harmer at the time) when it wasnt being interfered by VOX Fm In woolongong. I could also hear NEW FM from Newcastle and 2KO. I can hear 96.5 Wave FM, and i98.1, i have yet to hear Power FM from Musclebrook from where i am. I did hear Power Fm Musclebrook when i went to Barrinton Tops, Thats near the Hunter Valley. I do remember One day actually Picking up 104.7 from Canberra, This is the Equavilent Station 2 2DAY FM in sydney & NX Fm, actually partly owned by Austereo and the people that run Mix 106.5 Sydney. Any way...My whole point is i could hear all these staions on a car radio which was sourced from a 1985 Mazda 626. Most of them had a Stock Clarion Car Stereo/Am Radio. I still have the radio and it just pains me that things are not the way they used to be, i cant get anything any more. There seems to be alot of interference in SYDNEY. And YES I live in The Inner-west of sydney only 10 km's from the CBD. just near THE olympic Site. Is there anyone else here who lives in the area that could get the same stuff or still gets the same stuff? If your looking to get most of these staions at the moment your probably best going to Blue mountains/Katoomba. You get most of the stations, from the north south west and east, its a perfectly positioned place i guess.It just makes me angry i cant get them in sydney anymore.. email me guys. la_buff@hotmail.com
  11. Hi, can any one tell me of a good radio to Purchase, which would allow me to pick up all the Regional Stations with wide frequency spacing, as apposed to alot of radios now-aday's being produced with very narrow frequency spacing, but im not looking for anything digital either. Please suggestions just Add it in a reply or PM me. thanks.
  12. I think it has some thing to do with the Fact that it was one of sydneys first FM radio stations along with 2MBS and The ABC radio, before the conversion from AM to FM. At that time, there wasnt probably a body like the ABA which governed the Licences, so they just slapped it on any old Frequency. But i get what you mean, It appears that all other stations in australia, broadcast with a 1 frequency gap between each stations. ie 96.1 The edge,(in between 96.2) 96.3 2CCC,(in between 96.4) 96.5 Wave...etc, and that they all broard cast on an un even point number, unlike 2cba point 2 fm...etc...Plus the Regional Areas didnt get Local Televsions Services till about the late 70's so i dont think it would hav interfered with any radio stations along with Regional FM radio services probably started in the early to mid 80's i would assume. Pls Any one, email me if im wrong.
  13. ohh well, i would consider getting a TV which turns on In AV mode, or u could just get the VCR to tune into the preset of the tv that it turns on to, through the RF, and have the KROSS permanently connected to the VCR, Just a note, the quality of course would be reduced, and the sound would more than likely a mono because most TV's are Able to Produce Stereo Sound either from their own tuner from free to air analogue or from the AV ports from a VCR source. Sorry, cant help u, or u could just find a TV which does turn on in AV mode. sorry, thats the best i probably could provide u.
  14. Hey Everybody....look at this link The Dion Website with the same Set topbox under a different name
  15. Hi. I did a little Experementing with this feature, and I am guessing it allows you to turn on Parental Control. and You can set the boxes parental control level in the configuration section of the box. And that number you see is the security level for parental control. So bascially, If i was to set my stb's security level to 15 it would allow me to watch every channel (15's the highest - 1's the lowest), but if the security level was set to, lets say 6 and i had a station with a parental control level of 11 i would be presented with a Password screen before i was allowed to veiw that channel, and like wise if the number was lower than 6, lets say 2, i wouldnt need to enter my password as the security is only to stop minors from viewing channels with explicit material that is set to parental level 6>. To set your parental control level, here is the path you must go Press Menu Scroll Down To "User Preference" OK Select "Access Control" Ok Reciever Lock - This is to stop access to any one to the STB, Like a pin code for a mobile phone Menu Lock - This can preven people from Accessing certain menu's, ie the config menu without the password Service Lock - This can prevent people from veiwing certain networks without a password Parental Lock - This is used with a scale of 1-15 for any channel on the box which has a parental control level. Each Channel Broadcasts their own parental control for the content that they are showing. Once done all your security configs, click OK then just exit out of it all, see the differences.
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