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  1. This is proving to be a great game, the more I play the more I like. Thought we should have a post for hints and suggestions. Whose got it? Who can share some tips? And whose playing online? My PSN ID is 'donegal6' cheers
  2. Anybody had a look at the new Sony receivers? From the Specs they seem to be getting better functionality. Does anybody have this model yet? Can anyone tell me if you connect an iPod to it via the Sony Media Port whether it displays iPod menu on the TV?
  3. Anyone know when these new 50 inch Panasonics are going to be available?
  4. JohnnyBoy, Have you played Virtua Tennis 3? How does it compare?
  5. Anyone got any thoughts on this new 50" full-HD Panny coming in July? I would rather the next gen Kuro, but not willing to wait or pay the premium...hoping this Panasonic is a good second choice. Should I consider the current 52" Sony XBR? Or stay with the plasma at this size??? All opinions appreciated! cheers.
  6. Can anyone offer answers for these questions for GTA4 on PS3: 1. Does anyone know what is missing in the local version? 2. For imports does anyone know what the impact / difference would be between the U.S. PS3 version and the U.K. PAL PS3 version? Thanks in advance - I need advice deciding which to buy - Damn those classification people!
  7. Hi Ajhogg, I'd love to know the answer to that question too. After all the hassles with COD4 online early on, it's an important consideration. regards
  8. Hi Mark, Please add me. I'm PS3 and mainly playing COD4 at present. Would love to play with people locally. PSN (PS3) = donegal6 thanks, Lukass
  9. Guys, would love to join some local COD4 action also, the lag drives me nuts! My PSN is donegal6 I'll be on about 9.00 pm tonight
  10. Sony do support divx on their DVD players. What is so different here! Isn't it supposed to be a media centre?
  11. Anyone know the model number of the Pace IQ box? I need to program the harmony remote thanks
  12. Anyone know the model number of the Pace IQ box? I need to program the harmony remote thanks
  13. This is not good news....I am planning on picking up a ps3 tomorrow, 50% of my decision is based on watching movies in HD. Does this mean that BR movies will not necessarily (or never!) be in 720p 1080i ??????????????????
  14. Anyone know if the AFL deal will include digital transmission of 7 & 10?
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