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  1. I followed the password reset link sent to my email, but it looks like my profile is completely gone and some information is incorrect - not sure if anyone else experienced the same issue? I also notice that my "old" account on my mobile phone is still ok (as I have not signed out on my mob yet) - this means there are two of me accessing SNA at the same time - it sounds like the security bug is still there?
  2. minidsp mentioned AudioTools (https://apps.apple.com/au/app/audiotools/id325307477#?platform=ipad), https://www.minidsp.com/applications/acoustic-measurements/using-the-umik-1-with-audiotools-on-ipad#measure if you have a computer, consider REW for room acoustics too as it is free https://www.roomeqwizard.com/
  3. Very good looking speakers at this price point. With the rear port, did you find them sensitive at all when placed close to a wall? Which store in Perth did you get them from?
  4. At highest streaming quality I cannot blind-test tell the difference between the two, but my experience is similar to yours: Spotify app is more responsive and reliable on all platforms, has more features, and the recommendations match my taste more.
  5. +1 for Sendle too. Have recently received a pair of bookshelf speakers from a fellow SNA. Faster than expected. Online tracking. Quality pick up & delivery. Reasonable rates. Good for small items. https://www.sendle.com
  6. This is the best explanation I've ever read. Thank you.
  7. What would be a ballpark figure for minimum rms power per cubic metre for "live concert experience" in a typical home? Would be great to hear from your experience.
  8. The website is not helpful, you probably need to give them a call (probably the Cannington store where I got mine from). But I agree, you need to understand what you need first. They have 20% off all stocks twice every year so if you can still buy it cheap at the end of the year if it is what you want.
  9. We are all here to share and to learn so no "war" at all. I've looked at subs from REL, Velodyne, etc. but I am unable to find anything better than SVS purely in terms of specs. I'm more than happy to learn if indeed there is something that offers better value for money. I totally agree with you that integrating sub is not an easy task, and especially integrating a big sub with small main speakers due to high cross-over point. I do not own a REL to say about its "linearity" but the frequency response curve from SVS says everything needed about the SB-2000's linearity.
  10. I hope you've realised that the question being asked is a sub for both music and movie. We are talking about a large room at 5m x 4m x 3m so we need a quality sub to fill the space. Small subs like REL T7i with only 200W rms and 30Hz at -6dB cannot compare with 550W rms and 19Hz at +/- 3dB. They are not qualified for movies. I do not think small subs will work in the room. I have learnt hard lessons with smaller subs like this from B&W and Focal. I ended up throwing them away. In Australia, AFAIK no other brands offer better value for money than SVS. I would challe
  11. WestCoast Hifi over here in Perth can do it for $1599. I've just ordered mine (SB-2000 Pro in gloss black). I can't wait to see how dual subs go ? https://www.westcoasthifi.com.au/?post_type=location&p=2364 Either you can order through them (because mine needs to be shipped from Melbourne anyway - Sydney might be even cheaper for them to ship), or mention the price to the local hifi store maybe they can price match. If you order two, I'm sure you can negotiate even a better deal.
  12. I agree, the SB-2000's are a very good choice when it comes to music. AFAIK the new version, named SVS SB-2000 Pro, has some improvements and it allows you to EQ the sub to suit either music or movie so maybe it is not a compromise at all. I do not know how much bass you need but with 550W rms/1500W peak one sub may be even enough for your room. The EOFY sale is still on ?
  13. Just received this offer when checking my facebook today. On my phone it says Tidal HiFi $4 for 3 months, so my understanding is that instead of paying $72 you only pay $4. Probably for those who want to try out Tidal. T&Cs apply as usual so do check them. *Offer for new users only. Not available in all regions. Total discount varies per region and depends on the plan you choose. Your TIDAL subscription will begin immediately, and your payment method will be charged the promotional amount. After the promotional period expires, your subscription will automatically renew at the
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