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  1. If the Nine Network had the Cricket on Nine and GEM they would forego the opportunity to have alternative programming on GEM which means less viewers. It is more attractive to the network to offer diversity with more channels, to maximise their audience numbers.
  2. Yep NSW and Victoria have gone to the news on Nine so are broadcasting in HD on GEM. Im in Brisbane and am watching via Optus D1 Satellite as the Nine Victoria lineup is FTA.
  3. Watch the video - it was more around programming schedules http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/
  4. I've just upgraded from the Aiko 32" LCD to Samsung 50" Plasma myself. You would probably get $200 or perhaps a little more on ebay. I'm moving the Aiko into the bedroom and cascading out the Sony CRT.
  5. As a follow up on my post 19th December where I put a backorder in for a PS50C550 at Myer Carindale when they had 15% off all electrical... The balance due is $770 so reading up that the 10% bonus on gift vouchers is back for two days on Ozbargain.com, I went down to Myer this morning and traded my $700 cash into $770 of vouchers. So the effective cost of my 50" Samsung Full HD Plasma is $775 plus $35 for the associated admin fee for shipping of the Blue Ray player. alternatively Real cost (out of pocket) is $859 + Blue Ray shipping fee, but that gave me $75 in Myer vouchers.
  6. I did the same myself today, PS50C550 (Samsung 50" Plasma) Summer Sale price $1099 plus 15% off the already reduced prices on all electrical which brings it down to $934 and threw in $75 in Myer Vouchers so effectively $850. The store had no stock but I was able to place one on backorder. I also called the Brisbane city store they had sold their last two today.
  7. I do not have any SCART output devices that perform switching however only SCART 1 is RGB/Component. SCART 2 is only Video/S-Video. Also SCART2 has Audio out so you can run a line out audio to your external speakers from this port. I wanted to run 3xRCA RGB Composite to my SCART 1 connector, however in order to have SCART 1 configured as RGB you need to send a 3 volt signal thru to one of the SCART pins, which my Dreambox DM518 Sat STB doesn't output (because it has 3x RCA no SCART connector).
  8. Croc our set has started to do it this morning. Are your two still playing up? Ours occasionally doesn't resume from standby too - LED goes green but the display backlight doesn't fire 1 in 20 times you turn it on.
  9. I have found my unit generates quite a bit of heat when in standby. I have an AWA SD STB and a Fortec Star Ultra Satellite STB and both standby at about 1/3rd of the temperature of the MTV. At least it has a rocker switch on the back so that I can turn it off. Perhaps it is the voltage regulators? Anyone else noticed theirs gets hot?
  10. There was no "available in high def" HD logo at the start of the broadcast.
  11. Yes I would not expect any Digital transmission from Briz31. Only 3% of the viewers would have a digital tuner Reception is still dodgy, problem began 1 week ago.
  12. Flicked on Briz 31 tonight and get about 90% static. Normally I get about 30% static. They have an upgrade planned for around October, can't wait. Anyone else noticed signal strength has droped recently?
  13. There must have been lots of people calling channel 7 here in Brisbane - phone lines to the area were congested.
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