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  1. except thats 8-10 months off....rrrr any word on when "The Plan" airs ?
  2. not to sure what the obsession is with purchasing the rights to a whole heap of TV sports which most people dont want to watch. They would have been better off securing the rights to another major soccer league then chasing baseball.
  3. and to think the first year they flogged Bathurst being in digital they had multi channel camera angles and all....since then ZIP
  4. 11:30pm - 0:30am | 7HD M Documentary, Repeat Ross travels to El Salvador to meet the "most dangerous gang in the world", Mara Salvatrucha (MS13). In a country with a population smaller than London, there are over 800 murders a year, and MS13 boasts over 100,000 members. i will probably watch em all again anyway
  5. looks like its back on Monday night at 23:30!
  6. some people just arent true or deep down they had a blue heart with a red face hehehehhehe
  7. had to wait till around 1:30AM sunday morning for the highlight of saturdays coverage....cuban taekwando .... how many hours delayed was that i would hate to guess. most people would have turned off by then since the stamp lickers let us down
  8. +1 but i can see nine doing swimming overload to unfortunately.
  9. how about the idle radio chatter and badly timed commercial breaks .... good to see the usual 7 standards.....anything above tennis is a struggle
  10. well i have a copy which is pretty much the dutch version which would be more than likely the same as the 'german' version. my problem is it wont play on the ozzie players nor the ozzie xbox add-on, but does play on the US drivers i tried.
  11. u mean the version riddley didnt see but the produces did cut is finally coming out ? i was actually looking forward to 5/16ths coming out (better known as 8mm 3)
  12. hmmm sounds like the Sony formula, 1 theatrical release, 2 sequels on dvd
  13. 2nd the continuation i actually find it useful coming to one spot to see whats on instead of having to double check each TV stations individual web site or using some of those useless guides elsewhere
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