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  1. Just stepped up from the well worn 1997 standard pressing of Rumours to remastered 180gram, 45 rpm, 2 record set. A bit of espionage confirms the Kevin Gray / Steve Hoffman cut through the KPG/SH@ATM engraving in the run out area. Dead quite pressing, bass is sublime!
  2. An update for any miniDSP SHD Users waiting for news on the long promised Roon End Point Certification. Apparently 'close'! The mini DSP devs have been taking a bit of a battering in their Forum for no updates - and today posted a somewhat defensive but positive update. Original here: https://www.minidsp.com/forum/shd-series/17805-roon-stop-support-for-uncertified-devices?start=90 Key post below
  3. Agreed - more b&^%$ cables. Fortunately I use the Toslink out for normal operation and only USB adapter for occasional recording (but that my go if NuWave Phono behaves) . Must admit I find it useful in turntable set up - for measuring channel balance for azimuth fine tuning.
  4. For some weird reason to do with the MC Cartridge rabbit hole I now own both of these. PS Audio has been reliable for the 4 days I have owned it and is very flexible given SPDIF and USB out. Parks Audio Puffin is very impressive and sounds pretty much on par with the PS Audio from my listening so far. In a pure analogue system I am not sure the ADC/processing/DAC path would pass the purists view - but in between an analogue cartridge out to 24/96 optical output to digital system it is great. No issue with LOMC. But both are higher cost than a dedicated ADC though.
  5. Sure can. It has a built in power supply and that emits a minor physical hum which I assume is mechanical / 50 Hz ish - it is minor but I am picky! The hum is not in the sound path - that is pretty much silent. So it is one of those things you notice if you go listening closely to the device itself, but not something you would hear or detract from music in use. It doesn't go away with DC Blocker. It wasn't enough to cause me to take the lid off and try physically damping the transformer. In a sideboard with doors closed you wouldn't notice it (that is how I had it). I did conside
  6. A couple of options that may be of interest below. I went through the process of looking for an ADC a while back and captured some of the things I explored in this thread. I finally picked up a NuWave Phono so Uwe Beis ADC or Behringer Ultramatch SRC 2946 are available if they come near your needs. Both are great quality and ample for any any listening I did (phone stage to digital in to Kii 3's. Next step up you are looking at a few grand. Behringer is an amazing device - a Swiss Army knife of conversion. ADC, DAC and format conversion. As an ADC advan
  7. Further information: Awesome and highly regarded / awarded MM phono stage, Bought new from Melbourne retailer mid last year - and only a couple of months use before I upgraded to MC front end. Have original packaging and can post if required. https://www.whathifi.com/au/rega/fono-mm-mk3/review Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item
  8. Pretty sure from when I looked the difference is purely in the cabinet - the SE is a Gloss finish where as the others are a matt veneer. The internals are the same on both. There are a couple of Australian distributors and a choice of factory cabinets (ala F12 or F12SE) or bespoke cabinets made down here. As of a year ago rough guide is new price of ~< $2k for F12 in factory cabinet and $2.5 - 3k in local cabinet. But check with the suppliers - Red Spade and Audio Salon. Gibbo
  9. Will leave the repair comments to your repair thread! I am a fan of Pro-ject Turntables and in your price range the Pro-Ject X1 is a gem if you want to go new. You might even stretch to the 2m Bronze. Good review under the StereoNet 2020 Product of the Year awards. Comes pre-setup so you don't need to do any of the tricky stuff. Electronic speed control on board, standard hinged / removable cover, compact layout But if you want to tweak the arm / cartridge you can. Doesn't have the upgrade capacity of Rega's, but if you just want to enjoy the vinyl a good way to go. Gibbo
  10. If contemplating new, note the Stereo Net recent awards recommendation for the Project X1: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/pro-ject-audio-system-x1-turntable-review Don't often come up second hand but keep an eye out. In current sales around $1,500 with 2m Blue cart. Neat form factor, electronic speed change.
  11. As others have said, sounds like it is the removal of the GN that has made the difference, and the cartridge/ TT etal support the quality you are after. So a left field idea that is likely less expensive than cartridge or Amp swap. Take a look at the Parks Puffin phono stage: http://parksaudiollc.com/ If you can get past its internals being digital, it provides a wide range of flexibility through its DSP to adjust sound profiles to compensate for cartridge matching issues. I switch between an Ortofon 2m Black (MM - quite boisterous) and Hana ML (MC - quite balanced) and it helps s
  12. Interested to see what you decide on. I had a good look at the RME ADI and Mytek Brooklyn ADC, but over the top in my analog set up. I was interested in Coax/Toslink (for day-to-day connection to Kii's) and USB connection for PC connection - and the cheaper ones don't offer both.
  13. Kii's are great until we run into these annoying little Analog connection issues! Is part of the issue also connectors - is the DJ mixer balanced XLR out or unbalanced RCA (just wired to XLR connector at Kii end)? If it is all unbalanced something dead simple like Schiit SYS may be an option. Should the dedicated audio turntable and new phone stage get 'quality' priority and go to Kii AES/XLR? On the other side, what is the hesitation on using nuwave converter as ADC for one of the signals - just it is an expensive piece of kit that lots of people would like one in the second hand ma
  14. Looks like close to 20 tooth blade - so for finer cutting go to 60 or 40. While Ozito is at cheaper end it may flex more (and not last as long), but you should still have a go at using aligning to make sure the saw is accurate - 90 deg and 45 deg are both easy to measure with a plastic triangle protractor on both axes. Then see how you go. And you should be able top lock the slide if you don't need it for width of wood you are cutting.
  15. I have used these similar budget ones in my system for a similar problem: https://www.selby.com.au/brands/infrared-resources/2-eye-infrared-resources-usb-powered-ir-remote-control-extender-kit-for-foxtel-irusb2.html On balance my view is "OK". They work as you would expect, but I found they appeared to 'saturate' the IR receiver on the target device. So I either needed to keep them a fair distance away from the receiver (but in line of sight), or make sure I didn't point the remote control directly at the Repeaters receiver - in fact it worked most consistently at about 90 degre
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