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  1. +1 for @andyr offer to try DC Blocker. I will admit to being a denier that DC could be causing a problem I had on a plate Amp in Sub and also in a small toroidal in a LPS that both hummed intermittently independent of load etc. After trying everything else tried DC Blockers, and to my surprise it tidied up both. Some wiser people than me out there! Gibbo
  2. Looks like a pretty cool kit. +1 for checking before soldering. And just in case . . . the board isn't symmetrical left to right and I would have another look at the transistor to the right of where the right hand electro cap is going to go. If in doubt try to follow the circuitry for symmetry, rather than teh board layout. Gibbo
  3. Good idea for a thread. Recently shipped some speakers from Melbourne to Tassy. Service: TruckIt.net From: Melbourne (Eastern suburbs) To: North West Tassy Total items: 2 (stereo speakers) Packaging: Items in original packaging. Picked up in Melbourne, delivered to depot in Tassy (receiver preference) Total Weight (kg) : 94kg Total Cubic (m3): 0.44 Warranty/Insurance: Yes Estimated Value: $4,000 Total Cost: $250 (incl $50 insurance) Goods made it safely in 7 days. ( during COVID-19 lock down) Quotes from from $200 to $900! One of the cost drivers seems to be OH&S requirement for power tailgate truck for pickup of any package over 25kg (or somewhere around there) if not from warehouse with forklift.
  4. Further information: This is a Bluestream Audio Processor with the primary function of delaying an audio signal for up to 1000ms. It is a stereo device with analogue inputs and outputs (RCA), but internally using a 48kHz, 24 bit digital architecture. It also has a -75db to 0db volume control. Both the delay and the volume are 'set and forget' on the device through rotary dials. In my 2.1 application I had a DSP that took around 100ms to complete its processing for main channels that the Sub didn't pass through. So I had to delay the signal to the Sub by 100ms to keep them aligned. Comes with 5 Volt power supply. I have since moved to fully digital setup that can handle that level of delay. Let me know if you need a device that wastes time! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I bought a PS10 from Catch a couple of weeks back when they had them as well. Shipped from NZ, but full original packaging and Aus/NZ documentation and warranty etc. So looks like the full retail kit rather than something grey market from my experience.
  6. This post from @cazzesman research on audiophilestyle posted earlier in this thread is another part of the story.
  7. In case some of you don't have it already I have added a copy of the Kii Review Compilation that seems to come with new Kii's these days. Some great feel good reading, and quite a bit of technical detail mixed in. At the suggestion of @Snoopy8 I have also added it to the first post in this thread so it doesn't get buried Kii_Compilation_2015-2019_V2.pdf
  8. Not in one place unfortunately - so pieced together from multiple snippets that all seem to add up in the end. Will see if I can dig out the key pieces I have . . .
  9. Interested to see what you find. I regularly come back to their 'natural' sound and marvel at how good they are. Not until these latest changes have I been convinced by the sub addition - and even then I question why given their intrinsic strengths. I guess a distraction from thinking about BXT's ala @cazzesman's mischievous thought of trading the Covid blocked holiday for them! Just a couple of behind the scenes captures on the above. First is the cross-over in miniDSP SHD - Sub in orange and Kii in Grey, and second is all the OpenDRC is doing - the delay (plus DAC as my SHD is digital out). Third is my 'natural ' curve in Dirac that tracks the Kii's response as set up without sub. Fourth is an attempt to overlay the 'natural' with my 1.5 and 3db boosted curves below 200 Hz respectively from left to right. The boosted ones are off Kii plus Sub measurements. I have left the DL corrections out for simplicity. These yield the output curves in REW as my earlier post. Kii recommendation seems to be limit cross over to 30Hz so it remains below their 50Hz cardiod bottom limit, unless you really want to crank up the SPL. For the SPL path they seem to suggest 50Hz crossover, back the Kii boundary control to -12 or so, and move all that low bass load to sub. I have found no need or desire to do that - and am lazy so don't like remembering to switch presets in the Kii's.
  10. Welcome to the Kii club. Hope you enjoy them as much as I / we do!! The miniDSP SHD Studio can only manage a delay of 30ms max, and sub itself is +/- 10ms adjustment. The Kii DSP in 'exact' mode eats up 90+ms. I am applying DL to Kii and Sub below 200Hz. Sub X-Over is low at 30Hz or 50Hz to avoid damaging the Cardiod distribution of the Kii's above 50 Hz. So for the cases where I lift the low end of the DL target curves the 'boost' impacts up to 100 - 150 Hz -- so I need DL to lift the bottom part of the Kii's as well. Beyond that it doesn't mess with the Kii's. Sorry if I am confusing - I am not using the cross over controls in the sub - leaving that to the miniDSP X-Over /DSP (which applies before DL). Just using it to manage 30 Hz and 50Hz LR 48db cross over curves between sub and Kii's Hope that makes sense. Gibbo
  11. Further information: The ultraRendu is a highly regarded and versatile network endpoint and USB streamer supporting multiple formats. I used it as a Roon End Point. https://sonore.us/ultraRendu.html I bought this new about 6 months ago and it comes with the Small Green Computer 7 Volt LInear Power Supply (220V version) and separate SD card with latest firmware that I haven't got around to installing. Have since moved to a miniDSP SHD and no longer need the ultraRendu. Happy to package and post at buyers expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Further information: Bought new about 18 months ago. 3 metre long pair with Chord Screw Type Banana Plugs. Then went Active and no longer need them. Happy to pack and ship at buyers expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Further information: Curious USB's excellent reputation is well known and well documented in reviews. I bought this one new about 6 months ago and used for a couple of months - sounded great. Then I changed my front end end set up and no longer need this. In original packaging. Happy to post at purchasers expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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