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  1. Beware spoilers! As this series progresses the worse it seems to come. A lot of the characters who have major roles in the book seem very lightweight in this series, for example the character of Lloyd Henreid is miscast IMO, he just doesn't look like a 2IC. Amber Heard is not scary at all as Nadine Cross, Susan Stern who is a major character in the book is completely missing. There is also several male characters in the book who they have made female, obviously to try to be politically correct, for instance The Judge is now female but again is a very lightweight character, and Ralp
  2. 30% off DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD at JbHiFi until Tuesday 26th.
  3. As I posted above, I used to use DVD Profiler. Being a Mac user and DVD Profiler being a Windows only program I had to change to a version that had a Mac version. You can run DVD Profiler on a Mac using a program like Parallels. The only problem is that you have to have a supported version of Windows like Windows 10, also Parallels started charging an annual subscription of around $90.00. This is too much to pay when you are only running Windows to use DVD Profiler. I ditched DVD Profiler and the cost of the new program plus an iOS app was far less than the annual Parallels fee.
  4. I've watched a couple of episodes as well and I enjoyed it. It jumps around in time compared to the previous TV series and the book.
  5. As above, I can't find the bargains thread. If It's not possible to have it can we at least have the Blu-ray Bargains part pinned in the Movies thread?
  6. I use an app on my Mac called My Movies 2 Pro (https://www.mymovies.dk). I also have an app on my iPhone so the two apps sync. It is multi platform so you can also get Windows and Android versions. One of the advantages of this app is that it also catalogs digital movies that you may have purchased from Apple etc. I used to use a Windows program called DVD Profiler, but they refused to produce a Mac version and I was sick of running Windows via Parallels for one program only so I went with the above instead of DVD Profiler.
  7. It might be nice if the rest of us who missed out could actually buy this set.
  8. Personally I didn't notice it all that much. It's more of a problem if you have a projector with one of those lenses in front which gives you a fixed image height.
  9. Does anyone know when this set will be available again? JB have even removed it as a title that you can order.
  10. I'm going to get one of those gift cards from Coles with 15% off until 1 December. I'll use that at JB to purchase the trilogy.
  11. 30% off DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD until 1 December.
  12. Also until Sunday there is 20% off DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD at JB.
  13. You can't buy new Oppo's anymore, so there's no point recommending them IMO. I think most brands work well, it's just what features you want, for example whether you want a front panel display or not, that you have to decide on. Also some brands are easier to make region free than others.
  14. 20% off DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD until 12 October. There is also an extra 5% off coupon for today only if you get JB emails.
  15. My iMac is running 10.15.6, so you should be able to update it.
  16. I cancelled mine. I might join Binge if there is another major HBO show like Game Of Thrones in the future.
  17. 20% off DVD, Blu-ray and 4KUHD at JB until 30 June.
  18. I use Foxtel Now, and the video quality of the stream is not really up to scratch. It's a lot worse than Netflix, despite the cost which is a lot more than Netflix and I only get two packages. If you want 4K quality you have to go with the iQ4.
  19. I use My Movies Pro 2. https://www.mymovies.dk. It comes in Mac and Windows with iOS and Android apps as well. All one time purchase though you do have to pay for both mobile and computer versions. I am using the Mac version and also the iOS version. All sync with the other versions. I used to use Invelos/DVD Profiler, but there is no Mac version and when I got rid of Parallels on my Mac I had to look for a new app.
  20. I subscribe to three Future Publishing titles - MacFormat, Macworld, and Total Film. They come as digital downloads and I read them on my iPad. The digital versions are also a lot cheaper than the print editions. Maybe you could contact them and see it you can read the digital versions.
  21. I have the same rack and I stained them near black. It worked out well.
  22. Feel Good is very good if you like LGBT type of shows.
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