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  1. I use Foxtel Now, and the video quality of the stream is not really up to scratch. It's a lot worse than Netflix, despite the cost which is a lot more than Netflix and I only get two packages. If you want 4K quality you have to go with the iQ4.
  2. I use My Movies Pro 2. https://www.mymovies.dk. It comes in Mac and Windows with iOS and Android apps as well. All one time purchase though you do have to pay for both mobile and computer versions. I am using the Mac version and also the iOS version. All sync with the other versions. I used to use Invelos/DVD Profiler, but there is no Mac version and when I got rid of Parallels on my Mac I had to look for a new app.
  3. I have the same rack and I stained them near black. It worked out well.
  4. Feel Good is very good if you like LGBT type of shows.
  5. I know how to solve all your Windows 10 problems - get a Mac computer! As a former Windows user I can tell you that the Apple Mac OS is vastly superior to Windows!
  6. I haven't had any problems with disc rot lately. Remember not to bend the disc when getting it out of the case, as this can cause disc rot. Always press down on the button and let the disc release. Most of my problems with disc rot in the past have been when I or someone else has bent the disc getting it out of the case.
  7. He was actually 43 when he made The Exorcist, so I guess a lot of make up to age him.
  8. If you want all the digital channels you will need an antenna and a coaxial cable to feed the socket. I don't think boxes like Fetch or Foxtel give you all the digital channels.
  9. 20% off DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD until March 4. There is also a coupon for an extra 10% off today only if you are a subscriber to JB's newsletters.
  10. It's directed by Jennifer Kent who also made The Babadook.
  11. I enjoyed Giri/ Haji even though the plot has more holes in it than a block of Swiss Cheese.
  12. 30% off DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD until January 27 at JB. It's like Groundhog Day!
  13. There's no point having a plug like that - they are the same electrically. The only point of the one with the ring is to hold it securely in a weatherproof power outlet, and the issue there is only preventing water penetration particularly where the outlet is fully exposed to the weather or is in a situation where the outlet is subject to hosing for example in a food manufacturing facility. The picture supplied shows a power outlet that is not weatherproof. I am an electrician and I know. The black cable is a machine manufactured one. In most cases it will work fine. If you are really worried then putting on a plug made by Clipsal or HPM will do the job. 10 amps means that the power used is what a fan heater on full blast uses so it would be a very rare piece of equipment that uses that amount of power.
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