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  1. Does anyone here have a TV Explorer (Prodig 5) and actually understand how to update channel plans etc. I can't get my head around it. The Promax dealer here in the UK has set a few up, but I can't make new ones, and I cant measure the BER of DAB signals, only the power. I've sat down with it for hours but I can't find a way to make new channel plans or get around how the thing works! How on earth do I measure DAB radio signals! I didn't get any software with the meter, but I did get a lead to connect it to my PC. Is there some software I am missing?
  2. From my vantage point here in London UK, I understand that the Wisi EE06 UHF phased array is a wideband grid / billboard type array. Why would you be using this type of aerial if the field strength was poor? These aren't high gain aerials by any means. Wouldn't you be better of with a grouped Yagi type, possibly 2 stacked together for increased gain with a low noise single stage masthead amplifier feeding a distribution amplifier with 4 outputs etc. I'm not sure how the mux frequencies are distributed where you are, but using one of these in a poor signal area would seem pointless unless it were to try and shield the installation from rear reflections. The wind resistance on these would be quite severe too, especially if stacked. From some investigation over here, stacking can be used to decrease the BER whilst maintaining relatively the same gain. Hopefully this helps in some way & good luck from over the water!
  3. http://www.promax.es/ing/NOTICIAS/tvexplorer/index.htm
  4. I spoke to Promax a week ago and they informed me that this new TV meter was in full production and that many units were already being sold. There was a backlog of about 1 month before they could deliver a new unit. I wondered if anyone has tried these yet? They look mighty fine from where I am standing. Comments? I am in the UK by the way, and the retail price here is £1500 + 17.5% VAT
  5. OK I have made my mind up. I am going to purchase the Unaohm T40. This is due to the following: 1) Rover PDA-7 not being easily available in the UK. If I can't even find anywhere to buy it here, I will almost certainly struggle to find anywhere to repair it should this be required. 2) I have managed to negotiate a good price on the T40, so it's quite a bit cheaper than the PDA-7. Thanks for all the help and advice on here. I just need to find the £800 to actually buy the damn thing now !!
  6. Care to elaborate? I'm assuming you are referring to the Unaohm handhelds. Would this be via software, or would it require replacement of meter. The PDA-7 appears to do return path measurements, while the T40 does not. Also, the text on the Unaohm screen seems to be...........almost handwritten. It just seems kind of scruffy?? Is there any chance someone could possibly email me some pictures of the T40 screen in action? It would be a great help. Will the T40 also measure analogue FM radio signal strength (88-108mhz)? Does the T40 come with capability to provide powering for masthead amps etc. Thanks so much for the help guys. I must admit I am leaning towards the Unaohm meter at the moment, mainly due to the lower price and the fact that i cant even find a UK site for RoverSat............
  7. I've just been checking out the T40 on http://www.unaohm.com.au and I must say it's a little worrying that Unaohm cannot even spell "spectrum" properly. The sites main links on the left have it down as "specturm". Also they spell "analyser" with an i "analiser". I too am now trying to decide between the T40 and the PDA-7.............I'd really like to be able to test them both and see which I prefer the most. Not much chance of that though. It's going to have to be pot luck and just order one. Thanks for the PM lesftv, I do like the look of the Rover. I can't actually find anywhere that sells it here yet so need to do more research to find how much it costs ! The Unaohm T40 is about £725 + VAT (vat = 17.5%)
  8. Whats the price of the T40 over in your country? I worked out that the price here is $2,086.80 AUS I only run a small family business, and work has been quite thin lately so I can't really manage that amount in one lump. Argh but I really need one.
  9. Not yet. I'm still struggling on with my Promax. It measures digital channel power and C/N ratio so i can sort of get by while I choose which meter to go for. I have spoken to Unaohm UK who say the price for the ProTeus T40 is around £725 which is more than I thought. I'm not sure why, but I had this idea that it was around the £450 mark......... Anyway, the thing that concerns me is whether the measurement standards will change again. Not so long ago we didn't have true BER, or MER etc. Will there be some super measurement technique coming up that the T40 does not have. Probably not, as I think its all been agreed on now, but the other thing holding me back is the spectrum analyser + sync pulse issue. I could probably get by with the basic spectrum on the T40, but not sure about the lack of sync pulse. Argh !
  10. What is the standard warranty in the United Kingdom
  11. Spent a while wondering what you lot meant by a "strand". Figured out you mean this internet post, otherwise known over here as a "thread". Anyway. I'm leaning towards the T40.........If im honest I don't do much satellite work really.........it's mainly terrestrial analogue and digital. OK, here's another one for you. Ghosting..........at the moment I can see analogue ghosting (just about) using my Promax CRT screen. What would happen if I was only armed with the T40. Does it measure minimal mutlipath reflections? I guess this issue will become less important as the years tick by towards the analogue switch-off, but for now being able to see ghosting would be helpful. The lack of a synch pulse seems quite an ommision. I sometimes use the synch pulse to setup amplifier levels etc.
  12. Looks like I might have to ditch my 90% analogue 10% digital promax meter for a truly digital / analogue one. Does the T40 show the synch pulse reading ? I guess there isnt going to be any more changes in the measurement of dgital signals criteria etc. I know a few people who are changing meters that only estimate the BER from the C/N reading. Im hoping that once I switch I wont need another TV meter for a while.......... As for the satellite stuff, ditching the Promax leaves me unable to line up satellites etc. Those of you with the T40, which satellite meter do you use alongside.
  13. I guess the question is how sensitive is the T40's spectrum. I guess the main thing I use my spectrum for is to see at a glance which transmitter is best / being used, and to identify likely sources of inteference such as spikes within or just out of the UHF tv bands. Would the T40 be ok in these situations? Can it show the spectrum for the whole bandwidth 45mhz to 860mhz all at once? I dont want to have to select a 200mhz span, then shift upwards or whatever to check other transmitters etc.
  14. So - Those of you who use the Unaohm T40, how do you deal with the lack of a decent spectrum analyser? I currently have a Promax MC377+ but am well aware I need to change it due to needing to take proper digital measurements. I am reluctant to just purchase the T40 because I really use the spectrum frequently. I'm not sure if I could adjust to the tiny LCD calculator screen analyser of the T40. Incidentally, does the T40 measure FM and DAB frequencies. Over here in the UK FM is 88mhz-108mhz and DAB digital radio is around 220mhz.
  15. So has anyone got any experience with the Promax MC577 test meters. I know they can measure digital channel power + C/N ratio but is that enough? Also, how do these meters take a C/N reading in a situation where there are 2 digital multiplexes on adjacent channels
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