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  1. My First Surround Sound Product

    It was the size of the wide screen image on that TV that got me, and I just wanted to get as big as possible so I bought my first projector...and so it went on !!
  2. My First Surround Sound Product

    35 years ago I got my first surround sound system!..I can't even remember the brand of speakers but they were American bookshelf speakers (very well Known brand) with a passive subwoofer..coupled to a Yamaha Receiver..(no idea of the model number).. But my pride and joy was an imported Phillips 32" wide screen TV.!! It was the epitome of display products of the day..32" was the biggest set you could get!!.LOL!! This TV had more features on it than you could point a stick at!! It cost a staggering $6000..35 years ago!!.It was a set designed by Phiilips in Holland as an experimental unit to see how many features they could put into a TV!! LITERALLY!! It even had a built in subwoofer..unheard of in those days!! and had it's own surround sound system... A great set but unfortunately burnt out the tube a few years later...
  3. Blu Ray Title Trade

    FOR SALE Blu-ray..Latest Ice Age ..Ice Age 5 Collision Course Never been opened..Double ordered.. $16 inc. postage
  4. Thanks Quark...Still a little way to go before I'll be watching a movie... The next thing on the list will be fitting air conditioning.!.
  5. Thanks Ruth... You might be surprised to learn that my first movie will be "Cowboys and Aliens"..I have seen that movie about 10 times and I know every musical note, every noise, voice sound, and sound effect on it!..It has a good range of frequencies, there are explosions and it has excellent surround sound effects.. I've been using it to test any changes I make to the audio side of things and so that's what I'll use it for this time, to make sure the sound is set up properly.. After I've done that, then I have 5 new movies to decide between as to what to watch next!
  6. I've been a bit slack with my updates..:gulp: The front of the theatre is now finished!.. Here's some of the current photos.. Because the room is so short, I'm not able to get a photo showing the full width of the room without a wide angle lens.. A hole has now been cut in the back wall to take the projector.. All the speakers are wired up and there's just a few more connections to be made and the cables tidied up.. Hopefully I'll be up and running in the next couple of weeks!
  7. Dylan's Theatre Build

    The ceiling looks great!
  8. Thanks Ruth..I think another 2 weeks (all going well) should see it completed.. My builder is not always available, so that might determine when the build is completed..
  9. I've been very slack with my updates..and quite a lot has happened since my last post... I found a Handyman / Builder in my area who's been working on the theatre with me..He's experienced in a lot of different kinds work and so far has.. Painted the walls.. Cut out the holes in the ceiling tray for the downlights.. Run the wiring for the downlights.. Cut a small hole in the back wall to pass the speaker wires through to the equipment rack in the next room.. Run all the wiring for the front speakers.. He's coming out again next Monday to cut the hole in the back wall for the projector mount..and fit the cable channel to the skirting boards to hold the speaker wires than run to the equipment rack.. Here's a few updated shots of the room..Sorry about the poor quality prints..My cheapy camera is on it's last legs.. Also the actual wall colour is dark grey..