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  1. Getting 3RRR in Bairnsdale on a permanent basis would be a tough ask. Both 3RRR and 3PBS are very weak in that direction. Vega, Nova, Classic, JJJ, and 3SBS are significantly stronger and can just be heard on my car radio when travelling through on the Princes Highway. Reception from Mount Dandenong gets notably better around Stratford, but still no 3RRR or 3PBS. Your best bet would be a roof mounted 8 element Yagi beamed roughly due west (~270 degrees). A low noise preamp may also be needed. If you're right near Mount Taylor, though, you might get overload if you use a preamp. To minimise the chance of overload, connect the preamp indoors, not at the masthead. The reason for the discrepancy between the Mount Dandenong stations is partially due to frequency, but mostly due to antenna siting. The tower that Vega, Nova, and the ABC stations are on has a much better takeoff to the east.
  2. WS FM Plus is a huge disappointment for mine. It should play a general mix of album tracks from the 60's-80's; this would be a corker of a station to listen to and would increase playlist diversity in the metro markets. This said, I'm looking forward to the Fleetwood Mac showcase.
  3. I took the digi to the Southern Highlands (Bowral, Exeter, Bundanoon and Robertson) yesterday. On the top of Mt. Gibraltar (around 860 m ASL and 100 km from Willoughby), signals were around 80-85%. In the shadow of the mountain, no reception was possible in Bowral. Bundanoon had no reception, but at Exeter railway station, a few bursts of audio were heard. Exeter is a further 15 km from Mt. Gibraltar. A few bursts of audio were heard at the Robertson pie shop, also around 100 km from the txs. So, with a decent external antenna setup and a good LOS towards Sydney, reception from the Southern Highlands should be possible. Stable signals from a portable receiver would only be possible in the best locations.
  4. I've had them strong at Tathra as well as Merimbula (in 2007 and 2008), but remember this is digital. Reception should not be possible past the Sydney license area. Melbourne DAB is struggling to get to Geelong, let alone 100 km away.
  5. Received near perfect DAB+ reception on all channels from the Mt. Pleasant lookout between Kiama and Gerringong on the south coast of NSW. The area has an outstanding LOS back towards Sydney, however is 100 km from Artarmon and Willoughby . An attempt at reception was made at Culburra Beach, east of Nowra (around 20 km further south). Some signal bars were noted at times, however it was not enough to produce audio. Receiver was the Sangean DPR-69 with stock whip antenna. Atmospheric conditions were normal (no tropo). The implications from this test are quite far reaching. In the coastal suburbs of Wollongong, with unimpeded LOS towards Sydney, one should be able to obtain reasonable quality DAB reception even on a portable receiver . If one controls for a high quality antenna setup, such as a high gain Band III (vertical pol.), then it is likely that more Wollongong suburbs are covered. i 98 and Wave FM will be none too pleased at this revelation. I estimate that reception at Culburra Beach (and perhaps even further south) would be possible during periods of tropospheric ducting, which occur quite frequently in the warmer months. Analogue reception of 104.1 on the Pioneer Supertuner was only moderate strength at the same location.
  6. From the CBD office block I've tested my receiver in, reception was 90-100%, whereas FM is plagued by multipath (and AM is even worse). So I think this is a real selling point for DAB+. At home, Artarmon FM reception is also hampered by multipath (at least on an indoor portable receiver), so DAB+ provides an interference free option here as well.
  7. Anyone else getting frequent dropouts (every 5 or so minutes) on MUX 9B in Sydney? I've listened to Triple M on MUX 9A for 10-15 minutes and all fine over there. Guess this is to be expected during the test phase.
  8. I presume that Macquarie will not offer HD-2 signals? I feel that 128 k is wasted on 2GB (but will be a boon for 2CH).
  9. Yes. In fact, I've heard (from dtv_campbelltown), that many people in the Blue Mountains listen to 97.3 ABC Illawarra. Every service from Knights Hill is crystal clear up there, so, I'm sure many people would tune to 90.9 in preference. The most likely AM frequency, as you've pointed out, would be 1215, however this would require a reclassification from HPON to National. Can't think of any spare FM frequencies which would accommodate a medium power service, unless 92.5 ceased operation.
  10. Hi all, Don't drop by here much (I'm mainly on another forum these days). 1431 AM currently has a looped message, instructing listeners to tune to 576 and 603 AM, if they want to continue to listen to Radio National. Curiously, there seems to be no mention of the impending switch to NewsRadio. I think that 90.9, when available, should still carry the NewsRadio service. Don't forget that it is mandated as an "Illawarra" rather than a "Wollongong" service. This means that the Southern Highlands needs to be included in its coverage area. Now, neither 603 nor 1431 AM provide adequate coverage to the Southern Highlands. This means they would miss out on a good quality NewsRadio service, if 603 made the switch. Like Wollongong, 630 would suffer from co-channel interference at night in this area. By the same token, if 90.9 was to convert to RN, then the Southern Highlands (and to a lesser extent, Wollongong), would be "double covered". As it stands, the Southern Highlands receives adequate coverage from the 576 Sydney transmission, which is understandable given its Liverpool location. I have a feeling, though, that the ABC may go down this path (converting 603 to NewsRadio). This will disadvantage listeners in the Southern Highlands, who, whilst having a smaller influence on the market than Wollongong, still deserve to have their input.
  11. Have you ever heard 2NIM Nimbin from Brisbane on 102.3? Now there's some weird programming .
  12. Just a change of pace from Leigh's tropo reports; I received a bit of meteor scatter yesterday on the Pioneer ST. The station heard (on 103.7) was either: 3ABCFM Murray Valley (200 kW directional pattern) 2ABCFM Broken Hill (4 kW) 4MBS Brisbane (12 kW) as the program heard was classical mx. A bit of inland enhancement as per usual with the new high system going on at the moment, just the usuals i.e. Canberra, Coota, Goulburn.
  13. Thanks for the info, Winston. Yeah the service is 'flea powered'; even here at Oatley it's a struggle to receive. The signal is in mono as well. 2KY Bathurst (confirmed) comes over the top at certain spots throughout Oatley. It will be interesting to see what programming they offer for the Bankstown LGA .
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