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  1. I'm not sure if I should post the directions here since wklie was a little cagey about giving explicit instructions. TBH I wouldn't recommend it myself for MagicTV <-> Win10 since this caused the glitchiness that I outlined earlier. It may be fine if you running two MagicTV devices. In Win10, I could see the files but they did not have logical names like "My Kitchen Rules" but were a series of coded names - I can't remember the exact format. If you want the specific instructions then you can PM me since I think I saved them in a text file on my home computer.
  2. No, I don't. I had successfully mounted the Magic's drive in Windows 10 but thought the functionality was limited so I gave up on it.
  3. I have timeshifting disabled so thankfully it appears it was the Network HDD issue. Everything seems to be working fine now.
  4. I just went back through this thread looking for the download link for 8.22b5 and came across another user's comment which sounded identical to mine. wklie's response to this mentioned the use of the Network HDD option. I must be getting old because I completely forgot that I had played around with this very option just recently. I have just turned it off in the hope that it fixes my issues. Otherwise I will roll back the firmware.
  5. I have just been getting the first glitches in my Magic that seem to suggest the beginning of the end. The first indication was when I was recording two programs at once (SBS News and NBN Newcastle News). The TV was displaying NBN OK but I got a blank screen when switching over to SBS. Since it was quite windy that day, I put it down to an aerial problem. I checked the separate TV reception and SBS was coming in fine - the same for my recently purchased backup device (Beyonwiz T2). I stopped the recording for SBS and found that there was no reception on the Magic for all other channels. I stopped the NBN recording and restarted the Magic. I was then able to get all of the channels to display. The second indicator was when I found my Magic device still turned on from the night before. My usual routine is to set it to turn off once it completes recording. While I put it down to user error, I was 99.9% sure that it was not my doing. The third time was yesterday when I turned the Magic on and changing channels seem to get stuck/frozen before the Magic finally restarted. It was fine after that. The last time was this morning. Changing menu screens would take forever and changing channels would be delayed. When playing back a recording, the action would freeze for about 5 seconds and then fast forward as if it were "catching up" to where it should be. I did a couple of manual restarts but it only seemed to correct itself after about the fifth one. I had to buy a replacement power supply about a year ago. I had not had any problems of any sort until about two weeks ago. Would this behaviour suggest that its capacitors are failing? I haven't opened it up yet to find out but I did do a capacitor replacement on an old Topfield unit many years ago when it developed faults. Has anyone had any similar issues that could suggest possible remedies? (I am just glad that I bought the Beyonwiz recently on a whim when they had them on sale).
  6. I came back from a two week holiday yesterday and found my Magic not working - I had a similar experience a while ago but that was due to me upgrading to a larger hard drive which turned out to be faulty. Thoughts flooded my head about what I was going to buy next to replace my faithful device. Eventually I swapped out the power supply for another and everything was working again - thankfully I only lost about four days of recordings.
  7. Many thanks to wklie for the updated firmware with the channel rearranging. I only got around to installing it yesterday and it is a terrific addition. I never realised that it was something I needed but, now that I have it, I can't imagine going back to the default order. The only thing "missing"* for me now is the ability to do a text search in the guide. For example, Prime in Newcastle has not yet added 7flix. I thought that I'd be missing the latest season of The Amazing Race until I found that they were showing it on the main channel. However they moved it from Thursday (first episode) to Saturday (second ep) and I had to do a lot of manual searching to find it. * This may be a major request and not something I'm realistically expecting but wklie has been a genius so far . . .
  8. All is good now but I had a bad experience with a loss of sound through hdmi. It has happened about two or three times before but I could fix it by turning the Magic off and then back on. This time it didn't work so I thought the culprit may have been the hdmi cable. I switched it over for a couple of other good ones but no luck. I tried changing some of the sound options but still nothing worked. I was finally able to fix it by selecting the Reset option on the Magic. It was strange that this worked but powering the device off and on didn't. I thought that this was just a handshake issue and hopefully not the start of a bigger problem.
  9. Just tested beta 9 and it played perfectly on the previous blackout spot. Much appreciated, wklie.
  10. Just tested this on a previously affected recording and no change - "blackout" still occurs. I haven't noticed this on recent recordings (prior to installing 8.18 beta 5) but was mainly noticeable on those done after initial installation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I'm not sure if this is related to the new firmware (which I am running) or not but for the last week or so I have been getting "blackouts" in the middle of recordings - whereas this had never happened on the previous firmware that I was running (6.06?). About once per recording, I get a dead spot where the screen goes black for a second and the action has jumped ahead about 10 seconds. This is not a reception issue. It is not a showstopper but is getting mildly annoying.
  12. On sale at Harvey Norman for $507. Looks like it is for one day only. http://www.harveynorman.com.au/humax-4tune-pvr.html
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