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  1. I would have next to no use for the new apple tv unless it can be modded to run boxee/xbmc In all the recent magazine round ups on media streamers ATV is well regarded and surefire winner with the softmods done to play avi and other formats The current ATV I have does what I want but I have realised getting the hardward & GUI combination right is a tricky matter I have been doing some research about media streamers for the kids room so would want ext usb hdd support as wireless streaming is not feasible. There are plenty to look at but ALL seem to have significant flaws - either the GUI, or remote , or codec support, or frequent firmware revisions needed or difficulty in getting support...list goes on Apple TV has it's place - a consumer "turn on and use" appliance I suspect people from this forum want and will be prepared to mod, tinker, update and stretch whatever device they settle on. Then buy a different device and repeat!
  2. I have a NAS which I stream from through Apple TV with XBMC/Boxee, so that handles all downloaded content. Most of the programs I record to DVD is sport - football and cycling - which I watch while training in my shed - tried wireless streaming video but no good, disks are the answer. There is also the matter of recording foxtel onto the DVDR. Which leads me back to the idea of a DVDR with HD tuner to record Tour de france. Having said that, a disk is good for about 2 hours of SD recording before it needs to be compressed so I would probably need to record in lower than HD or never be able to do high speed disk copy
  3. Single tuner is fine - I record next to NOTHING from FTA. I input my foxtel STB and do most recording from this - then archive to DVD disks. Hence foxtel IQ is not of great interest- except maybe HD and recording from EPG. PVR would be next to useless for reason stated above so HD DVDR fits the bill best. But no more Pioneers!
  4. How disappointing Pioneer have pulled out of the DVDR market. I'm also looking for a DVDR with HD tuner and after having Pioneer for so long would have to preferred to stay with what I know and has worked. When I discovered you cannot use any other function during high speed copy on Panasonic and reading about the poorly written manuals, quirks & confusing operation of Panasonic I was put off.
  5. Am I correct to say this model doesn't allow any other function to operate while burning to DVD from HDD? - or was this addressed with firmware updates? The high speed copy feature of Pioneers does allow this and I use it regularly - just no SD or HD tuner in the Pioneer so thinking of upgrading Also support to play DivX files burnt to DVD- will that work?
  6. Quite a few updates for Boxee, XBMC and launcher for those with enhanced Apple TV units. I'm preferring XBMC to boxee - if I can find out to auto run XBMC at start it would be an even nicer solution for network video streaming. Now to set the harmony up with the codes and original xbox might disappear..finally
  7. Can anyone comment on the various avchd editing software packages? From AVS forum, there is a real mixed bag of experiences but Corel/ULead videostudio has some positive comments. I should have my Canon HF100 shortly - only took 12 months to make a snap decision!
  8. I understand doing the update will wipe the softmod so would need to do that again - I only just did the mod this week and got the movie info scanned etc into Boxee & xbmc so not real keen to do that all over again unless the update is of benefits. There are some aspects of both boxee and xbmc which are still to be ironed out - Boxee of course is in alpha so in early stages. The apple remote doesnt seem to have a STOP command in xbmc so you cant stop a movie /program once started - thats a big problem. Boxee doesnt display all the contents of a folder for some reason yet when I check the source - all the files are there. It is annoying you continually have to arrow left to get to the main menu.
  9. I've been looking into Apple TV recently - now that you can softmod the box and install xbmc on it, this makes it a very useful, small, silent network media player
  10. I'm looking to replace original xbox /xbmc which has been awesome but now noisy and unreliable. Do I have to register at popcorn hours site so I can place an order? In the where to buy section there is no listing for Aus. The new model and Aus dollar might push cost over $350. I'm also considering Apple TV with xbmc , there have been some BIG developments lately which make it simple enough to mod apple tv without opening the box.- or even PS3 as it has blue ray support
  11. I'm really trying to pick between Sony HR-SR11 or the new flash equivalent and the Canon HF100/10. Never owned a camcorder before so there are alot of unknowns - likely uses include kids parties, sports, holidays etc. Ease of use will be important. I do expect to edit out the many stuffs ups I expect to make but have a decent PC and will have imac before long also. Will be getting PS3 before too long also - if that makes it easier to play back footage direct from a sony camera. Cost factor - Not really an issue. I can order through a work incentive program! But I wont go overboard - I would hate to get a cam and use it infrequently/rarely It's taken me nearly a year to get this close - someone has to close the sale
  12. Did anyone verify this would work? It would make Sony attractive for me? The Canon HF10/100 are also very attractive but somewhere I read there is NO option to record in SD should you need to extend your recording time. I would like this flexibility. What are the other gotchas when buying cams? It's a given you will need to purchase a longer life battery and extra memory but do the manf leave any other necessities out of the box? If you have to buy extra components these need to be factored in of course
  13. I ended up getting an MS memory card, ftp required games saves to a modded xbox, copying required games saves to memory card, then using the card and mech assult to softmod virgin xbox. A bit of cost to get the bits ( $45) but I've done quite a few now for colleagues and made my $$ back A modchip can be had for $12 and if you can solder 8 small joints, it's ALOT easier to add larger HDD. If just a media player, HDD doesn't come into it so softmod is fine
  14. Any word on the network media player capability of the new Pioneer DVDR? This feature caught my attention as I stream alot of content from a NAS box - currently with XBMC
  15. Wouldnt it pay to find a clear out 40Gb version at a runout price - then simply do the hdd upgrade?
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