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  1. As Cmatten says use smart, the easiest thing to do is setup a channel plan for whatever you want to log ie the 8 foxtel transponders required for commisioning and then it will just log those rather than the 32 + transponders
  2. No Signal now on TV 4 ME
  3. I wouldn't be relying on just the boot on those strong LNBs I'd be getting some nitto (or similar) self amalgamating tape around it too. or at the very least some electrical tape. beware mounting your 90cm, it's only a little bigger but gee talk about added wind load so make sure your mounting is into something decent in the roof. especially if you're in a coastal area.
  4. The two companies that do the equivalent of sky contracting, for Foxtel are Bsa and Igsm http://www.bsajobs.com.au/foxtel.html http://www.isgm.com.au/working-at-isgm/subcontractors/foxtel-satellite-installation-subcontractors/
  5. Crappy LED drivers... common problem.... just sit in the dark to watch telly.....
  6. Funnliy enough Here in Melbourne I had a customer today who was having problems and she said she'd retuned her tv to try to solve it and got both Gippsland and Launceston channels , she said the other night Launceston was not breaking up at all though today was down under the noise floor and no signal on the TV...
  7. Years ago we did some tricky things with diversity digital receivers hooked to two antennas to achieve this, haven't had any for quite some time. but if you want to experiment I'd try looking around for a dual or quad diversity receiver (quite a few made for cars). There are other ways using single channel amplifiers and tight filters fed from different antennas but you're talking $$$$ and typically only done in commercial installs
  8. Hmmm..... with adjustable gain to help improve any bad signals you might have. I knew I was missing something using those expensive TGT cofdm signal regenerators..... I should have just gone to bunnings !!
  9. Hey Chris, How did you go with this one.... IF the guy is only doing it so no birds land on his roof then his kidding himself that they won't anyway... If the guy has unlimited funds (you get them) then a commercial IPTV solution is your best bet. but $$$
  10. I've used a few now... not doing a lot of antenna work at the moment when I do it's mostly 5wire. The only thing I don't like is the MDA15V isn't fully shielded..... but still very low noise and also has a gain control and lte filtering...very useful for MT Dandenong jobs where the customer has lots of points.... Am using the Alcads with built in LTE for UHF.
  11. Sometimes 1 LTE filter isn't enough, in some cases we have had to use two. If you are using a 34wfs then run the antenna into the VHF input with no combining link... as what you are doing is still amplifing whatever uhf is coming through. (the downside is you will loose ch31 ) (I would put a 75ohm terminator on the uhf input for good measure).. or invest in a VHF only antenna/amplifier combination.
  12. The new MDA amps have LTE filters built in. They also now produce a B3 VHF only model . And a UHF 470-694 They continue to be some of the best residential amplifiers on the market.
  13. Well the letter I got from SBS transmission services on 25th of June states MT Dandenong upgrade to take place on 16/7, so I guess not. Sorry 19 to 23 not 10... Typo
  14. Hi All FYI SBS is going to be chaning it's DTV service across Victoria Upgrading the bitrate from 10Mbps to 23Mbps in the coming week. this may mean that if you loose your SBS signal you need to retune your TV or STB if it doesn't automatically pickup the change The Mt Dandenong transmitter is Scheduled for 16/7. The full list of sites and dates can be found at http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=4c14284d48c04f484cce95dd2&id=0b8f2e3479
  15. As lte rolls out that may change but if it works then that's what matters.
  16. The towers are a bigger problem than the handsets it appears ... we have seen 70-80dBuV at around the old Ch62-63 which if not filtered and then amplified typically overloads many amplifiers and receivers
  17. Pheggie, Is this in a domestic or commercial situation? I would ensure that I wasn't getting any uhf from your antenna and use whatever you want as you're unlikely to be getting a strong enough signal to cause interference via your cabling. That said I'd stay away from block D and E. usually anything from 27-31 is pretty safe around melbourne but I have sites with 40+ modulated channels and if they are filtered and mixed properly you don't have issues
  18. Average comparison is a relative thing, Antenna and for points $500-600 vast with 4 boxes, quad lnb 80cm dish etc $2200 But... If you need to do tall masting add $1000-2000 to the antenna price if you can get it onto the roof Nowadays anything over 20ft and most people will prefer to go vast rather than having a 30/40/50ft mast.
  19. Have been too busy with other stuff to follow up with txa on what happened... Haven't seen any an issues which is one thing the were concerned about... Lots of TVs with new signal checking , automatically retuning and picking up some channels from mt Dandenong and some from Como stuffing things around though
  20. Lots of phone calls on this , it would appear most people are totally oblivious to this , didn't see any of the limited advertising and other than those that'd I'd told that it was going to happen most people have been totally unaware... I wonder how many service calls are been responded to by the unscrupulous....
  21. If you have no reception in Richmond, South Yarra, Prahran Hawthorn and surrounds then it maybe you need to retune your TV/STB for the new transmitter which is on Channels 40-45. Some TV's you may need to manually tune as they may also pcikup some small amount of signal from Mt Dandenong.
  22. Or just for calibration ... No point spending all that money and having an instrument that is no good as it hasn't been calibrated for years....
  23. Rover stc master is a good little meter, I use one for dvbs2 measurements or when I don't want to be carrying my big meter (another rover)
  24. Certainly a phased array as mbozo suggests is good in areas with blocked or diffuse signals, the sfx91 is very directional and May or may not help.. As suggest having a few different antennas to try helps , there's not one size fits all, sometimes due to multiparty a high gain yagi like the sfx91 helps other times log periodic or phased array works much better.. I too wouldn't have had to use an sfx91 for years as in most cases a phased array or log doss the job. Also what height are the antennas? I'd be trying to increase the gain by height rather than stacking antennas together.
  25. Just get an expert in and get a new antenna. When you touch the cable you become part of the antenna system hence it changes when you touch it.
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