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  1. I actually changed the settings in the store to compare the samsung and the panasonic . the settings on the samsung were pumped to dynamic which I changed and set the panasonic to true cinema and the panasonic had the best picture even against the samsung qleads.
  2. well I did have the conduit after all so ran a new wire down the wall from the new surrounds
  3. if picture quality is most important then panasonic is the way to go
  4. thanks for the reply's, so after checking it seems the wire is not in the conduits after all just cabled down to the wall plate. this makes the job much easier just have to place a hole up higher and pull the wire through.
  5. these are the surrounds, they get mounted on the wall and mounted just with a screw. http://www.klipsch.com.au/products/reference-surround-sound-speakers from memory the speaker wire is in a conduit from the ceiling to the shirting board area. so I thought about dropping another wire at the surround height and running to another wall plate. I have not intention of running the wires on the outside of the wall covered with a wire sleeve as that would look shocking. if the wire installation was just run in the walls without a conduit it would be a simple matter of cutting a hole up higher and pulling the surround wire out and attaching the speakers. currently I have both surrounds on 2 x side tables either side of the lounge which is working okay so far as they are the same height as the lounge arms.
  6. when I built my house I had it wired for the surround speakers from the front to the back ending with wall plates on either side of the room . 1 x plate on back wall for left surround and same on the right side. The front wall has a double wall that connects the back surround wiring. recently I upgraded my speakers to wall mounted surrounds, previous I had floor mounted surrounds. Now I need to get the wire behind the wall where the surrounds sit and then bring the wire to the outside of the wall at the skirting board level to plug the banana plugs into the wall socket so it all connects up. I thought maybe changing the original wall plates to doubles which would save having to cut the wall again and then using my banana plugs from the new connectors to the original connectors. (eg left side would be connected to speaker and right connectors for the surround wiring on the same wall plate. ) Is this the only way to do this or can anyone suggest a better way.
  7. Hope you are happy with the sonny. check out the review http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900e they have every display set on dynamic or normal. what I did was turn the both to the movie mode and then compare
  8. considering you can pick up the UB900 for the same price as the UB400 there is no reason to purchase the lower grade model.
  9. actually it's not bad on foxtel sd I expected worse.
  10. I took these last night from sbs live. haven't tested streaming sport yet
  11. Received the 780 really happy and no black light clouding like the samsung tv's.
  12. I ended up purchasing the pana 780. went into HN and took my usb drive with with some 4k and hd video files. They had a pana 600x placed above the sammy MU7000. got the guy to change the view mode on pana to to true cinema mode and played the files on both tv models. since the 600x is a lower spec than the 780 it would give me an idea of what the 780 would be like. this time there was no pushing towards the sammy and when I mentioned I was interested in the pana 780 he agreed this would be a good choice. looking at the 2 tv showing the same video he stated there was not much difference between the two screens. which we both agreed was wrong since one was priced at 2,500 and the sammy priced at 5,500.00. getting one ordered in from panansonic and delivered with in a week which was guaranteed by the manager. really happy with my purchase.
  13. yes will have to take my usb drive to the store tomorrow night for another look. It's actually hard to find stores with one on display.
  14. panny 75" $4,700, the sammy is up the 5,300 mark at the moment. correct refresh rate on sammy is 120hz and panna should be the same. what ever they state just half it. as per ratings.com.
  15. I do like the MU7000 and it does look lovely in the stores but they probably have it settings setup correctly to display, where with the panasonic they don't seem to care about selling it. The MU7000 reviews are not that good but it seems we have the oversees MU8000 which the reviews are slightly better. I currently have the sammy ES 8000 (2012) model which is a beautiful tv so its been hard choice on finding the right one for me. the 780 is a good match with my pana Blu-ray recorder as it does upscale to 4k and I won't loose the 3d Feature sticking to panasonic. only down side I see with the 780 is weight 54kg v 37kg with the samsung and all the connections are in the connect box so not having to access the back of the sammy to plug any extra devices in. price wise the panny is $600 cheaper in the prices I have been able to secure.
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